Food & Drink

Fisherman are allowed to start targeting everyone’s favorite flat fish at noon this Saturday.Steve Edwards
The barista and co-owner of Side Street Espresso in downtown Anchorage also produces art on an unusual medium. "I seldom can say there’s an inspiration," he says of his work. "It’s another day. It’s like getting up."Marc Lester
This Greek yogurt coffee cake is the most perfect moist, tangy thing. Maya Evoy
I love a restaurant with a simple menu. It shows confidence to specialize in just a few dishes, rather than trying to be all things to all people. So I was excited for the opening of Kriner's Burgers & Pie in the shiny new shopping center adjacent to the Bass Pro Shop in Mountain View. Mara Severin
Like many, Rob Wells is looking forward to spring. But as the dahlia-growing Persistent Farmer, he has a different perspective -- one that comes from 150-plus varieties of flowers. Steve Edwards
A dinner "fit for a King" with host Jeff King is set for Anchorage next week.Suzanna Caldwell
While the mock mashed potato trick didn’t fool anybody at our house, we enjoyed these regardless -- fluffy and flavorful, and nutritious too.Maya Evoy
For my family, this is our team sport. We are an all-star dumpling team, making hundreds of pot stickers when we get together.Shannon Kuhn
Originally slated to open this Sunday, Krispy Kreme said it has not yet broken ground on an Alaska franchise.Sean Doogan
Outhouse races come but once a year. When a day on your feet at Rondy is starting to drag, here are some place to take a break. Donna Freedman