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Shannon Donovan, a UAA professor of environmental studies, noticed a long waiting list for community gardens in a city with 11,000 acres of public land. And given the state’s current economic downturn there are few resources to apply toward developing more community gardens. What to do?

Kathleen McCoy
The building's owners wrote that there was a break-in right before the fire started on Friday evening and asked the public to provide photos of the blaze’s early stages and any vehicles nearby at the time. No one was injured in the fire. Jeannette Lee Falsey
A bill establishing a Marijuana Control Board passed the Senate unanimously Saturday afternoon, while a city marijuana regulation bill failed and will be taken up again on the Senate floor.Laurel Andrews
The state's plan to close the Alaska State Troopers post in Talkeetna for a savings of $80,000 a year is generating heated local criticism. Zaz Hollander

With hundreds of dancers, drummers and singers, with 400 volunteers, with thousands of spectators, Bethel’s Cama-i Dance Festival kicked off Friday afternoon in a whirl of color and a steady beat of drums.

Lisa Demer
A black bear sow and her four cubs rummaging through trash in the Anchorage neighborhood of Government Hill were saved from euthanasia Saturday after a phone call from Gov. Bill Walker to the commissioner of Fish and Game.  Jeannette Lee Falsey
The Dillingham City Council has been dealing with “housekeeping” items relating to marijuana -- including problems of public use and underage use -- but it has yet to delve into issues of commercial sales. Later this month, it will hold a series of meetings on the topic.Hannah Colton | Bristol Bay Times
The shooting occurred at a home in the Montana Creek area of Talkeetna and involved two men, according to the troopers dispatch. Jeannette Lee Falsey
Addressing concerns over his gas line proposal, Gov. Bill Walker says a project serving as a backup to AKLNG is needed in part to ensure the state isn't locked into a bad long-term deal with the oil industry. Alex DeMarban
In a joint session Sunday, the final day of the Alaska Legislature's regular session, lawmakers got down to the business of voting on Gov. Bill Walker's appointees to top state positions.Nathaniel Herz