Indigenous residents from some of the smallest communities and most remote parts of Alaska had a message for international leaders who convened in Anchorage for a high-profile State Department-hosted Arctic conference: Climate change is an existential threat.

Yereth Rosen,Asaf Shalev
For years, Republicans have run for office on promises of cutting taxes and bolstering business to stimulate economic growth, pledging allegiance to a Reaganesque model of conservatism that has largely become the party’s orthodoxy.'Alan Rappeport
The man charged with killing a sheriff’s deputy at a suburban gas station in Texas on Friday emptied his 15-round handgun into the back and head of the deputy as witnesses watched in horror and surveillance cameras captured the shooting, prosecutors said Monday.Manny Fernandez
A Johnson County, Kan., jury took less than two hours Monday to find F. Glenn Miller Jr. guilty of capital murder in the shooting deaths of three people outside Jewish facilities last year in Overland Park.Tony Rizzo
When the emergency bell sounds at Fire Station 1 here, firefighters pull on boots and backpacks, swing into Engine 1 and hurtle out the door in almost a single motion, a blast of red lights and caterwauling sirens. More often than not, there is no fire.SARAH MASLIN NIR
Without U.S. ground troops in Iraq and Syria, commanders rely on airborne surveillance more than ever before. At any given moment, an old U-2 -- often two -- is in the air, zeroing in on militant bomb-making facilities in dense cities or snooping on fighters' communications to pinpoint command hubs.W.J. Hennigan
He was a retired construction worker who turned his fishing hobby into a low-pressure business, taking a delight in almost anything he brought backBENJAMIN MUELLER
Federal officials have made a lot of unfulfilled promises in the past in the past about paying attention to the issues and needs of the far north, so Alaskans have a right to be skeptical about new promises, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday.Yereth Rosen
When the financial crisis brought the global economy to its knees, Norway was largely unscathed. But oil under $50? That's another story.Saleha Mohsin
An Indian scholar whose criticism of idol worship had angered religious groups was fatally shot Sunday, the police said.SWATI GUPTA