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Oscar Pistorius, the South African track star once seen as an emblem of triumph over adversity, was sentenced on Tuesday to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Alan Cowell
The chief executive of the French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie, was killed when his business jet collided with a snowplow late Monday night on the runway of Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.Andrew E. Kramer
Six days after a catastrophic storm bore down on a several trekking routes in Nepal’s central Himalayan region, a spokesman for Nepal’s home minister said Monday that there was “no one left to rescue” from the area.Nida Najar
Philippine authorities want to question five US service personnel over the death of a transexual in a hotel room. The US recently upgraded its military alliance with the Philippines in the face of perceived Chinese maritime aggression.Michael Holtz
The enormous Goliath spider, spotted recently in Guyana, conjures images of horror movies. But don't worry: A spider probably can't get that big.Lisa Suhay
As Swedes hunt for a Russian submarine suspected to be in the Stockholm archipelago, Finland's president expresses concerns about the rise in military traffic in the Baltic. Radio Sweden and YLE News
The Orionid meteor shower peaks in the early hours of Tuesday, with meteors flitting across the sky at an average pace of about one every three to four minutes.Pete Spotts
Yellow-billed loons, migratory birds that nest on large lakes dotting Alaska’s North Slope, do not need Endangered Species Act protections, federal regulators said on Wednesday. Yereth Rosen
This week's four-day Fourth Plenum in Beijing is one indicator of President Xi's consolidation of power in the party-state. The fate of security czar Zhou Yongkang, who has been detained during an anti-graft probe, is on the agenda.Peter Ford
Hampton Sides blends human drama with suspense and engrossing play-by-play descriptions to tell the tragic and triumphant story of the USS Jeannette.Randy Dotinga