After announcing plans in January, President Obama is formally recommending that Congress expand the wilderness designation in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including in the potentially oil-rich coastal plain.Alex DeMarban
While some departments cite privacy concerns or the administrative burden of making the videos available to the public, the Seattle police post everything.Timothy Williams
What are the origins of 420? And how has the "holiday" changed since states began legalizing marijuana? For many, what used to be a day of protest is now a day of celebration.Rob Hotakainen
International aid agencies and governments mobilized Sunday to respond to the devastating earthquake in Nepal, saying they faced challenges in getting assistance to the country and distributing it amid the widespread devastation there.Mark Scott
The U.S. will take over chairmanship of the Arctic Council on Friday, a change that will put Alaska at center stage for the council's focus on such things as climate change and Arctic infrastructure. Alex DeMarban
Under a yellow moon that hung like a wedge of lemon in the sky, Ole Andersen was camped at 3 a.m. Monday out front of Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport with a green notebook, writing a story he called "From Paradise to Hell in a Few Seconds."Julie Makinen
A survey of 10,000 people in the eight Arctic nations finds that only a minority know about the Arctic Council and its makeup. Still, survey respondents say they want the Arctic players -- even Russia -- to keep cooperating and to do so peacefully. Yereth Rosen
In the aftermath of the worst earthquake to strike Nepal in eight decades, here are some organizations who have long had a presence in the Himalayan country who have a proven capacity for providing disaster relief.Eoin O'Carroll
The earthquake-triggered avalanches that killed and critically injured dozens of climbers on Mount Everest also destroyed the path between two camps on the side of the world's tallest mountain, leaving some mountaineers stranded and awaiting rescue.Laura J. Nelson
There is still time to save lives -- that's why governments and aid agencies Sunday rushed doctors, volunteers and equipment to Nepal without waiting for the dust to settle.Gregory Katz