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She created a beautiful world around her. She particularly excelled at the holidays, setting the loveliest tables, decorating and putting together a feast. As a kid, I just enjoyed the magic, but as an adult I understand how much work, study and care went into all of it.Heather Lende
A foiled attempt to dispose of a strong-smelling akutuq sandwich leads to decades of embarrassmentSeth Kantner
This winning combination is light and airy, crispy and salty. And, unfortunately, quite addictive.Kim Sunée
The Corporation for National and Community Service ranks Alaska third in the nation for the number of volunteer hours per resident. I’ve found that people here willingly and eagerly give their time to causes they care about.Shannon Kuhn
While it's flavorful and healthy, the downside to working with squash is that it's often tough to cut, peel and handle.Maya Evoy
In light of the looming winter, I looked to some of Anchorage’s best drinking establishments for some warm, bourbon-laced cheer.Mara Severin
Toss the turkey -- this year it’s time to be thankful for king crab.Steve Edwards
Food banks and shelters around the state are hoping for additional donations in the lead-up to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here's how you can help, or if you're in need, how to get a Thanksgiving meal.Megan Edge
This chutney is a little more complex in flavor and texture than your standard cranberry sauce recipe. Maya Evoy
Popcorn has all the elements of a great snack -- it's light and bite-size and has a satisfyingly crunchy texture. You can easily personalize it with sweet or savory toppings.Shannon Kuhn