Alaska News

The Republican-controlled Alaska Senate on Tuesday passed a bill aimed at sidelining Gov. Bill Walker’s effort to take control of proposed backup gas pipeline from the North Slope.Nathaniel Herz
A state wildlife official says a bear has broken into several garages in one Kodiak area neighborhood.Associated Press
 A House committee took no action Tuesday on a bill that would eliminate the requirement to spend 1 percent of the total cost of a building on public art to go inside and outside that facility.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
The Murie Science and Learning Center at Mile 1.3 is open daily 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., offering visitor information and backcountry permits. Alaska Dispatch News
After a hiking party heard a man's cries for help near Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, a search effort was sparked, though searchers were unable to find anyone.Megan Edge
Two Alaska Airlines flights in Juneau were delayed when a pilot found a single bullet in a jetway at the airport.Jerzy Shedlock
The old Swanson’s grocery store in Bethel will become the new-old Swanson’s, or at least that’s what people are calling it for now.Lisa Demer
Alaska State Troopers investigated a bomb threat at a Fairbanks Elementary School, Monday, after receiving an anonymous tip. No explosives were found.Megan Edge

Alaska residents waited in line to apply for the Permanent Fund dividend before the filing deadline on Tuesday at the new PFD Anchorage Office in Downtown Anchorage

Dermot Cole
A Kodiak senator has introduced legislation to allow federally recognized tribal governments in the state to receive contributions from Alaskans' Permanent Fund dividends.Associated Press