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Anchorage attorney Treg Taylor is joining the Assembly race in South Anchorage and former TV reporter Joy Bunde is dropping out in a last-minute shuffle among conservative candidates for an open seat in the April 5 election.

Devin Kelly
The state board has already approved a measure to allow stores to include a space specifically for smoking or consuming marijuana, like a bar or café. But what should that space actually be like?Laurel Andrews
The ex-wife of the defendant in a $52 million criminal fraud case filled in more of the story Thursday with testimony about lavish spending, a family trip to Disney World in the corporate jet and a backdated $2.6 million promissory note that she called a lie.Lisa Demer
Two downtown agencies are working to combine security forces and expand private security communications across downtown Anchorage, in hopes it maker it safer and more pleasant for visitors and businesses. Devin Kelly

The Anchorage Downtown Partnership reports it has seen an increase of aggression, and in some cases violence, from Anchorage’s homeless, especially young adults and teens.

Scott Jensen
A decade's worth of sampling has revealed the presence of algae-related toxins in marine mammals in the Arctic Ocean, a new study finds -- the farthest north these toxins, associated with warmer waters, have ever been found.Yereth Rosen
Dustin Darden, a 32-year-old city maintenance worker, is running for a West Anchorage seat. He became known during the mayoral race last year for his homemade campaign signs and outlandish proposals. Devin Kelly
The Mat-Su Assembly learned this week that repairs to the engines of the borough’s beleaguered, never-used ferry could cost nearly three times more than expected -- $3 million instead of $1.1 million.Zaz Hollander
Lawmakers on Thursday again delayed a final decision on whether they should stay in their renovated Anchorage offices or decamp to a state-owned building elsewhere downtown — prolonging an already lengthy debate over the expensive lease.Nathaniel Herz
Mushers need straw — lots of straw — for their dogs during the Iditarod, and on Thursday roughly 50 volunteers in Anchorage carried, bagged and stacked about 1,500 bales of it for the 1,000-mile race to Nome. Tegan Hanlon