Every now and then, the people must call upon the wisdom of the American judicial system to answer the urgent questions of our time. For instance: Does weed smell bad? Matt Pearce
Ricardo Sánchez, known as “El Mandril” on his Spanish-language, drive-time radio show in Los Angeles, has taken to calling Donald J. Trump “El hombre del peluquín” - the man of the toupee.Ashley Parker
Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that Tropical Storm Erika poses a "severe threat to the entire state" and declared a state of emergency.
Libyan authorities were collecting the bodies of migrants who drowned off the coastal city of Zuwara, with some 200 feared dead on Friday in the latest disaster involving desperate people trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean.Mohamed Ben Khalifa | Associated Press
Police arrested several people believed to be part of a human smuggling operation in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants who likely suffocated in a refrigerated truck found abandoned on Austria's main highway.George Jahn | Associated Press
A federal judge in North Dakota on Thursday blocked a new Obama administration rule that would give the federal government jurisdiction over some smaller waterways just hours before it was set to go into effect.James Macpherson
A man wearing an Afghan security force uniform opened fire  inside a base in southern Afghanistan, killing two U.S. soldiers in what appeared to be the latest so-called "insider attack" to target foreign troops or contractors in the country.Rahim Faiez
Planned Parenthood Federation of America defended its practices Thursday in a lengthy letter to Congress and included a report by experts that found undercover videos of officials discussing fetal tissue for research were heavily altered by anti-abortion activists.Brian Melley
Environmental groups and a New Orleans energy company have reached a settlement agreement in a lawsuit stemming from the company's failed efforts to stop a decade-old, slow-motion oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Kevin McGill
Walking door to door in a city reborn after tragedy, President Obama said New Orleans is an example of what can happen when people rally to build a better future after suffering a devastating blow.Darlene Superville