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LETTERS: Readers offer a reason to legalize marijuana, kudos to Elise Patkotak and an opportunity Sarah Palin shouldn't miss.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers take sides on weed, wages and the ways of the oil industry.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Marijuana, airport sleeping pods, minimum wage and the U.S. Senate candidates have moved readers send in their thoughts.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers sound off on marijuana, Russian President Vladimir Putin as a modern-day Rasputin, Senate candidate Dan Sullivan and Project Vote Smart.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Born in Alaska? One reader's research finds that few of our elected officials can make that claim. Another reader suggests we stop stirring up the predator control pot. Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on predator control, the reason for outside spending in our Senate race and marijuana numbers. Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on the NFL's "dance" of denial, the class of Kikkan Randall and why roads seem to take precedence over schools.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers sound off on marijuana, in support Alaska Quarterly Review, and in response to columnist Michael Carey's view of Bill Walker's recent campaign moves.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers ask if the bright red state is becoming purple, ask some questions of Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, and defend meals in schools.Alaska Dispatch News
LETTERS: Readers comment on the upcoming election, featuring a campaign for Senate and ballot initiative to legalize marijuana. One reader transforms outraged reaction to an opinion on free school lunches into a haiku, and former AIP candidate for Senate Vic Kohring says thank you.Alaska Dispatch News