Negotiators failed to reach an accord over Iran's disputed nuclear program again Wednesday, a day after they missed a self-imposed deadline, but extended the wearying talks for another day.

Paul Richter
At least 43 people died when a Russian trawler sank off the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East, a media report said Thursday. The ship may have been holed by drifting ice.Mcclatchy Newspapers
A number of Atlanta educators were found guilty Wednesday for their roles in a public schools cheating scandal, bringing a close to a half-decade drama that tarnished a major school district’s reputation and raised questions nationwide about the wisdom of pushing educators to improve students’ standardized test scores.Alan Blinder
Sen. Robert Menendez, a top Democrat on Capitol Hill, was charged Wednesday in a public corruption case that alleges he accepted gifts from a wealthy doctor in return for trying to help the ophthalmologist beat back a government probe into billing fraud and win a lucrative contract in the Dominican Republic.Richard A. Serrano and Timothy M. Phelps
A “sophisticated cyberattack” on Premera Blue Cross affected 11 million people in the U.S. Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Alaska is encouraging members to apply for free credit monitoring and identity theft services.Laurel Andrews
ART ADV: With photos XNYT16, 50-53.); (With: ARK-GOV-SON); Campbell Robertson reported from Little Rock, and Richard Pérez-Peña from New York. Erik Eckholm and Richard Perez-Pena contributed reporting from New York, and ...CAMPBELL ROBERTSON and TIMOTHY WILLIAMS
As the nuclear negotiations dragged into overtime here Tuesday, some uniquely American and Iranian political sensitivities were permeating the marathon negotiating sessions, leading many to wonder whether two countries that have barely spoken for 35 years are just not ready to overcome old suspicions.David E. Sanger
In an executive order issued Wednesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered the state water board to impose mandatory water restrictions -- aimed at reducing use by about 25 percent -- for the first time in history, as the state grapples with a serious drought.Fenit Nirappil
At the University of Nottingham in Britain, researchers have rediscovered an ancient medicinal elixir that appears to fight a very modern scourge: a deadly drug-resistant bacterial infection rampant in hospitals.Melissa Healy
Within hours of the announcement that he had been named the new host of “The Daily Show,” the comedian Trevor Noah was subjected to the full scrutiny of the Internet.Dave Itzkoff