Hundreds breached the razor wire of Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, long seen as a symbol of a government detached from ordinary Iraqi citizens.Falih Hassan, Omar al-Jawoshy and Tim Arango
Protesters stormed Iraq's parliament on Saturday, bursting into the capital's fortified Green Zone, where other key buildings, including the U.S. Embassy, are located.Loveday Morris | The Washington Post
Distrust between Congress and Obama and a Republican allergy to almost any increased federal spending have combined into a contentious brew that led this week to the unraveling of a basic appropriations bill, an unsettled fight over funding to combat the Zika virus and a dim horizon for once-promising items like an overhaul of criminal justice laws.Jennifer Steinhauer
Bad coordination often plagues patients' transition to the care of home health agencies, as well as to nursing homes and other professionals charged with helping them recuperate, studies show.Jordan Rau
Leftist guerrillas in Colombia, rebels in Libya and militants in Nigeria are succeeding where the world's biggest oil producers failed, helping keep a 1.5 million-barrel crude surplus from expanding.Serene Cheong
The White House issued a set of recommendations Friday aimed at further curbing the illegal use of firearms in the United States, by making it easier for federal, state and local agencies to purchase "smart guns," which only operate for certain users.Juliet Eilperin and Michael S. Rosenwald
Protesters opposed to Donald Trump clashed with police officers outside a hotel here in the San Francisco Bay area Friday ahead of a speech by the Republican front-runner, escalating as eggs were thrown at authorities and one group burned the billionaire in effigy.Jose A. DelReal | Washington Post
Mistakes by the crew flying an AC-130 gunship, compounded by equipment and procedural failures, led to the devastating attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan last year.Matthew Rosenberg | The New York Times
The U.S. military has taken disciplinary action against 16 service members over a deadly Oct. 3 airstrike in Afghanistan that destroyed a hospital run by the international medical charity Doctors Without Borders.Reuters
The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania reminded viewers in a post on its Facebook page that nature "isn't always kind or pretty."Karin Brulliard | The Washington Post