Food & Drink

Trendy bone broth is on the rise, and Alaska businesses are capitalizing with their own fishy versions.Suzanna Caldwell
Citing high remodeling costs, Sourdough Mining Company is closing for good after 32 years in business.Suzanna Caldwell
A good, homemade sloppy Joe sandwich is on of those go-to meals that spans the decades and appeals to eaters of all ages.Maya Wilson
A warmer serrano or jalapeño works best for that satisfying adrenaline rush specific to heat seekers. Kim Sunée

To get things really heated up, I like to make cheese-stuffed jalapeños wrapped in prosciutto.

Kim Sunée
A new dinner theater production features an able cast and delicious food.Mike Dunham
Kassik's Brewing Company of Kenai and Broken Tooth Brewing in Anchorage take top prizes in Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine FestivalMike Dunham

Southside Grill is serving up hearty, well-cooked breakfast fare, with giant portions and reasonable prices.

Mara Severin
So I can sum up Southside Grill’s breakfasts in one phrase: correctly prepared.Mara Severin
After some time off for a trip to Paris, Sweet Caribou is back at the Center Market this week with Parisian macarons and other sweet treats.Steve Edwards