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As a river eats its way into Newtok, residents are planning their moves to a new village site 12 miles away. One family will move into a house on skis with the ability to migrate as needed with self-contained water and electrical systems.

Ned Rozell
Taking in 100Stone, a public art installation of human-sized, mud-colored figures scattered across the beach, inching toward Cook Inlet's unforgiving waters, I began to imagine a conversation between the artist and a psychologist. What does art like this say? Can it heal us? How? I got my wish. Artist Sarah Davies and UAA clinical community psychologist Rebecca V. Robinson recently sat down for a conversation on art and healing.Kathleen McCoy
Liam Walsh, 33, has been missing for a week in Hatcher Pass, and family and friends are staying positive as helicopters try to find some sign of his whereabouts. Devin Kelly
One organizer says he hoped to foster a creative environment in which local students could get hands-on experience with new technology and continue to develop those skills in the future.Shady Grove Oliver | The Arctic Sounder
Graduating with the most recent Anchorage Police Department academy was fire inspector Brian Dean, who went through the class to gain skills to help with the fire department's overwhelming amount of arson investigations.Jerzy Shedlock
An Alaskan many people don't know has a big role in the White House, helping organize Obama's efforts to improve opportunities for Native youth.Alex DeMarban

The holiday season kicked off Friday night in Anchorage with hundreds of kids and grownups gathering in Town Square Park for the lighting of the Christmas tree. 


Scott Jensen
A culture-first approach at the Shungnak school is reconnecting students in the Northwest Arctic village of Shungnak with their  heritage, through programs like an Inupiaq word of the day, or sessions where elders teach students traditional methods for butchering seal.Shady Grove Oliver | The Arctic Sounder
After a couple of hours of exhuming a bear carcass from its muddy grave in Midtown Anchorage, the sickly sweet smell of mortified flesh pervaded the woodlot.Rick Sinnott
The Parks Highway closed briefly Saturday morning after a crash that sent three people to the hospital. Devin Kelly