Attacking Trump, Democrat Kaine makes campaign-trail debut

Joining Clinton at a rally in the battleground state of Florida, the bilingual Kaine peppered Spanish-language phrases into a speech focused heavily on introducing himself to voters.

Texas investigates violent traffic arrest of black teacher

The authorities in Austin, Texas, were investigating a year-old encounter in which a black female driver was dragged from her car and thrown to the ground twice by a white police officer.

Verizon is reported to be near a deal to acquire Yahoo

The end of Yahoo as an independent company may be near, and Verizon — long considered the leading contender to buy the aging web pioneer — is the most likely acquirer.

Tim Kaine: A liberal who rose in a conservative state

As mayor of Richmond, lieutenant governor, governor, chairman of the DNC and now senator, Tim Kaine has deftly managed his own rise as a progressive in a bastion of Southern conservatism.

WikiLeaks posts thousands of hacked emails from Democratic officials

As Hillary Clinton prepares to accept her party's nomination for president, the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks has released nearly 20,000 hacked emails that offer an embarrassing look inside the workings of the Democratic Party.

Trump basks in post-convention love -- and rips Ted Cruz again

After bragging that he had unified the party in one of the most “love-filled” conventions in political history, Donald Trump on Friday launched an extended diatribe against his former rival.

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