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Alaska State Troopers say they are investigating the shooting of a 49-year-old North Pole man, who's being treated for life-threatening injuries. 

Megan Edge
The Anchorage Police Department says the woman shot to death in Tuesday's double homicide in East Anchorage was 23-year-old Krystal Elizabeth Hawk.Megan Edge
Anchorage police are looking for additional information about a reported shooting early Wednesday morning. Police had yet to find evidence of the account given by the gunshot victim, a police spokeswoman said.Megan Edge
The Atlanta-based airlines had previously flown seasonal routes to both cities from Seattle. It also plans to add seasonal flights to Ketchikan and Sitka.Associated Press
The Coast Guard has begun accepting public comment on proposed vessel routes to the Arctic Ocean off western and northwest Alaska.Associated Press
Despite testimony mostly against the ordinance, the Anchorage Assembly approved a measure banning marijuana consumption in public places.Suzanna Caldwell
For JBER, the worst-case scenario would mean a loss of 5,300 soldiers and personnel. There are currently about 6,000 Army soldiers on base.Tegan Hanlon
Legislators on Tuesday held their first hearing on a bill that would push back their annual deadline for filing reports that disclose how they earn their income, which would make their finances unavailable until after the annual Legislative session.Nathaniel Herz
As Alaska politicians bluster over the Obama administration's actions on the development potential for ANWR and the Arctic Ocean, one question should be on everyone's mind: which location actually has the most potential? The answer, of course, is complicated.Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen
For years, the bars on the ferries that ply Alaska's waters were a place to hear some real Alaska stories or escape the groups of kids on school trips roaming the vessels' decks. Now, they've fallen victim to tight economic times for the Alaska Marine Highway System.Pat Forgey