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Residents in the nation's Northeast flocked to hardware and grocery stores to pick up emergency supplies Sunday as forecasters warned that a "crippling and potentially historic blizzard" could dump as much as 3 feet of snow from Philadelphia to Boston starting Monday.

Vera Haller
An armed employee walked into a Manhattan Home Depot on Sunday and fatally shot his manager before killing himself amid scores horrified colleagues and shoppers, authorities said.Elizabeth A. Harris and Michael Schwirtz
Threats made over social media delayed travelers on board two planes that had departed Sunday from Southern California airports. Both Delta and JetBlue declined to specify the nature of the threats.Matt Hamilton
Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs rose to the defense of the late William McKinley Wednesday with the latest in a long series of Buckeye State bills aimed at ending the Denali discussion and preventing a name change for North America's highest mountain.Dermot Cole
Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” turned out another massive audience at North American theaters over the weekend, providing cover for another bomb elsewhere at the multiplex.Brooks Barnes
The U.S. Energy Information Administration on Tuesday predicted an average price of $58 per barrel of oil in 2015, and $75 per barrel in 2016, spelling more bad news for the oil-loving Alaska budget.Alex DeMarban
In a recent incident in North Carolina, a female veteran received a nasty note after pulling into a veterans-only parking space at a grocery store.Anna Mulrine
So many devices are being added to the Internet, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt says, that the distinction between 'online' and 'offline' will start to become meaningless.Jeff Ward-Bailey
The oil industry, with its history of booms and busts, appears to be in the early stages of its latest downturn. The price of oil has plunged in recent months, reaching its lowest point in more than five years. Here's a quick explainer on how the economics work.Clifford Krauss
Shortly after arriving in Phoenix Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks were thrust into the circus of media sessions of the type they had become familiar with on their way to a Super Bowl win last year. But coach Pete Carroll and a group of players made it clear that they did not intend to add to the league’s various distractions as they prepared to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.Benjamin Hoffman