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Incoming Gov. Bill Walker intends to expand Medicaid as quickly as possible once sworn into office, but how he will go about expanding the program to an expected 40,000 people is still being debated.

Laurel Andrews
The budget adopted unanimously by the 11 Assembly members was about $2.6 million larger than Mayor Dan Sullivan’s original proposal in October and includes a 3 percent boost in compensation for city executives.Devin Kelly
Across the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta on Wednesday, the turkeys were thawing -- and so was the moose and walrus, salmon and seal.Lisa Demer
Three business operators in Fairbanks have been federally charged for selling misbranded Spice, or synthetic marijuana -- the first time the government has sought to charge Alaska head shop owners for selling the over-the-counter drugs. Jerzy Shedlock
The Alaska Public Offices Commission Wednesday rejected marijuana activist Charlo Greene's objection to a subpoena related to an investigation into whether she violated campaign finance laws; Greene says she does not intend to comply.Suzanna Caldwell
The latest on companies' and organizations' new hires, promotions and certifications.Kathleen Macknicki
Iditarod veteran Karin Hendrickson was listed in fair condition Wednesday after being struck by a car during a training run alongside the Parks Highway.Suzanna Caldwell
The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward for information about the death of a dog found hanging from a tree with its throat slashed in East Anchorage, the organization said Wednesday. Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press
The Alaska Division of Elections announced the certification of three ballot measures Wednesday, beginning the 90-day countdown to the enactment of the measures passed by voters, including legalization of marijuana. Laurel Andrews
Armed with high-tech tags that relayed information to satellites -- what one researcher called "autopsies from space" -- scientists have found tantalizing clues that suggest an unexpected answer to the puzzle of what's killing Prince William Sound sea lions.Alaska Dispatch News