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Members of the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) participated in a deployment ceremony Friday in Anchorage Friday as they prepared to head overseas to support peacekeeping efforts in the Balkan state.

Sean Doogan
NORAD said the Russian planes -- two refueling tankers, two fighters and two long-range, nuclear capable bombers -- made a loop and returned to Russian airspace after being contacted by the NORAD jets. Sean Doogan
A National Guard general from Connecticut will lead the effort to restore the Alaska National Guard's confidence in its leadership. The appointment comes a little more than two weeks after an outside investigation found serious problems within the Guard's senior commandJill Burke
Alaska’s two senators proposed congressional action Thursday to clamp down on the National Guard to prevent misconduct from festering the way it has in the scandal-plagued Alaska National Guard.Richard Mauer
The meeting was Alaska’s response to a mandate from new VA Secretary Bob McDonald that all VA hospitals and benefits offices nationwide host town hall meetings to rebuild trust after allegations of secret wait lists and mismanaged care unfolded this summer. Tegan Hanlon
A former Alaska National Guard soldier said Thursday that she experienced firsthand the embarrassment of having her confidentiality breached in her unit and her rape openly discussed by her command and fellow troops.Richard Mauer
The Inspector General office of the Department of Defense said an assessment of the missile defense "kill vehicle" program identified 21 major quality assurance problems and 26 minor problems. Dermot Cole
Capt. Michael Bram started out wanting to be an astronaut. But now he reaches for the heavens in a different way -- as an Orthodox rabbi and Air Force chaplain working with Alaska service members of all faiths.Sean Doogan
A federal investigation requested by Gov. Sean Parnell has found significant problems within the ranks of the Alaska National Guard in the wake of accusations of sexual misconduct and has resulted in the resignation of Maj. Gen. Thomas Katkus.  Jill Burke
The Alaska VA Healthcare System will hold a town hall meeting Tuesday evening for veterans to ask questions and express concerns about VA benefits and services.Tegan Hanlon