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Anchorage skier Kikkan Randall will leave the Winter Olympics without a medal -- she and Sophie Caldwell of Vermont placed eighth in the women's team sprint race Wednesday in Sochi, Russia.Beth Bragg
APU accounts for four of the 14 American racers at the Sochi Games. Two of them -- including star Kikkan Randall -- will compete in the men's and women's team sprints Wednesday.David Wharton
Of the 38 athletes competing in the event at Sochi's Rosa Khutor Extreme Park Tuesday, 13 were disqualified or didn't finish as crashes and falls drew gasps and sharp intakes of breath from spectators. France's Pierre Vaultier won gold while Nikolay Olyunin of Russia beat American Alex Deibold to take silver for the host country.Christopher Spillane
There seems to be an unwritten rule among coaches and athletes here that you're not supposed to say anything bad about the Olympics. Well, two weeks into the games, my moratorium is coming to an end.Nathaniel Herz
Sochi Report, Alaska edition: Schultz is done, but check out her T-shirts; Wagner doesn't hide her feeling and we love her for it; Anchorage athletes get boost as they go for the gold.Beth Bragg
Imagine waking up as a New Yorker on a Monday, after a weekend in which the Red Sox finished a four-game World Series sweep of the Yankees on Saturday, followed by a Super Bowl Sunday that saw the Patriots trounce the Giants. Then you could begin to understand the collective anguish of the Norwegian populace after last weekend's cross-country skiing results at the Olympics.Nathaniel Herz
Packs of mutts roam the downtown streets of the city center and the Adler district. Scores of them have shown up in the new mountain villages the Russian government has built for the 2014 Winter Olympics.Elliott Almond
Sochi Report, Alaska edition: Ski jumpers with Olympic dreams will compete in Anchorage this week, Erik Bjornsen fared well in the men's cross-country relay, and more heartache for Jessica Schultz and the U.S. curling team.Beth Bragg