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As they jockey for possible presidential bids, Republican senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are taking aim at each other on TV, Twitter and Facebook over Cuba policy.


Marc Caputo
Police have arrested a 37-year-old Australian woman in the deaths of eight children who were all discovered in her home Friday afternoon.Ryan Parker and Christine Mai-Duc
Military action against the Pakistani Taliban intensified on both sides of the border with Afghanistan on Friday, officials said, in a reflection of hardening resolve to fight the group after it carried out the school massacre in Peshawar this week.ISMAIL KHAN
After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster, oil giant BP had to cut its worldwide portfolio significantly by selling off $43 billion in assets. Now, unexpectedly, the company finds itself in a more favorable position to weather a bear oil market than some competitors.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Houston Chronicle
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday denied Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's request to Justice Clarence Thomas that he extend a stay in the federal case of eight gay couples.Steve Rothaus
While the Arctic in 2014 continued its long-term warming, much of the rest of the world was struck by wacky and extreme weather, and studies are underway to determine whether the trends are related, said scientists who released an annual report on the Arctic on Wednesday. Yereth Rosen
Two days after ending a half-century diplomatic freeze with Cuba, President Barack Obama warned Friday that the pace of reform on the communist island nation will be uncertain but that change is inevitable.Christi Parsons
President Barack Obama on Friday said that the United States “will respond proportionally” against North Korea for its cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, and criticized the studio for giving in to intimidation and pulling the satirical movie that provoked the attacks.MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and DAVID E. SANGER
The FBI on Friday said it had extensive evidence that the North Korean government organized the cyberattack that debilitated Sony Pictures computers, marking the first time the United States has accused the leaders of a foreign nation of deliberately damaging U.S. targets.MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and DAVID E. SANGER
In the first verdict of its kind, the Constitutional Court of South Korea on Friday ordered the dissolution of a small leftist party accused of supporting North Korea at the cost of the South’s national security and in violation of its constitution.Choe Sang-Hun