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In a defeat for the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, a former federal judge has overturned the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens running back who was videotaped knocking out his fiancée in a hotel elevator.

Ken Belson
Militants struck the central mosque in one of Nigeria’s biggest cities Friday, intensifying the violence that has swept across the nation’s north in recent months.IBRAHIM GARBA SHUAIBU
Tinged with protests and wintry weather, Black Friday still lured crowds into stores across the country, even as some shoppers expressed exhaustion over what has become a long, drawn-out start to the holiday sales.Hiroko Tabuchi
The attack on government buildings in Austin, Texas, comes at a tense time in immigration politics, after President Obama took executive action to help an estimated 4 million to 5 million unauthorized immigrants.Patrik Jonsson
As the marijuana industry expands into a multibillion-dollar business, the need for proper banking services continues to intensify. Attempts by the Obama administration earlier in the year to ease the problem have so far failed to spark widespread change.David Pierson
The oil cartel OPEC decided Thursday not to cut petroleum production, despite the plunge in prices in recent months that has indicated the diminishing clout of the organization.STANLEY REED
French lawmakers Friday debated a nonbinding motion to recognize a Palestinian state, following similar moves in other European nations amid increasing criticism and frustration of Israeli policies.Maïa de la Baume
With a general election in Britain five months away, Prime Minister David Cameron attempted Friday to sound tough on immigration without violating the European Union’s fundamental principle of freedom of movement within the bloc.Steven Erlanger
Hampton Sides blends human drama with suspense and engrossing play-by-play descriptions to tell the tragic and triumphant story of the USS Jeannette.Randy Dotinga
The relative calm leading up to Thanksgiving continued Thursday with reports of sporadic protests at St. Louis-area big-box stores sparsely populated by shoppers taking advantage of expanded holiday shopping hours.St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff