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Even when it's packed with tourists, Fletcher's has an old Anchorage charm.

Alaska Dispatch

Löki Gale Tobin grew up canning salmon in Nome, and came to realize the importance of preserving foods as a way to celebrate the abundance of the earth and sea year-round. Now, she creates unorthodox items that can be enjoyed in heat of summer or dead of winter. 

Tara Young

When my friend heard the best Vietnamese food in town is being served at Pho Vietnam 4 on Government Hill, my interest was piqued.

Mara Severin
The last few times I’ve returned home to Mountain Village, it’s been mainly in the winter months. This year, I made a decision to go home to go berry picking for my 85-year-old grandmother, Maria, who is elderly and disabled, and not so mobile anymore.Trina Landlord
No one could quite believe their eyes. A 9-foot-long hot dog on a 7-foot-long bun was beached like a dead whale on the shore of Cook Inlet.  Craig Medred

Eating at the fair is all about strategy. You need a plan if you intend to eat well from each of the fair’s main food groups (carbs, food on a stick, deep-fried and the extremely important powdered-sugar group).

Mara Severin
Almost 70 food vendors are waiting for you at the Alaska State Fair, and you only have one stomach. The odds are stacked -- like a Reuben sandwich -- against you. Which is why eating at the fair is all about strategy.Mara Severin

From livestock to live music, giant veggies to jousting, everyone finds something to enjoy at the Alaska State Fair -- as long as they're willing to brave the wet weather.

Tara Young
Labor Day Weekend is nearly upon us, and that means plenty of changes at the markets. Some of this is good news, some not.Steve Edwards
A change to this year's Farm Bill means hospitals, schools and senior care centers can start serving traditional foods in their facilities -- a welcome change, especially in rural Alaska.Suzanna Caldwell