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For those who claim that classical music is a dead genre, piano duo Anderson and Roe are ready to show them otherwise.

Jeri Kopet
“It’s a social music,” said Joel Savoy of the Cajun Country Revival. “Back in Louisiana, we work, we cook, we drink and we play music. All of those things go hand in hand. It’s a way to unwind and celebrate and a way to feel the blues and it brings people together."Chris Bieri
With an average age of less than 30, a new wave of festival board members is bringing not only a passion for folk music, but a fresh outlook on everything from promotions to public relations.Chris Bieri
 JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound has the fluid soul of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding with a gritty glaze of post-punk attitude.Chris Bieri
The title cut is a suite of three pieces for string quartet, a 20-minute set played entirely on open bowed strings and their overtones. In other words, the players never touch the fingerboard. Mike Dunham
Kat Moore, the effusive icon of the Anchorage music scene, recently ended a five-and-a-half-week stretch of complete silence, a part of her treatment for vocal issues.Evan Erickson

Obsession Records opened in early December. Its owners say they are making ends meet, but not seeing much of a profit. To them, though, it's about sharing the music. 

Tara Young
The owners of Obsession Records, which opened in early December in Anchorage, say they are making ends meet but not seeing much of a profit. To them, though, it's about sharing the music. Megan Edge
Strand Of Oaks, aka Timothy Showalter and his band, will play two shows in Anchorage this March.  Alaska Dispatch staff
Given all that happened last year, we sent emails to a few movers and shakers in and around the Anchorage music scene, asking them to recap 2014 and offer some of their favorites from the year that was.Matt Sullivan


Greenland -- barrels of oil and bottles of water

OPINION: Greenland's dreams of big money from oil have, so far, been dashed by economic realities, but there is potential for growth in sales of another precious liquid -- water -- as long as sources remain pure and unpolluted.Mia Bennett