Celebrity chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain will leave the Travel Channel and join CNN in 2013.Jennifer Mattson
Williams' manager says doctors told the 30-year-old welterweight champion he will not box again.Sarah Wolfe
Senator Charles Schumer in trying to get airlines to allow families with young children to sit together without paying extra for window and aisle.The Associated Press
Despite optimism about the housing market, home prices in the Case-Shiller Index fell during the first quarter, suggesting that the market is still stabilizing or worse.Mark Trumbull
For Lady Gaga's Indonesian fans, Sunday was a day of mourning. For the country's 240 million citizens, most of them Muslim, it was the culmination of weeks of debate over whether Islamist hardliners are gaining ground in Indonesia.Sara Schonhardt
Is it the right time to pick up a new TV, a Xbox, An iPhone? It's probably best to wait a bit. Just like fruits and vegetables, electronics have seasons, here's why.Chris Gaylord
Sansal, who is a soft-spoken man of 62, is heightened by the fact that he is a quintessentially Algerian figure. His great fear for the coming years is that the newly defined nations will form "a new Arab League based on a religion. It would be a very dangerous thing."Noga Tarnopolsky
Commentary: Correspondents living and working in Africa give readers on-the-ground knowledge of the area, but how?Tristan McConnell
What the world wants to see Kim Jong Un watching animals at the zoo.Emily Lodish
After noticing that employees had forgotten to give him a taco he ordered, a man drove his truck into a Taco Bell.Amy Silverstein