Tesla car in autopilot crash was speeding

The National Transportation Safety Board preliminary report released Tuesday draws no conclusion about the cause of the May 7 crash that killed Tesla test driver Joshua Brown, 40.

Democratic emails release was timed to harm Hillary Clinton

Six weeks before the Democratic National Committee emails were published, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange foreshadowed the release — and made it clear that he hoped to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency.

Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton despite sharp divisions

A divided Democratic convention formally nominated Hillary Clinton for president on Tuesday, making history as the first major political party to choose a woman as its standard-bearer.

EPA moves to regulate emissions in air travel

The Obama administration Monday announced its plan to start regulating planet-warming pollution from airplanes, setting off a battle between environmentalists and the airline industry.

Democratic National Committee emails offer glimpse at how big donors are wooed

The emails capture a world where seating charts are arranged with dollar totals in mind, where a White House celebration of gay pride is a thinly disguised occasion for rewarding wealthy donors and where physical proximity to the president is the most precious of currencies.

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