It's a first-of-its-kind lawsuit. Students whose reading skills are below grade level are preparing to sue the state of Michigan and their local school district. If successful, the lawsuit could spawn others nationwide.Stacy Teicher Khadaroo
President Obama is facing a nation where nearly two-thirds of the land is enduring drought conditions, a slow economy and food prices that are expected to jump even higher; some say voter anxieties could cost him the 2012 presidential race.Patrik Jonsson
The suicide bombing targeted the wedding of the government official's daughter.Rahim Faiez
Mitt Romney's time spent running Bain Capital has become the focus of charge and counter-charge, raising questions about “what did he know and when did he know it”- with calls for apologies.Brad Knickerbocker
Seth Collins, at the wish of his dying brother Aaron, hands a waitress her $500 tip.David Trifunov
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton goes to Cairo to delivering important US messages to Egypt's newly-elected president, Mohammed Morsi.Howard LaFranchi
One of those charged is Iranian; the other, Chinese. An undercover operation leading up to the indictment offered US officials insight into secret efforts in Iran to obtain nuclear capability.Warren Richey
Ralph Lauren's line of clothes for the US Olympic team was made in China, which has some members of Congress furious. It put the US Olympic Committee in a tough spot.Mark Sappenfield
An early heat wave helped bring an attack of insects into the city of Naples, an area with notoriously bad sanitation.GlobalPost
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