For years, the road from Les Cayes, Haiti, to the coastal city of Jérémie has been paved with good intentions, but never with asphalt. Now, a vital but treacherous highway is being rebuilt, just the kind of long-term development Haitians have been hoping for.Jacob Kushner
China manual docking of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft was a notable milestone for the nation. It may not be a giant leap for mankind, but is one solid step further in China’s race to catch the US space and technology program, not to mention its quest to build a space station. Should the US fear being left behind?Cain Nunns
After surviving for a millennium, South Africa’s most precious historical site is facing a new threat: a nearby coal mine that has started production despite warnings from the United Nation’s heritage agency.Erin Conway-Smith
Cuba’s hopes of oil riches are boosted by the Soviet-built 'Songa Mercur' drilling platform. And its operators seem unconcerned about US trade sanctions.Nick Miroff
On his first day as finance minister, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met with ministry officials for a pep talk and called for a revival of the "animal spirit" of Indian business.Jason Overdorf
In Thailand, little protection for enslaved men in US-linked fishing industry.Patrick Winn
Coach leaves 37-year-old star off roster despite David Beckham's attachment to the Olympic Games.David Trifunov
Wildfires, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other emergency events leave behind terrible devastation; the silver lining is that they create the impetus for investment in life-saving innovation and new technologies.Gloria Goodale
The federal budget could swing significantly in either direction with the US Supreme Court ruling on the health-care reform law. The law's constitutionality will affect more than the making of public policy; federal coffers will be affected, too.Mark Trumbull
June 30 will get a leap second this year, to keep Coordinated Universal Time ticking along smoothly.Talia Ralph