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The new ordinance bans public use in bars, on beaches, and all city property. “We believe that this definition provides the broadest restriction on public use permissible,” one council members said, though he added that the council has the option of adopting a still more restrictive policy by banning “quasi public use” on boats. 

Jim Paulin
An Anchorage air traffic controller's quick thinking saved a Kansas pilot from possible tragedy near Juneau last summer. Now that controller, Parker Corts, is being honored as a hero by his union. Zaz Hollander
Leroy B. Dick Jr., 44, of Manokotak was sentenced to 99 years in jail for killing unarmed Village Public Safety Officer Thomas Madole in March 2013.Dave Bendinger
Over the years, researchers with the University of Alaska have traveled to Barrow for interviews and gathered existing recordings of the few Americans who live with sea ice -- and depend upon it. Ned Rozell
Roughly 150 people signed up to testify on issues ranging from Medicaid expansion to education funding to honeybees. Devin Kelly
A 54-year-old Anchorage man has been charged with federal firearms and drug offenses after law enforcement received a tip that he had sexually assaulted a minor and provided the synthetic drug "Molly" to two underage girls.Jerzy Shedlock
An Anchorage Police Department officer was struck by another officer's vehicle Saturday night while investigating a report of theft at a South Anchorage Fred Meyer. The officer's leg was broken in the incident, and two suspects were taken into custody.Alaska Dispatch News
Mushing has been a surprising venture for Eureka musher Brent Sass, who has wholeheartedly accepted the wilderness lifestyle many mushers have rejected in recent years. Sass claimed his first Yukon Quest championship in February. Suzanna Caldwell
Pete Kaiser, 27, stands out as the first Bethel musher to win his hometown’s big event, the Kuskokwim 300, in 29 years. Now his fast team of mainly 3-year-olds returns to the Iditarod trail.Lisa Demer
When Caucasian Alaska parents adopt a Tsimshian daughter, how does the child connect with her culture? How about a visit to her birth parents and relatives in Metlakatla?Paula Dobbyn