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A woman was taken to the hospital after she was hit by a sport-utility vehicle in Anchorage on Thursday while walking across the street, according to police.

Tegan Hanlon
The Alaska Veterans Affairs Healthcare System announced Thursday it will hold five “Veterans’ Listening Sessions” in November to facilitate conversations between veterans and staff in response to a federal mandate requiring VA facilities nationwide to organize quarterly public meetings. Tegan Hanlon
A woman was taken to the hospital after hit by a sport utility vehicle in Anchorage Thursday while walking across the street, according to police.Tegan Hanlon
An Anchorage judge on Thursday ordered Gov. Sean Parnell to release hundreds of documents related to problems in the Alaska National Guard or explain why the documents can’t be released.Richard Mauer
A 20-year-old man faces various criminal charges after ramming into a Palmer-based Alaska State Trooper’s patrol vehicle twice last week. The initial responding officer was able to jump out of the way of John Allen Wolf’s Jeep, avoiding life-threatening injuries.Jerzy Shedlock
Complaints about the Alaska National Guard that were brought to the governor’s office always went straight to the top -- to the adjutant general -- according to a former aide to Gov. Sean Parnell.Jill Burke,Richard Mauer
Nanwalek School, located on the southern tip of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, was the only school in the state to win the educational grant from technology company Apple. Laurel Andrews
State Rep. Lora Reinbold is on a mission to root out "Common Core," the new educational standards that have become a target of the tea party movement, from Alaska schools.Pat Forgey
Gov. Sean Parnell said he responded right away when he first heard of trouble within the command structure of the Alaska National Guard. Challenger Bill Walker said Parnell responded by asking the very person he should have avoided — the guard's leader.Dermot Cole
The Republican U.S. Senate candidate has tapped into the speeches of former President Bill Clinton for one of his favorite lines in his campaign against Sen. Mark Begich.Dermot Cole