Once aggressively tough on crime, California is releasing thousands of prisoners, many of them violent.Rob Kuznia
Arctic sea ice was less extensive last month than in any January since satellite records begin in 1979 -- the result of unusual weather patterns in the region.Yereth Rosen
Heritage Auctions said in a news release Monday that the 4-inch lock was collected by a German hairdresser who trimmed Lennon's hair before he started shooting "How I Won the War."
News Analysis: In case you missed it, the former secretary of state and the feminist activist essentially reprimanded and ridiculed women who do not plan to vote for Hillary Clinton.Janell Ross
When veteran Chinese diplomat Wu Dawei left for North Korea last week, he probably knew he had been dispatched on mission impossible: to persuade the country’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, to climb down from his threat to launch a rocket as part of his quest to develop ballistic missile technologies.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to end his campaign for the Republican nomination for president after failing to break out from a field in which non-traditional candidates are making strides.Jill Colvin | Associated Press
The social media site will let people turn on a setting that lets popular tweets related to people you follow show up first in your timeline, followed by the real-time feed most people on Twitter are used to.Michael Liedtke
Damn you, millennials. You win again. And Republicans can say goodbye to Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Chris Cillizza | The Washington Post
Donald Trump's 18-point victory and Bernie Sanders' 21-point win are reminders of the limits of party power in an age of anger toward Washington and frustration with politics.Steve Peoples | Associated Press
Tuesday's surprising move by the court was a blow to the president and at least a short-term victory for the coalition of 27 mostly Republican-led states and opponents in the fossil-fuel industry, who call the regulations "an unprecedented power grab."Michael Biesecker, Sam Hananel | Associated Press