Alaska News

The Dalton Highway near the Deadhorse airport is overrun with water on Thursday, May 21, 2015. Crews from the Alaska Department of Transportation made a break in the highway the day before to release trapped water that was threatening the runway.

Loren Holmes
Edwin Gonzalez, the father of one and grandfather of two, all of whom died last week in an apparent murder-suicide, said his daughter was independent and chose to stay with her boyfriend, who had a history of violence and who police say likely pulled the trigger.Jerzy Shedlock
Eielson Air Force Base will be testing private wells in the Moose Creek area for groundwater contamination.Associated Press

The Anchorage Fire Department held a graduation ceremony in the AFD Training Center on Thursday, May 21, 2015, for 14 new firefighters who recently completed a rigorous training program. The probationary firefighters were sworn in and received their badges and are now ready to start their new careers.

Bill Roth
Unprecedented flooding continues to interfere with daily operations on the North Slope oil patch after surging waters wiped away swaths of the Dalton Highway and isolated a section of Deadhorse.Alex DeMarban
An FBI explosive ordinance disposal unit was taken by helicopter this week to a mining camp off the Glenn Highway near the Eureka Roadhouse to detonate old dynamite discovered at the camp by the property's new owner.Ben Anderson
The fossil of a bizarre shark with a "buzz saw" bite, found in the Brooks Range and lost for 29 years in the Smithsonian archives, is back in Alaska for an exhibit in Seward, thanks in part to the intervention of artist Ray Troll. Mike Dunham
Under a proposal by Anchorage Assembly chair Dick Traini, marijuana smoke wouldn’t be allowed in public places, workplaces, medical facilities, child care centers, stadiums, outdoor arenas and municipal facilities, including schools.Devin Kelly
Soaring temperatures in Barrow and across northern Alaska are linked directly to a high-pressure system above northwestern Canada and consistent with odd weather tied to warm waters in the Pacific. Yereth Rosen
While Seward may be best known for its popular Silver Salmon Derby in August, locals fill their freezers and smokers with shore-caught red salmon as soon as they show up in late May.  Tyler Pelo