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PlayStation Now, a service that allows users to stream PS3 games over the Internet, will come to a few Samsung smart TVs in early 2015. PlayStation Now lets gamers play without any additional hardware besides a big screen and a controller.
Jeff Ward-Bailey
Facing political strife and a poor economy in Bethlehem this Christmas, Palestinian Christians say they are finding hope in Jesus’s message of peace and justice.Christa Case Bryant
A Stanford team has created paws that look like paddles and use the same scientific principles employed by the sticky feet of geckos to allow humans to scale glass walls.Bruce Newman
Pope Francis on Thursday used a traditional Christmas address to emphasize the plight of children in areas of conflict, pointing out their “impotent silence” that &l...Elisabetta Povoledo
After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, oil giant BP had to cut its worldwide portfolio significantly by selling off $43 billion in assets. Now, unexpectedly, the company finds itself in a more favorable position to weather a bear oil market than some competitors.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Houston Chronicle
Green energy industries have become mainstream businesses with the political clout to match the fossil fuel industry and big electric utilities in many statehouses, and they are using that influence to defend the renewable energy standards in place in 31 states and the District of Columbia.Jeffrey Stinson
Some say the pubs of Pioneer Square are haunted, that apparitions appear mysteriously in photos, that guests feel a strong hand pushing them down stairs, that ghosts lurk within some of the century-old brick buildings.Maria L. La Ganga
Esam Awwad lifted his daughter onto his shoulders and joined the crowd gathered around the barricades, waiting for a glimpse of the patriarch as he passed by on his way into the Church of the Nativity.Abby Sewell
Militants from the Islamic State extremist group have captured a Jordanian fighter pilot, Jordan’s state news service reported on Wednesday after reports that the pilot’s plane was shot down over northern Syria.Ben Hubbard
Three digital distributors joined an expanding effort to save “The Interview” as Sony Pictures Entertainment disclosed the first deals to show the film online after a terror threat limited access to theaters.MICHAEL CIEPLY and BROOKS BARNES