As the United States and Iran prepare to restart nuclear talks this week, the hard-liners have been keeping a low profile.Thomas Erdbrink
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel apologized on Monday for making what were widely condemned as racist comments last week in saying that Arab citizens were voting in “droves.”JODI RUDOREN and JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS
As a mass of smoldering black lava has inched since June toward the town of Pahoa, the commercial center of this isolated stretch of Puna, there has been no need for residents to run screaming from a flaming river rumbling down the mountain.DIANE CARDWELL
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is poised to help Shell clear a major hurdle in its effort to resume drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean, despite opposition from her hometown of Seattle, where the company's drilling fleet would be moored.Sean Cockerham
Police officers in Philadelphia have shot at people an average of nearly once a week over the past seven years, the Justice Department said Monday in a report that also criticized the police department for inadequate training and a shooting-review process that is too often kept secret.Matt Apuzzo
This week, numbers released from the city's taxi registry found that for the first time the number of registered Uber drivers is more than the number of taxis on the road. Has the industry changed for good?Alexander LaCasse
A deep freeze this winter left much of the Great Lakes blanketed in thick ice, sidelining the ship lines and companies that move vast amounts of grain, cement and other commodities through this system of waterways. And now the spring thaw, which creates piles of impassable ice, will most likely create new delays.IAN AUSTEN and MARY M. CHAPMAN
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel apologized Monday for warning last week that Arab citizens were voting in “droves,” comments that have been denounced by President Barack Obama, other world leaders, U.S. Jewish leaders and many Israelis as anti-democratic, race-baiting and fear-mongering.Jodi Rudoren
Police said Monday  they found no evidence that a woman was gang-raped at a University of Virginia fraternity house in 2012 and that they were suspending their investigation, after a lengthy inquiry in which the alleged victim refused to cooperate. But they said the inquiry was not closed.OWEN ROBINSON and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG
Just as an airplane makes money only when it is flying, keeping a cruise ship out at sea is essential for its profitability. But instead of turning over a few hundred airline passengers, this ship offloads 6,000 people, takes on new supplies and welcomes 6,000 more travelers - all in under 12 hours.Jad Mouawad