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A jury on Thursday began deliberating the murder case against Benjamin Wilson, the 31-year-old accused of shooting 28-year-old Leticia Faller in a Butte parking lot last November.

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An apparently surprise discovery of natural gas on the Kenai Peninsula has sparked a dispute: What to do with tens of millions of dollars in potential profit? Alex DeMarban
Federal prosecutors said Tuesday three more suspects have been arrested in connection with the smuggling of pounds of cocaine to Alaska through the Las Vegas airport.Jerzy Shedlock
Calista Corp., the Alaska Native regional corporation for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, announced Tuesday that it will be issuing its biggest-ever dividend, a total of just over $5 million to 12,900 shareholders. A typical shareholder with 100 shares will receive $380, the corporation said.Lisa Demer
James Donald Surrells robbed an East Anchorage branch of First National Bank Alaska on Aug. 13. Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of six years in prison after Surrells pleaded guilty to the robbery.Jerzy Shedlock
The Iditarod's humble roots are being celebrated in a self-published anthology by a group of race organizers known informally as "the Old Iditarod Gang."Suzanna Caldwell

After a monthlong closure due to water damage, an Anchorage food pantry opened its doors Tuesday to grateful clients and enthusiastic volunteers.

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A Senate committee advanced legislation Tuesday that would eliminate daylight saving time in Alaska and allow for consideration of another time zone in the state.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
Alaska saw some weird winter weather last month: rain, warmth and -- in the western part of the state -- a once-in-a-lifetime "thundersnow" event. Megan Edge
Traffic is moving again after car fire closed the Knik River Bridge in both directions for some time, the Anchorage Police Department said Tuesday morning.Megan Edge