U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will announce on Tuesday sweeping reforms of New Orleans's long-troubled police department, which are expected to be some of the broadest and strictest ever imposed.Michael Kunzelman | Associated Press
Republicans who are hoping to further curb unions are putting stock in Mitt Romney, while labor unions look to President Obama as their best bet in the 2012 election.Mark Guarino
As an anticipated monsoon fails India, drought could force the nation to import crops like sugar -- which in 2009 sent world prices to 30-year highs.Jason Overdorf
Italian marinas are emptying out, and some wonder if the Italian government's crackdown of tax-evading yacht owners, occurring due to the European debt crisis, has anything to do with it.Nick Squires
Take one part silicone, one part rat muscle, and you get the world's first 'pseudo-organism' - an artifical jellyfish. Researchers say the creation could yield new insights into medical research – or even cleaning up environmental pollution.Pete Spotts
Ground beef recall: So far, the recall targets 85 percent lean beef sold in late May and the first half of June, and includes Hannaford and other retailers whose customers bought ground beef in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.Laurent Belsie
A new Obama 2012 elction ad features soothing music and a homey setting. But Obama isn't going soft on Romney - half of it is still negative. And a new poll shows that the attacks on Mitt Romney are working, so expect more.Linda Feldmann
China may, in the end, assert its dominance over the South China Sea with one cruise ship, military outpost and hastily assembled city at a time.Patrick Winn
A lapse in standards set up after the 9/11 attacks is being investigated by Congress after reports that foreign nationals training to fly planes in the US were not properly vetted or are in the country on fraudulent visas.Anna Mulrine
A rare insight into what life is like under Al Qaeda rule: Former residents of Kismayo, which is ruled by Al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, offer their perspectives.Tristan McConnell