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Dillingham’s request to annex the Nushagak commercial fishing district is officially on hold while a competing request from Manokotak catches up.

Molly Dischner
The migratory patterns of Alaska bats are largely a mystery. Some species hibernate in Southeast. Their hibernation cycle can last four to six months. Banded bats have lived in the wild for more than two decades. Steve Kahn
“If only animals could talk,” said Veronica Padula, a UAA graduate student researching seabird decline in the Aleutian Islands, “then they could tell us what’s wrong with them.” Kathleen McCoy
While talking with two friends just inside a university entranceway, I saw a creature scampering in our direction just outside the glass doors. My first though was of a misdirected red squirrel running on the concrete. But this guy was longer, and bounded like a Slinky. A weasel!Ned Rozell
When Shell announced it would end its entire program in the offshore U.S. Arctic, the hyperbole and finger-pointing began in earnest. But the record shows that much of the blame-placing and credit-taking is based on misunderstandings and myths.Yereth Rosen
As part of its case against the EPA, lawyers for the Pebble mine partnership have sent out a flood of subpoenas to activists and organizations seeking years of emails and other communications.Alex DeMarban
The popular Tony Knowles Coastal Trail will be closed from Westchester Lagoon to west of Lyn Ary Park during the day starting Monday and ending Oct. 16. Devin Kelly
From mid-July to the end of September, 10 percent of all Anchorage Fire Department emergency medical transports were due to suspected use of the synthetic drug Spice. As the problem persists, Anchorage officials hint that stronger enforcement measures may be on the horizon. Laurel Andrews

A trip aboard the Lindblad Expedition National Geographic Explorer, a unique cruise ship offering visits to parts of the Arctic that few ever see.

Anne Z. Cooke
A Massachusetts theology college has abandoned plans to sell off art from 52 Native tribes, including Tlingit and Haida items, as the federal government investigates.Associated Press