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Four fishermen from Washington and Oregon received the Carnegie Medal for heroism Monday for saving the lives of four men during a severe winter storm off Kodiak Island in 2012.

Alaska Dispatch News
After a fire broke out early Sunday morning inside The Prospector store, the retail establishment was forced to close. Then three would-be looters attempted to use a propped open rear door to gain entrance.Associated Press
At next year's Symphony of Seafood competition in Seattle, entrepreneurs won't just compete for who has the tastiest dish, but also for who's using the less-edible parts of fish in new and innovative ways.Laine Welch
At least two vehicles recently sank into the Chena River on a section long used as an ice-covered shortcut between Airport Way and Chena Small Tracts Road.Associated Press
The days are getting longer -- but the sun is rising later. That's because the length of a day varies slightly explains a report from the BBC.Alaska Dispatch News
The Canadian portion of the Alaska Highway will be getting some 100 new cellphone towers from Fort St. John in British Columbia to the Alaska border, according to a report from the CBC.Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska State Troopers said 32-year-old Richard Wilson barricaded himself in a South Tongass Highway home with a firearm after the homeowner arrived while Wilson was in the process of burglarizing it.Alaska Dispatch News
Efforts to move forward with Arctic priorities got a boost with the passage of the federal spending bill last week, which included items Alaska’s lawmakers are calling vital to the Arctic. Carey Restino
Officials say the state might have to repay tens of millions of dollars to the federal government if it wants to kick the Juneau Access Road and the Knik Arm Crossing to the curb.   Alex DeMarban
Ravens' Roost, a co-housing project in Anchorage intended to promote neighborly ties through shared amenities and common spaces, has locked up a development deal to begin construction, allowing the project to move forward.Michelle Theriault Boots