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Syrian regime forces have allegedly targeted hospitals as a weapon of war, and doctors and nurses have fled the fighting. Telemedicine offers a way to guide treatment of patients in intensive care.
A win for Costa Rica against the Netherlands today could help unite – at least momentarily – this fractured, troubled region. Central America is the world’s deadliest region outside an active war zone.Zach Dyer | The Christian Science Monitor
May's deadly floods in Bosnia did more than damage infrastructure. They also shifted land mines, which now pose a very real danger to both residents and recovery teams.
To be sure, the two world wars are a part of France's psyche when it comes to its on-field rivalry with Germany. But memories of a little match from 1982 also plays a role.
Al Qaeda follower Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri has a talent for building hard-to-detect bombs, and now intelligence indicates that he has ties to an Islamist group whose members include Westerners – who don't need visas to travel to the US.
Sunday's shooting into a crowd marks a relapse in a constant struggle against crime and violence in New Orleans, this time striking the heart of the crucial tourism sector.
The emperor penguin, the world's largest penguin, faces a dramatic population decline over the next 85 years, researchers say. Shrinking Antarctic ice sheets threaten the habitat and food sources of the emperor penguin.
In its Hobby Lobby ruling against the Obamacare mandate on contraceptive coverage, the Supreme Court centers its decision on the right of religious people, including owners of privately held corporations, not to be told by government that their beliefs are 'flawed.'
Evaluation found Pistorius 'capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his act' when he shot his girlfriend. Trial resumes after 30-day hiatus and defense may rest as soon as Friday.Aislinn Laing | The Christian Science Monitor
A year ago, 19 members of a 'hotshot' crew were lost fighting a deadly wildfire in Yarnell, Ariz. Now, a dozen families are suing Arizona public agencies, seeking damages and more information about the tragedy.