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Perman is executive director of the Atwood Foundation and spent nearly two decades at the helm of the Anchorage Concert Association. He is also currently an aide to Assembly member Ernie Hall. 

Devin Kelly
In two unanimous decisions, the Alaska Supreme Court on Friday came down solidly on the side of a group fighting the proposed Pebble mine that includes two Alaska icons, former First Lady Bella Hammond and state constitutional delegate Vic Fischer.Lisa Demer
The quake, with an epicenter 35 miles below the seafloor off the coast of a remote stretch of the Alaska Peninsula, was widely felt and prompted one coastal community to temporarily evacuate to higher ground, until forecasters determined there was no threat of a tsunami.Megan Edge
The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude-6.7 quake struck at 11 p.m. Thursday in a remote area off the Alaska Peninsula, some 400 miles southwest of Anchorage.Associated Press
Whiteout conditions, avalanche danger and an extremely ill team member thwarted "our last chance effort to gain the summit,” said Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen, member of a mission to bear flags inscribed with the names of more than 350 fallen veterans to the 20,320-foot summit.Mike Campbell
In a community where land use planning has traditionally been a hard sell until after conflicts arise, marijuana legalization has increased awareness that clear zoning rules will lessen the potential for neighborhood battles.Dermot Cole
After weeks of inaction, the state House spent nearly all day Thursday in session debating the new budget proposal from the Republican-led majority caucus, but at least a dozen Democratic amendments were rejected.Nathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
A library of ancient knowledge drawn directly from the memories and stories of Yup’ik elders who lived the old ways -- before children went to Western schools, before year-round villages, before village stores, before shopping on Amazon -- is quietly being produced before the opportunities are lost.Lisa Demer
For the first time since 1999, utility crews fired up the boiler on a $300 million Healy power plant Thursday, a key step in the process to have the plant at full operation by the end of July. Alaska Dispatch News
The top official at the federal Energy Information Administration on Thursday said he's concerned about the viability of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline if production drops too low, suggesting that oil prices rise may not rise above $100 a barrel until 2030 or later. Alex DeMarban