President Beji Caid Essebsi of Tunisia has declared a state of emergency, a week after a terrorist attack killed more than 30 foreign tourists, the state news agency reported Saturday.

Carlotta Gall
While nobody knows what the vote’s outcome will bring, one thing is certain: Tsipras’ gambit has deepened rifts, not only with and among Greece’s European partners, but between husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors, co-workers and strangers. Liz Alderman
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Saturday that, with Iranian cooperation, his agency could complete an assessment on Iran’s suspected past nuclear work by December, potentially removing a major obstacle to a nuclear agreement.Michael R. Gordon and David E. Sanger
Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager in the occupied West Bank on Friday as he and others hurled stones and rocks at an army vehicle, the Israeli military said, while Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank arrested more than 100 members of its rival group Hamas in the biggest such roundup in years.Isabel Kershner
A lawsuit challenging the legality of unpaid Hollywood internship programs has been dealt a major blow.Daniel Miller
A wooden ferry that was heavily loaded with passengers and cargo sank in stormy weather in the central Philippines on Thursday, killing at least 36 people, officials said.FLOYD WHALEY
It is the kind of publicity money cannot buy - front-page coverage, segments on the nightly news, the attention of political heavyweights and a stream of commentary burning a hole in the Web.AZAM AHMED
Imagine the fate of your country hangs on a yes-or-no question. The question is drafted in cryptic, bureaucratic language and asks you to decide on an economic program that no longer exists. Leaders in neighboring countries are begging you to vote yes. Your government is begging you to vote no.JIM YARDLEY
As Arctic sea ice melts, it could disrupt a powerful Atlantic Ocean current that regulates temperatures in Western Europe and the East Coast of North America.Chelsea Harvey | The Washington Post
The federal government and the Gulf Coast states have reached a tentative deal with the British oil company BP for it to pay about $18.7 billion, the largest environmental settlement in U.S. history, to compensate for damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, federal, state and company officials said Thursday.CAMPBELL ROBERTSON, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and CLIFFORD KRAUSS