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Alaska State Troopers report that a Thursday evening car crash took the life of a Fairbanks woman.

Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska's federal defenders and prosecutors have started reviewing cases of drug offenders who are potentially eligible for early release thanks to changes made earlier this year to sentencing guidelines. Jerzy Shedlock
The important oil and gas industry sector showed a gain of 386 jobs, or 2.8 percent. State economist Caroline Schultz said that the construction industry's growth of 979 jobs, or 6.6 percent, was largely a result of activity on the North Slope as well.Pat Forgey
Low-bush cranberries and wood frogs can both survive cold air, but each would die in a winter without snow. Temperatures about -12 F is their limit without the protection of a layer of insulation. Ned Rozell
The city of North Pole is suing refinery owner Flint Hills Alaska Resources and previous owner Williams Alaska Petroleum, blaming the companies for releasing hazardous substances, including sulfolane, into the groundwater beneath the refinery.Associated Press
Three municipalities within the Fairbanks North Star Borough will meet next week to discuss the new state law legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.Associated Press
The decision wipes out 76 permits for restricted weapons hunts available to archers as well as hunters using black powder or shotguns with slugs. These hunts in and near Alaska’s biggest city are prized by thousands of hunters. Rick Sinnott
Troopers say David Haynes, 45, was among four people in a Toyota sedan involved in a single-vehicle rollover late Wednesday.Associated Press
Alaska State Troopers say 57-year-old Jennifer Greenwood lost control of her Subaru sedan  in the crash reported Thursday night.Associated Press
The practice of storytelling for friends and neighbors is alive and well in Alaska. In Anchorage, the "Arctic Entries" series draws sold-out crowds. In Fairbanks, a new venture called "Dark Winter Nights" attracted an overflow crowd to hear a mix of memorable tales.Dermot Cole