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Now and then, I’ll find myself standing at the kitchen table, squeezing whitefish or sheefish with a cheesecloth. I’ve found it easier than by hand, and I’m sure Mom would crack a comment.Laureli Ivanoff
It takes a lot of effort and energy for the people of Savoonga to get their reindeer meat to markets in Alaska's urban centers, but they're willing to do it if it means a more stable economy in the Bering Sea island village.Suzanna Caldwell
Sugar doesn’t always have to be the star of these crostatas. In fact, savory versions are just as stellar. Think sautéed mushrooms and chicken or salmon and spring greens. Kim Sunée
In a sweeping nod to Springter and brunch, I’ve made these tender, thin ricotta pancakes with a little bit of bright lemon zest topped with butter, maple syrup and juicy, ripe strawberries.Maya Evoy
Amid a row of other restaurants offering international cuisine, West Berlin offers rich, well-prepared fare, in large portions for reasonable prices.Victoria Barber

The menu at West Berlin is short -- printed out on a single piece of paper -- but we quickly found what we were looking for: sausage, sauerkraut and schnitzel, schnitzel, schnitzel. Five variations on schnitzel, in fact.

Victoria Barber
Droz says her brittles are different from “traditional” options. Cashew is a customer favorite, while Droz says she leans toward the peanut.Steve Edwards
If you're feeling bold, try making your own Gorp, Larabars or granola bars to ensure you've got enough energy for your next hike, run or ski. But if you're crunched for time, peanut M&Ms may have to do. Alli Harvey

In part two of a four-part series looking at the connections that modern Alaskans have with their food, we meet the Scleifmans. Fifteen minutes outside Wasilla, the Little Su River calmly rushes by the small, off-the-grid cabin of Ben Schleifman and Meda DeWitt-Schleifman.

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