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Although there have been no maulings or injuries in the area near the confluence of the Kenai and Russian rivers, bears have approached anglers in the area, swiping fish or backpacks. Mike Campbell
Officials say two men dared each other to jump from a pedestrian bridge near downtown Fairbanks. Both did, but one apparently wasn't able to swim to shore.Associated Press
Despite challenges -- including short growing seasons and even, in some cases, 24-hour sunlight -- gardeners across Alaska's Arctic are successfully growing their own food.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder
On Monday, Alaska’s senators will get a chance to stake out a position on whether the federal government should be funding Planned Parenthood. But the vote sets the stage for a budget battle in September.  Erica Martinson

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy is the only Coast Guard ship that sails to the Arctic regularly, so it’s an invaluable resource for scientists conducting research of all kinds, from testing polar defense technology to learning about climate. Meet some of the people who turn this 16-ton science lab into the nation's most remote, self-sustaining city.

Kamala Kelkar

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy is a uniquely significant resource for the nation; it's the only vessel that provides a platform for Arctic research -- research that helps guide U.S. policies in the rapidly changing region. Research performed from the ship can help shape decisions about national security, climate change and maritime traffic. Here's what life aboard the vessel is like.

Kamala Kelkar

Commercial setnet salmon fishermen on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula are the target of a statewide ballot initiative that would eliminate their fishery. 

Suzanna Caldwell
An East Anchorage family of 11 was given emergency shelter  by the Red Cross Sunday after losing their trailer home to a fire.Alaska Dispatch News
The hundreds of wealthy conservatives gathered Saturday afternoon on the grand lawn of the St. Regis Monarch Beach had already poured millions into helping build a network of nonprofits that is now one of the most potent forces in American politics. But Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist who leads their effort, wants them to do more. Matea Gold and James Hohmann | Washington Post
The pilot, 28-year-old Jeremy Rodgers of Wasilla, was carrying four passengers in a Cessna headed from Nenana to Coldfoot when wildfire smoke forced him to land on the highway. Alaska Dispatch News