Joe Miller

OPINION: If we're going to avoid the catastrophes lurking around the corner, more of the same – even with a Republican label – is not the answer.

Joe Miller
Former Senate candidate Joe Miller disputes a recent report that he is or was "a close friend and associate" of Schaeffer Cox, the militia leader arrested in Fairbanks recently.Craig Medred
The Hill's "pundits blog" contributor Bernie Quigley has again written an opinion of support for Joe Miller, former Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate.Craig Medred
In Joe Miller's concession speech, he used the word "statesman.'' And at long last, he acted the part. Perhaps he's learned from his campaign foibles and is now willing to talk to those who disagree with him. Craig Medred
Joe Miller has given up his legal fight to wrest a U.S. Senate seat away from incumbent Lisa Murkowski, but promises that he will continue the battle for conservative political values.Patti Epler
Now that he's run for public office twice and lost both times, the man who nearly seized Lisa Murkowski's U.S. Senate seat can't shake his taste for politics. What's next for Joe Miller?Jill Burke
Joe Miller says he is withdrawing his objection to the certification of Lisa Murkowski so that Alaska can have its full delegation seated next month.Amanda Paulson
Joe Miller won't try to block the Alaska Division of Elections from certifying the U.S. Senate race results, but he does plan to pursue his case in the federal courts.Craig Medred
"There are no remaining issues raised by Miller that prevent this election from being certified," the Alaska Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.Jill Burke
Alaska's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate has taken his election dispute to the state's highest court.Jill Burke