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LETTERS: Readers weigh in with thanks from a Libertarian, a vote for the Alaska Quarterly Review and going safely by bicycle.

Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers call forth a variety of opinions on topics such as dog waste, obstacles to church attendance, a thanks for a job well done at Hope Resources.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Celebrating the rights of Americans, decrying money in politics, and a little bad poetry.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Thank-yous to rescuers and good Samaritans, a call for bipartisanship, praise for Sinnott and Doogan, and a proposal for some political silence before election day.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers have the last word in the oil tax debate, on the eve of Tuesday's decision.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers write to thank firefighters, praise Dan Sullivan the Senate candidate and yes, debate oil taxes. Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers sound off on a host of topics in the public eye, including Sarah Palin and oil taxes, Tony Knowles and oil taxes, Kevin Banks and oil taxes, and, for a change of pace, compensation for Alaska's public servants.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers comment on the oil-tax referendum, the King Cove road, Pebble mine and more.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on such topics in the news as the Izembek road, prison inmate deaths, and the referendum on Alaska's current oil tax system.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on oil taxes, immigrant children and hard-hearted Sally Jewell.Alaska Dispatch News