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The M/V Susitna, the Mat-Su Borough's ill-fated ferry, will get some long-delayed maintenance -- but no hull scraping -- even as federal officials press for the return of more than $12 million in grants. 

Zaz Hollander
North Slope ravens have forced one researcher to go incognito so she can get closer to the birds to determine why they live in such a harsh climate. Ned Rozell
New genetic research on ancient bones reveals that a prehistoric population of hunters migrated into the high Arctic of North America and Greenland and survived for 4,000 years in almost complete isolation from the rest of humanity. Then, about 700 years ago, they vanished.Joel Achenbach
About 70 bears were killed by hunters on the Kenai Peninsula last year and another 51 in a spring hunt this year.  Closing refuge lands will sharply cut the area in which people can hunt this fall. Alaska Dispatch News
Two men were hiking in the Hatcher Pass Management Area on Thursday when they got lost and came upon the Little Susitna River.Laurel Andrews
The Alaska Conference of Mayors has voted to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative and pledged to donate $5,000 to “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2,” a campaign opposing the ballot measure.  Laurel Andrews
Keith Miller admitted the family was pretty upset at the time the dog was taken, and he and his brother went looking for the perpetrators, even though they'd never been all that enamored with their father's zeal for making foam food art. Craig Medred
With no answers yet about why an Army rocket failed Monday in Kodiak, leaders of the state-subsidized Alaska Aerospace Corp. find themselves wrestling with the tricky question of public relations damage control. They're also wondering who will pay for the damage to the launch complex.Dermot Cole
A chapter of world history closed on Thursday when the U.S. Army’s 793rd Military Police Battalion was removed from active duty at a ceremony at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. The battalion is probably best known for protecting the “Red Ball Express” supply lines after D-Day and for its involvement in the Nuremberg war trials.Mike Dunham
The giant vegetables at the Alaska State Fair may be the closest some visitors get to locally grown produce, given the scarcity of farm-fresh offerings at food booths. Zaz Hollander



  • A federal judge in Austin, Texas, on Friday blocked a stringent new rule that would have forced more than half the state’s remaining abortion clinics to close.

  • Backed by Russian troops and weaponry, hundreds of Ukrainian rebel militiamen mobilized on Friday in this southeastern town, vacated by the Ukrainian military two days ago, and began to push toward the strategic seaport of Mariupol 27 miles away. The leader of the rebels called the advance a broad new effort to wrest control of a wide swath of coastal territory from the central government.