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A warming-climate-induced march of alpine vegetation up the sides of a river basin on the western slope California's Sierra Nevada could slash vital runoff, researchers say.
The scenes following the Mike Brown shooting, some say, offer Americans a look at one consequence of federal programs that supply even tiny towns and small cities with heavy military equipment.
Apple announced Wednesday that it is banning the use of benzene and n-hexane in the final assembly stage of its products that include the iPhone and iPad.
Janet and Ramon Barreto, accused of severe abuse of children they adopted abroad, were arrested Wednesday, ending a five-year search. Janet Barreto was the only woman on the US Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted list.
Essay: A former social media ghost writer discusses the effects of online trolls as Zelda Williams says goodbye to Twitter.
Lowry wrote the book 'The Giver,' which was published in 1993. Now, 21 years later, it will finally hit theaters on August 15.
Shelly Sterling finalized her sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion this week. But Shelly Sterling remains involved in the team, and the clauses added to the terms of the sale, including her being officially dubbed the Clipper's 'number one fan,' might be some of the weirdest in professional sports.
Russia says its 200-truck convoy is filled with humanitarian aid. But the mystery surrounding it has shaken Kiev and sharpened tensions over President Putin's intentions.
Unionists in Northern Ireland are worried that a 'yes' result in next month's independence referendum in Scotland could eventually lead to a reunification of Ireland.
German author Peter Schneider tries to articulate what Berlin is today, as a community, a quarter century after reunification.