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Cook Inlet Housing Authority will receive a $3 million grant from ArtPlace America to “push arts and culture as a core segment of community planning and development.” Mike Dunham

Former Gov. Frank Murkowski left public life almost 10 years ago, but he says he's still connected to Alaska's policymakers and business leaders. He wants to continue contributing his ideas and believes he can help.

Scott Jensen

Students of Rabbit Creek Elementary School in South Anchorage were bused to South Anchorage High School after a gas line break in the vicinity of the school on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

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An Anchorage School District spokeswoman said the issues with the line break began around 1:50 p.m. Wednesday. Megan Edge
There were no injuries to staff or prisoners during the disturbance, which was confined to a single housing unit, said a Department of Corrections official.Jerzy Shedlock
Scientists have identified a new species of extinct Alaska marine mammal that had the face of a walrus, swam like a polar bear, was as big as a hippopotamus and sucked its food off the rocks and mud around the Aleutian Islands 23 million years ago. Mike Dunham
Fast-food retailer McDonald’s is among the first businesses to re-label an item named after North America’s tallest peak, in the wake of President Obama’s renaming of Mount McKinley as Denali.
A driver died at the scene of a Fairbanks crash Sunday night after being ejected from a vehicle and then pinned beneath it, according to troopers.Chris Klint
One of the vehicles struck a Wasilla man’s car on the Parks Highway early Saturday, and the other was an SUV that rolled into a gas station’s parking lot Tuesday.Alaska Dispatch News
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources on Wednesday denied key water rights to groups fighting to protect a salmon stream from a controversial coal mining project in Southcentral Alaska.Jeannette Lee Falsey