After weeks of talks, Pfizer and Allergan have agreed on a blockbuster merger worth $150 billion.Andrea Chang
To better understand future sea level rise, NASA and university researchers are working together to produce models of underwater glacier valleys in Greenland.Story Hinckley
Nola, one of only four known northern white rhinoceroses, died Sunday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, euthanized to end her suffering from a host of age-related ailments.Tom Perry | Los Angeles Times
Donald Trump said Saturday that he would order surveillance “of certain mosques” to combat terrorism after the Paris attacks.Maggie Haberman
Luck smiled on state Rep. Blaine Eaton II, who had been forced by law to draw a straw for his seat after his race for re-election ended in a tie. Richard Fausset
A private space company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Tuesday that it had landed a rocket upright and gently enough to be used again, a milestone in commercial aeronautics.Malcolm Ritter | Associated Press
Police on Tuesday arrested two men suspected of shooting five Black Lives Matter demonstrators, while the family of a black man whose death inspired the protests called for an end to demonstrations that have gone on for days outside a Minneapolis police station.Steve Karnowski
Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday that it said ignored repeated warnings and crossed into its airspace from Syria, killing at least one of the two pilots in a long-feared escalation in tensions between Russia and NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced what he called a "stab in the back" and warned of "significant consequences."Suzan Fraser, Nataliya Vasily | AP
The mother's  insistence that something serious was wrong with Bentley was dismissed by doctors who attributed his headaches, lethargy and episodic vomiting to a virus.The Washington Post
Americans should be alert to possible travel risks, especially during the holidays, following increased terrorist threats around the world, the State Department warned on Monday.Associated Press