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It's been a year since the Pebble Partnership lost two major investors, taking with them numerous jobs in a region that had few to begin with. Now the communities are adjusting to their new reality.

Suzanna Caldwell
From 3-D printers to workshops to "Shark Tank" on a train, Alaska Entrepreneurship Week offers a variety of opportunities for inventors, dreamers and would-be tycoons.Sean Doogan
As the oil tax debate rages on, Alaska's iconic oil pipeline system hit a milestone this month; it has now moved 17 billion barrels of North Slope crude oil.Wesley Loy
The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. is hurting, and what it needs to get better is for Alaskans to pay more for their mortgages.Pat Forgey
The Mat-Su Borough ferry has been sitting at the dock for so long it needs sea life scraped off its hulls and other repairs to help attract buyers, the port director says. Zaz Hollander
A dozen residents of a remote Russian village have braved the Bering Strait to visit friends and relatives in Alaska. Gambell residents say the boat voyage is the first such international crossing in 14 years, reviving an ancient exchange program that was interrupted in the past century by world wars, cold wars and deadly seas.Kyle Hopkins
On the Yukon River, fishermen scooped up tens of thousands of salmon in a new commercial dipnet fishery that spares king salmon. On the Kuskokwim, the fish were elusive, and dipnets have not been embraced as a new gear method for subsistence.Lisa Demer
Department heads in the Municipality of Anchorage are being asked to cut costs by 0.5 percent before the end of 2015. Devin Kelly
Superintendent Ed Graff talked of success, Destination 2020 and the effects of the continuous loss of staff and programs at a public event in Anchorage Friday.Megan Edge
A 31-year-old man who shot his mother in the abdomen in August 2012 was sentenced Friday in Anchorage Superior Court to 10 years in jail.Jerzy Shedlock