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I had crispy fried wontons once stuffed with cream cheese, crab and green onions with a side of Thai sweet chili sauce. The inspiration stuck with me. I should try to duplicate this dish.Maya Evoy

 The inspiration stuck with me. I should try to duplicate this dish, I thought.

Maya Evoy
And while pie will always be one of the great loves of my life, rhubarb margaritas (i.e. rhubarbaritas) are a crowd-pleaser when you have guests over and are short on time.Shannon Kuhn

It’s sometimes weird, sometimes perplexing and sometimes delicious.

Mara Severin
The dishes at Casa -- an Asian and Mexican fusion restaurant that recently opened -- are incongruous but amusing.Mara Severin
Crops are coming in a little ahead of schedule, growers say, thanks to a warm summer. The first new potatoes should be at local farmers markets this week.Mike Dunham
Sitka sea salt is world class, and Darcy and Jim Michener are introducing the flake-style mineral to the world's diners. Elissa Brown
A new walking tour offers travelers a wide variety of delicious food in Alaska's capital city.Scott McMurren
Subtle, creamy ricotta toasts are a perfect means of highlighting summer’s ripest strawberries and freshest basil. Maya Evoy
Some of the more remarkable food offerings in the Anchorage area come from a bright yellow rig called The Magpie Kitchen at Large. Kim Sunée


Pressing need to define US interests in Arctic as Anchorage hosts high-level meet

OPINION: The Anchorage-based GLACIER meetings offer a useful forum to build both Arctic-wide cooperation internationally, and to consider a domestic Arctic program that does not require Alaska to become the nations’ environmental conscience.David N. Biette,Anita L. Parlow