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A reader who's a contract flight attendant for a charter airline reports that since her best friend divorced the airline's chief pilot, he's had it out for her. What can she do to counter his bullying behavior? 

Lynne Curry
Alaska State Troopers say a 31-year-old woman had a gun outside of the Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward Monday and "stated she would kill herself if the convicted killers were not released."Tegan Hanlon
Anchorage police on Monday asked the public for help finding a man, woman and child who had not returned from a two-day fishing trip. But police said early Tuesday morning that they had been located and were safe.Tegan Hanlon
A Superior Court judge erred in a child sex abuse case when he failed to follow court rules regarding admitting hearsay evidence, actions that have resulted in the Alaska Court of Appeals reversing a 99-year conviction, according to an appeals opinion.Jerzy Shedlock
A piece of language inserted into this year's 68-page operating budget would seek to limit travel for medical care funded by Medicaid, but health officials say it's similar to what they're already doing.Pat Forgey
Swollen by glacial melt, the Matanuska River continues to gobble up riverbank and threatened three homes as it approached the Glenn Highway Monday.Zaz Hollander
JBER Instillation Commander Col. Brian Bruckbauer is meeting weekly to see how the proposed troop draw down will impact the base, with changes immediately planned. Suzanna Caldwell
Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott abruptly removed Alaska’s longtime elections chief from office on Friday, saying through an aide that he appreciated her work but also wanted a change in the department.Lisa Demer

The river, swollen with glacial melt since last weekend and carving sandy banks like butter, is threatening seven properties as the river has devoured 50 to 60 feet of bank in the past week.

Shelby Lum
Better Alaska mapping, more understanding of mineral resources, more study of the effects of thawing permafrost and more help to Arctic communities coping with crumbling coastlines and vulnerable infrastructure are among the tasks that the U.S. Geological Survey plans in its newly released five-year Arctic strategy.Alaska Dispatch News