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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will enjoy smoked turkey, candied yams, and green beans, and mushrooms, all without gaining a single pound. Husna Haq
It started with a simple request -- "will you just walk on the sidewalk?" Forty-five seconds later, Michael Brown lay sprawled on the street, shot dead by a police officer who had never before fired his gun in the line of duty.Maria L. La Ganga
The streets of Ferguson, Missouri, were crowded but relatively calm Tuesday evening, with a heavier police presence tamping down violence and looting that had rocked the region the night before.Kevin McDermott
Twice a week ships leave Tacoma bound for Alaska, carrying everything from food and clothing, to Xboxes and construction materials. With more than 70 percent of water-bound goods to Alaska crossing the Tacoma docks, the slowdown related to ongoing contract negotiations could have left stores across the 49th state bare.Coral Garnick
Two suicide bombers, at least one of them a woman, blew themselves up on Tuesday at a crowded market in this northeast Nigerian city, killing dozens of shoppers and merchants including some who witnesses said were decapitated by the explosions.HAMZA IDRIS and RICK GLADSTONE
Gov. Jay Nixon said early Tuesday that he would meet with law enforcement and National Guard officials seeking to quell the violence that gripped Ferguson after a grand jury declined to indict a white police officer for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager.JOHN ELIGON and ALAN BLINDER
Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events was just one part of a vast catalog of testimony and other evidence that the grand jurors absorbed during the three months that they heard the case.JULIE BOSMAN, CAMPBELL ROBERTSON, ERIK ECKHOLM and RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr
Officials are planning the first major rollout of California's earthquake early warning system next year, providing access to some schools, fire stations and more private companies.Rosanna Xia and Rong-Gong Lin Ii
Scientists, policymakers, and activists been holding out hope that an increase in extreme weather events might prompt Americans to embrace policies that curb greenhouse-gas emissions. They may be waiting a long time, a new study suggests.Pete Spotts
The most credible eyewitnesses to the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, said he had charged toward Police Officer Darren Wilson just before the final, fatal shots, the St. Louis County prosecutor said Monday night as he sought to explain why a grand jury had not found probable cause to indict the officer.Erik Eckholm