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Some fishermen in the Togiak area will see changes to vessel transit regulations next season. A Jan. 5 amendment released by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration changes restrictions on travel through specific areas of the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary and the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

John Messick
 Salmon sperm, or milt, has phosphate in its DNA, and previous studies showed that phosphate on the surface of some bacteria extracted rare earth elements (REEs).Laine Welch
Officials say the dog alerted family members, who smelled burning when they woke up and discovered a glow coming from their stove's chimney. The family called 911. Family members then ran outside, where it was 25 degrees below zero.Associated Press
On Dec. 26, 2013, the last time Anchorage was officially below zero, the price of Alaska North Slope crude oil was $109.52 per barrel according to the Alaska Department of Revenue. Brian Brettschneider
Alaska State Troopers say they discovered a mobile meth lab after a Wasilla man fled a traffic stop, then fought with the arresting officer.Alaska Dispatch News
Anchorage police said they were investigating the death of an apparent shooting victim Sunday night.Alaska Dispatch News
Alexandra West created a “fish carcass disposal system” to filter fish waste back into the water and prevent bear-human conflict. She's the first student UAA to be the sole inventor listed on a patent. Tegan Hanlon
How do you deal with a colleague who's competing with you for a job you may not even be interested in, and whose insults seem to be be sticking? Here are three strategies.Lynne Curry
In a sign the honeymoon may be nearing an end for Gov. Bill Walker, an Alaska tribal government is blasting him for promoting a ConocoPhillips project that would result in the first oil production from federal lands in the nation’s largest undeveloped reserve.Alex DeMarban
A canceled Alaska ferry dock project in the Canadian port of Prince Rupert has been a focus of a high-level dispute over U.S.-Canada trade policy, but Alaska officials say Canada's stance on the project will mostly hurt Canadian workers.Pat Forgey