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Eager to please, I tried mother’s fruitcake every year and just about every year there would be a neglected slice on the fruitcake plate with one bite taken out. As the youngest, the baby, I will admit that the thing I wanted most was to put a smile on Mom’s face and continue to be her favorite.Laureli Ivanoff
Why do we wait until Thanksgiving rolls around to remember how much we love cranberries?Shannon Kuhn
At Torchon Bistro in South Anchorage, chef Shana Whitlock combines her knowledge of French cuisine with her passion for local food.Kim Sunée

At Torchon Bistro in South Anchorage, chef Shana Whitlock combines her knowledge of French cuisine with her passion for local food.

Kim Sunée
On a secret Santa list or have a Chinese auction to go to? Use pinot noir. It's most everybody’s favorite.Mike McVittie
The UAA Crafts Fair is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and will have a little dose of the farm feel. The market is free and at the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union building.Steve Edwards

Shoppers bustled into Fire Island, a local bakery in Anchorage, Thursday morning to buy breads, tarts and cakes for Thanksgiving.

Tara Young
After you have enjoyed a day of too much food, too much wine and (dare I say it?) too much family, give yourself a break. Mara Severin
One of my favorite ways to use the leftover Thanksgiving cranberry goodness is to make this orange-scented French toast stuffed with cranberry cream cheese. Maya Evoy
As much as I’m a buttermilk pancake kind of gal, I love this sour cream version I made once when I was low on buttermilk.Kim Sunée