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The Alaska VA Healthcare System will hold a town hall meeting Tuesday evening for veterans to ask questions and express concerns about VA benefits and services.

Tegan Hanlon
Upon calling 911, the motorcycle's owner and his friends spotted Jonathan Ortiz Escalante, 44, exiting a residence and leaving on the Honda. The group followed the alleged thief, according to the charges, and confronted him in East Anchorage. Jerzy Shedlock
Rainfall in Cordova and Valdez has been heavy but isn't breaking records. But swollen waterways in the Prince William Sound region are taking their toll on roads and highways.Megan Edge
The trial of a former Glennallen dentist accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a female colleague too drunk to consent began Wednesday with opening arguments that laid out two scenarios of the night in question. Michelle Theriault Boots
Troopers said Pulcheria Yupanik was the only person on the ATV when it crashed on Airport Road, less than a mile from the turnoff to Pitkas Point, a tiny community in Western Alaska where Yukpanik was from.Tegan Hanlon
A Katmai sow grizzly bear adopted a yearling after the yearling's mother abandoned it in a tree by Brooks Falls. Now the sow, the sow's cub and the yearling are fishing together and expected to hibernate this winter as a family.Megan Edge
Oil giant BP will cut close to one-fifth of its Alaska workforce of employees and direct contractors as a result of the sale of a chunk of its Alaska assets to Hilcorp, the company announced Monday.Alex DeMarban
Authorities said they do not yet know what caused the fire at the abandoned Pentecostal Holiness Church early Monday morning.Lisa Demer
Wasilla police shot and killed a 23-year-old man after responding to a possible domestic disturbance on the city’s western edge early Monday morning, an agency spokesman said.Zaz Hollander
Troopers say they rescued two hunters whose boat capsized in Lake Louise after responding to a report of an activated locator beacon. A third missing hunter was later located but couldn't be revived.Jerzy Shedlock