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Planes will be able to land on the newly resurfaced runway at the Juneau airport for the first time Wednesday.

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A government report indicates about a third of the world's polar bears could be in imminent danger from greenhouse gas emissions as soon as 2025.Mark Thiessen | Associated Press
Alaska State Troopers said a car crashed into electrical wires early Wednesday morning, sending one person to the hospital. The crash disrupted power to 5,900 members, Matanuska Electric Association said.Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker signed state operating and capital budgets Monday, approving $9.8 billion in spending sought by the Legislature but vetoing a possible $200 million in controversial oil tax credits.Pat Forgey
Wildfires are responsible for the delay in the National Transportation Safety Board’s recovery efforts of the sightseeing plane that crashed and killed nine people Thursday near Ketchikan, an NTSB official said.Nathaniel Herz
Valerie Mertz, chief financial officer of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., has been named as the temporary executive director following the resignation of long-time executive director Mike Burns.Pat Forgey
One of the lesser-known powers of the Anchorage mayor: controlling the TV remote. As of Tuesday afternoon, the TV screen across from the elevators in the City Hall lobby were tuned to Fox News. Mayor-elect Ethan Berkowitz says it will change to CNN.Devin Kelly
Mark Daniel Alexander, 31, of Anchorage, was arrested in Nevada and faces multiple sex trafficking charges after a months-long investigation by Alaska State Troopers.Jerzy Shedlock
A regulation meant to protect Arctic walruses prohibits simultaneous operation of two drill rigs within 15 miles of each other. That means Shell's Chukchi well sites, which are clustered together, likely won't be drilled simultaneously, an Interior spokeswoman says. Yereth Rosen
Anchorage police say they have not made any arrests in a Monday-night shooting in Mountain View in which the victim and assailant appeared to have known each other.Jerzy Shedlock