Responding to criticism over remarks he made Tuesday, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate and real estate developer, denied on Thursday that he was mocking the appearance of a reporter for The New York Times with a physical disability.Maggie Haberman
Ann Pickard, who took the reins of Shell's exploration efforts in Alaska's Arctic offshore waters after the company's troubled 2012 drilling season, will join the board of Houston-based construction company KBR in December and retire from Shell in February.Alaska Dispatch News
Miss Canada, otherwise known as Anastasia Lin, has been denied a Chinese visa to attend the monthlong Miss World pageant, presumably because of her outspoken advocacy for human rights and religious freedom in China.Andrew Jacobs
The pope has made ecological concerns a hallmark of his nearly 3-year-old papacy, issuing a landmark encyclical earlier this year that paired the need to care for the environment with the need to care for humanity's most vulnerable.
For Peyton, the two-way robot system gives her a stronger connection to friends, and more focus on the familiar rhythms of childhood that preceded her whirl of medical treatments.Donna St. George
Republican presidential contender Ben Carson visited two camps for Syrian refugees in the Jordanian desert on Saturday, in a quick "fact-finding" trip with no media coverage.Taylor Luck
Writing a law to restrict how doctors recommend marijuana is tricky. Lawmakers in Illinois, New Jersey and other states have tried to avoid California's drop-in, instant exams by attempting to define in legislation a legitimate doctor-patient relationship.Carla K. Johnson
Researchers say the discovery of a new chamber could shine new light on one of ancient Egypt's most turbulent times, and one prominent researcher has theorized that the remains of Queen Nefertiti might be inside.Nour Youssef
Zoo officials said Friday that the monikers, which pay homage to Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin, received overwhelming support in a public naming contest.
The potential profits from a mashup of cannabis and caffeine are, well, high.  But a rush by entrepreneurs into the canna-coffee business is raising questions about safety and legality.Mark Ellwood | Bloomberg News