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The last few times I’ve returned home to Mountain Village, it’s been mainly in the winter months. This year, I made a decision to go home to go berry picking for my 85-year-old grandmother, Maria, who is elderly and disabled, and not so mobile anymore.Trina Landlord
No one could quite believe their eyes. A 9-foot-long hot dog on a 7-foot-long bun was beached like a dead whale on the shore of Cook Inlet.  Craig Medred

Eating at the fair is all about strategy. You need a plan if you intend to eat well from each of the fair’s main food groups (carbs, food on a stick, deep-fried and the extremely important powdered-sugar group).

Mara Severin

From livestock to live music, giant veggies to jousting, everyone finds something to enjoy at the Alaska State Fair -- as long as they're willing to brave the wet weather.

Tara Young
A change to this year's Farm Bill means hospitals, schools and senior care centers can start serving traditional foods in their facilities -- a welcome change, especially in rural Alaska.Suzanna Caldwell

For decades, Jim Aguiar has worked in Alaska's seafood business, and now owns the Eagle Shellfish oyster farm in Simpson Bay on Prince William Sound. He faces numerous difficulties related to the industry, but works hard to streamline his operations.

Ben Yeager | Cordova Times

Lefse, or potato flatbread, is not only a great way to use up leftover potatoes, but also serves as an after-school snack that might just be someone else’s pleasant childhood memory in the making.

Kim Sunée
Burgerfi, a Florida-based franchise that brands itself on hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats, craft beer and wine selections and decor that includes recycled furniture, is preparing to set up shop in the Midtown Anchorage mall, next to the SteamDot coffee shop. Devin Kelly
On hurried days, with work and errands, sports practices and appointments, when busy parents come home with no plan for dinner, this quinoa and egg enchilada skillet is a lifesaver.Maya Evoy
The Anchorage coffee scene has been hot for years, but the latest trend is looking to cool things down. It's called "cold brew" and it may win over your caffeine-addicted heart.Shannon Kuhn