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December is the season of giving for Anchorage businesses, many of which have found their own unique ways to give back to the community -- and to provide opportunities for customers and employees to do the same.

Sean Doogan
With a 2010 settlement reaching its expiration date, small producer Cook Inlet Energy is questioning a proposed rate increase for the 42-mile oil pipeline.Eric Lidji | Petroleum News
The last time the temperature was below zero in Anchorage, according to official weather station records, was Dec. 27, 2013. This year may mark the first time in history that Anchorage goes from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 without recording an official temperature below zero, the National Weather Service reported Sunday.Michelle Theriault Boots
No one was hurt in an overnight fire at the Nikaitchuq Operations Camp on Alaska's North Slope, according to Eni Petroleum, an Italian firm that operates the camp.Michelle Theriault Boots
Anchorage Police say a woman in her 50s was killed in a vehicle-pedestrian collision at O'Malley Road and Main Tree Drive Sunday evening.Alaska Dispatch News
Anchorage Curling Club board treasurer Barbara Harmon provided a grim forecast for curlers in Anchorage last week when she said that “probably, right now, there’s no curling for the rest of the season.” At least not indoors.  Tegan Hanlon
Two boaters who were thrown overboard when their skiff ran aground near Sitka in Southeast Alaska were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard Saturday night.Michelle Theriault Boots
The animals in one of North America’s largest caribou herds are an important resource for subsistence hunters and their families throughout the northern regions of Alaska, and they provide a source of income for guides and outfitters who bring hunters up from the Lower 48.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder
Alaskans are three times as likely as Americans as a whole to know about ocean acidification and be worried about it -- but not entirely clear on the scientific process that is changing the chemistry of the oceans.Yereth Rosen
In assembling his cabinet and key support staff, Gov. Bill Walker has chosen a wide variety of independents, Democrats and Republicans -- and one whose precision made her an Olympic champion. Dermot Cole