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The Alaska Supreme Court has rejected a bid by a Lazy Mountain hay farmer to stop paying local road taxes for roads he doesn’t use.

Zaz Hollander
Many ask “why do organizations allow bullies and other managers to treat employees miserably?” The answer: Research documents that a bullying management style can yield short-term gains even if it does churn and burn employees. Those of us who doubt it need only to look at our favorite retailer.Lynne Curry
Facing continuing low oil prices, ConocoPhillips said Tuesday it will cut 10 percent of its worldwide workforce, with many of the cuts coming from the company's North American operations.   Sean Doogan
A man suspected of using drugs inside a vehicle in downtown Anchorage and nearly hitting police officers while fleeing before stealing a pickup at gunpoint is being sought by Anchorage police.Megan Edge
The National Weather Service has issued a weather warning for freezing temperatures early Wednesday in Anchorage and other Southcentral Alaska communities.Megan Edge
Arctic coastal communities that are primarily indigenous and facing forced relocation because of the effects of climate change face not only environmental threats but also bureaucratic hurdles.Kamala Kelkar

President Barack Obama landed at JBER on Monday Aug. 31, 2015 for his three-day visit to Alaska. 

Shelby Lum
While the relationship between the United States and Russia has deteriorated in other parts of the world, the two nations are working together as part of an effort to keep commercial fishing out of the Arctic Ocean.Yereth Rosen
President Obama's visit to Alaska continues. Follow here for live updates through the day.Alaska Dispatch News
President Obama on Tuesday will propose speeding the building of new icebreakers that can operate year-round in the nation’s polar regions, part of an effort to close the gap with other nations, especially Russia, in the Arctic.Julie Hirschfeld Davis