Animal cognition experts from Azabu University in Japan offer neurological evidence to explain why humans and dogs get along so well.

Joseph Dussault
President Barack Obama on Friday called on Republicans to schedule a vote on his nominee to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, calling Loretta Lynch's months-long wait a case of Senate "dysfunction" gone too far....Lesley Clark
Iraqi security forces on Friday killed Izzat Ibrahim al Douri, the highest-ranking member of the late Saddam Hussein's regime to escape the U.S.-led invasion and occupation, Iraqi officials said.Mitchell Prothero
The former Hewlett Packard CEO said that a female Republican nominee would be a game-changer in the 2016 election, forcing Clinton to run exclusively on her record.Linda Feldmann
The Florida postal carrier charged Thursday with two federal crimes for steering his smallgyrocopter through protected Washington airspace "literally flew under the radar" to the lawn of the Capitol, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said as key lawmakers raised alarms about security risks.Erica Werner and Eileen Sullivan
After announcing plans in January, President Obama is formally recommending that Congress expand the wilderness designation in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including in the potentially oil-rich coastal plain.Alex DeMarban
A “sophisticated cyberattack” on Premera Blue Cross affected 11 million people in the U.S. Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Alaska is encouraging members to apply for free credit monitoring and identity theft services.Laurel Andrews
Appellate judges on Friday were to consider whether to lift a temporary hold imposed by a federal judge in Texas on President Barack Obama's executive action seeking to shield millions of immigrants from deportation.Cain Burdeau
Following the intentional crashing of Germanwings Flight 9525 by the co-pilot, a long-running debate over autonomous jets is resurfacing. At the very least, some have suggested allowing authorities on the ground to take control of a plane if there is a rogue pilot in the cockpit.Scott Mayerowitz
A new booklet from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council wants to change that. Synthesizing much past academy work on the Arctic region, the booklet -- being released just before the United States assumes the chairmanship of the eight-nation Arctic Council later this month -- blazons this message: “What Happens in the Arctic Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic.”Chris Mooney