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 I never thought of Alaska as a real apple producer, but Edwards is proving it’s possible. 

Shannon Kuhn
Seagull egg pie, halibut salad, mossberry fritters and octopus patties are just some of the recipes in “Qaqamiigux: Traditional Foods and Recipes from the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands.” The big 381-page full-color volume combines recipes with scientific data, interviews with elders, historical and contemporary photos and specific information about how to harvest and preserve the food.Mike Dunham
Three seasons in, Tyonek's community garden has two high tunnels, solar-powered irrigation and ventilation systems, 15 raised beds, 1,000 feet of potatoes, 45 rhubarb plants, rows of raspberries and plans for expansion.Shannon Kuhn

The lunch bar at Natural Pantry resembles nothing so much as someone’s amazing Thanksgiving spread. There was macaroni and cheese, potatoes, grilled vegetables, spicy meatballs, roasted squash and quinoa salad. In the center of the table were three varieties of roasted bone-in chicken breast quarters.

Victoria Barber
This week I wanted to share a recipe that embodies the essence of fall, so I asked chef Rob Kinneen for his stellar elk meatloaf recipe.Shannon Kuhn

I’ve updated my grandmother’s version (rice, milk, raisins, butter and cinnamon) and offer here two different ways with warm pudding. 

Kim Sunée
The virtues of the highly touted 2012 vintage are starting to bear fruit. The King Estate Acrobat Pinot Noir from Oregon is not just good, it’s strikingly good!Mike McVittie
The Long Branch Saloon is friendly, lively and unpretentious, with a sneakily good little kitchen. Mara Severin

On Tuesday night at Anchorage’s Marriott Downtown hotel, four of Alaska’s top chefs and their assistants gathered for a friendly but feverish competition. Each team had one hour to prepare a dish and wow a panel of celebrity judges, but they wouldn’t know the ingredients until the clock started ticking down.

Loren Holmes
Southcentral Alaska farmers are still busy with the harvest, but they're also planning for next year.Steve Edwards



Uber can fill gaps in Anchorage-area transit system

OPINION: The status quo serves taxis and taxi companies quite well. But it doesn’t serve riders in Chugiak-Eagle River, and it doesn’t serve Anchorage small businesses, who are denied potential customers who can’t find a reliable ride downtown.Susan Gorski