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China’s granting permission for blind dissident lawyer Chen Guangcheng to exit the country to study law at New York University, plus other developments, indicate that Beijing may now be committed to improving relations with the United States. At least in the short term.Albert L. Weeks
Maurice Sendak, who died early Tuesday, was a wide-ranging artist whose most popular works happened to be picture books for children.Peter Grier
Republicans largely held together in a party-line, 52-to-45 vote that fell short of the 60 votes needed to move the bill to full consideration. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine voted “present” while Senate majority leader Harry Reid voted against the measure for procedural reasonsDavid Grant
Pet food recall 2012 involves brands including Kirkland, Premium Edge, and Diamond Naturals, manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. Schuyler Velasco
The foiled plot to plant another 'underwear bomb' on a US airliner shows that as the core of Al Qaeda declines, affiliates like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are taking the lead.Anna Mulrine
Austerity agendas in France and Greece resulted in voter rebellions this week. It's a sign that the GOP's austerity program for the US is mistaken, says Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen.Dave Cook
Teenage driving deaths are far more likely to occur with teenage passengers also in car, according to a new study by AAA's safety foundation. The risk of death decreases dramatically when a teen is driving with a passenger over the age of 35.The Associated Press
Nearly a month after exiting the presidential race, Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney in the 13th paragraph of an e-mail sent to supporters late Monday. Linda Feldmann
We at the FCC have proposed relaxing the ban that keeps public noncommercial TV stations from doing third-party fundraising for charities. Julius Genachowski
Maurice Sendak, who died Tuesday, once said he wanted to be recognized as more than 'a kiddie-book artist.' The author-illustrator is most famous for 'Where the Wild Things Are.'Peter Grier