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A survey conducted earlier this summer in the DeLong and Schwatka mountains by federal Park Service and state Fish and Game officials observed 102 sheep; just one was a full-curl ram and only two were lambs.

Jillian Rogers
Luna slipped and fell some 14 feet Saturday, but staff at the Buffalo zoo, said she appeared to be fine. Luna, while born in Buffalo, made Alaska headlines through her connection to another polar bear cub, Kali, who came to Buffalo from Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News
Veterinarians haul surgical equipment by boat and plane and operate in village kitchens and tribal courtrooms, providing a free service aimed at reducing the countless unwanted dogs in remote villages where there is no veterinary care and police are frequently forced to kill strays. Kyle Hopkins
A new teacher at Meade River School wondered what it would take to recycle abandoned soda cans. It turns out, not too much, with help and support from students and locals.Jillian Rogers
Alaska State Troopers are responding to a collision near the Byers Lake Campground that they say has left two people dead and one seriously injured.Michelle Theriault Boots
The Northwest Arctic community voted 60 to 47 in favor of keeping a ban on alcohol. Petitioners had proposed a city-run package store similar to one recently opened in Kotzebue.Jillian Rogers
Under the expansion of a federal program that aims to improve nutrition for students, the Anchorage School District has greatly expanded its nutrition program, offering free breakfast and lunch for every student at 30 schools.Michelle Theriault Boots
Troopers, rangers and mountain rescuers were summoned to O'Malley Peak twice over the weekend in separate incidents of hikers in need of aid.Alaska Dispatch News
In a Q&A with Alaska Dispatch News, "Yukon Men" star Stan Zuray talks about what the experience is really like for those who throw their hats into the Alaska reality TV ring -- and about life in the village of Tanana, which has had more than its fair share of heartache this year.Kyle Hopkins
New research finds that reduced ice cover is stimulating a new phenomenon in the Arctic -- extra blooms of phytoplankton occurring in the fall, just before freeze-up, in addition to the usual springtime blooms.Yereth Rosen