EU demands Apple pay Ireland up to 13 billion euros in tax

EU antitrust regulators ordered Apple on Tuesday to pay up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in taxes plus interest to the Irish government after ruling that a special scheme to route profits through Ireland was illegal state aid.

Once an al-Qaida recruiter, this man is now a voice against jihad

Jesse Morton was one of the most prolific recruiters for al-Qaida, luring numerous Americans to the group’s violent ideology. Now he's at the forefront of an experiment to counter the pull of extremist groups.

New rules on small drones kick in: What you need to know

Although industry experts say the Federal Aviation Administration's new rules on commercial drones largely make it easier for companies to use the unmanned aerial vehicles, there are still a lot of constraints.

Ohio man who speared Canadian bear won't be charged

But there have been some repercussions for Josh Bowmar and his wife, Sarah, who shot the spearing video and who, like her husband, is a fitness and hunting enthusiast

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