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Keith Cormican hopes his equipment, which can scan 200 feet of river bottom at a time and produce high-resolution images, will speed up the search and recovery effort for two travelers whose ATV was discovered under Kuskokwim River ice earlier this month.

Sean Doogan
Investigations into alleged "inappropriate communications" with a minor began in April, Alaska State Troopers write.Laurel Andrews
Bruce Wolf, a 73-year-old former Alaska ophthalmologist who had a private practice in Fairbanks for many years, died in a car accident Dec. 21 in Blaine, Wash.Alaska Dispatch News
The offices of Alaska Dispatch News will be closed Christmas Day and will close early today, Christmas Eve. The sales office will close at 1 p.m. today and the front desk at 4 p.m. Obituaries and classified ads must be submitted by 2 p.m. Call 907-257-4200 with questions.Alaska Dispatch News
As the Alaska Legislature begins audits of 18 major state agencies, it has encountered difficulty with the first agency to be examined, the Department of Corrections, which failed to identify programs to auditors that could help cut 10 percent of its operating budget.Alex DeMarban
While the Alaska Department of Corrections was "moderately effective" at confining inmates and supervising them upon release, the agency also has systemic problems, including with inmate health care and reviews of in-custody deaths, a new audit reports.Michelle Theriault Boots
A 34-year-old man acquitted of sexual abuse of a minor and assault after a jury trial in Kenai last year has now been charged with similar crimes by the U.S. Coast Guard.Jerzy Shedlock
Gov. Bill Walker signed an agreement Tuesday to share information and cooperate with a Japanese company examining options for natural gas exports, saying it meets the needs of Alaska and potential consumers in Japan. Alaska Dispatch News
Reported cases of avian flu in Washington and Oregon have caused Alaska officials to warn waterfowl hunters to exercise caution when handling game, and to report any sick animals. No reports have emerged yet in the state.Megan Edge
A bulldozer being driven across the Nenana River at the town of Nenana plunged through ice at a spot that's traditionally used as an ice bridge. The driver wasn't reported injured.Associated Press