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The Interior Alaska community of Delta Junction just experienced its warmest May on record, but you'd never guess it if you stepped outside Monday and saw that an inch of snow had fallen to usher in the month of June.

Suzanna Caldwell
By Monday night, federal crash investigators were at the scene trying to piece together the “highly fragmented” wreckage of a Yute Air plane discovered in a Southwest Alaska river but the pilot was still unaccounted for. Michelle Theriault Boots
Dana Kotton, also known as Tana Kotton, 33, hung herself while incarcerated at the Anchorage Correctional Complex, troopers said in an online dispatch. Michelle Theriault Boots
The State Assessment Review Board has placed a value of $9.6 billion on the trans-Alaska pipeline for property tax purposes, $7 billion more than BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil say it is worth.Dermot Cole
Troopers said the boy was playing with cousins when the children found a loaded gun in the rafters of a shed. One of the children fired the gun, not realizing it was loaded, and killed the 8-year-old. Alaska Dispatch News
The air taxi pilot involved in Sunday's midair crash at Talkeetna Airport told supervisors he didn’t know he’d "merged" with another plane until he landed and opened his door.Zaz Hollander
Along with layoff notices mailed to some 10,000 state employees Monday, state government departments announced which services they would curtail or eliminate should the Alaska Legislature's budget impasse continue and a partial government shutdown occur with the start of the July 1 fiscal year.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Intermittent trail closures will begin later his month. The entire trail from Powerline Pass to Indian will be closed in July and August, when construction activity will include helicopters near the trail bringing in large power poles.Mike Campbell
A dozen environmental groups told a federal court Monday they are renewing a challenge to the 2008 federal petroleum lease sale off Alaska's northwest shore, where Royal Dutch Shell PLC hopes to drill exploratory wells this summer.Dan Joling | Associated Press
Gov. Bill Walker said Monday he’s still hoping for a budget solution from the Alaska Legislature but that without one he has no choice but to move forward with planning for a shutdown of unfunded government agencies.Pat Forgey