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A 17-year-old girl was shot in the lower back at a Sunday morning house party in Anchorage, according to police, who are seeking more information on the shooting.Alaska Dispatch News
A sophisticated earthquake detector being installed in the Interior Alaska community of Minto is part of a plan to carpet the state with such instruments every 50 miles, from the Alaska Peninsula to Barrow.Ned Rozell
 If you want a quick litmus test on contemporary attitudes toward pregnant women and their mental capacity, just search the Twitter hashtag #mommybrain. The only problem is, there’s not much science behind #mommybrain. Kathleen McCoy
Marked by dueling issues of property rights and public access, a plan for access to Chugach State Park has sparked a wide range of diverging viewpoints in the Municipality of Anchorage. At its heart are fundamental questions about who can have access and who will ultimately pay. Devin Kelly
At an Assembly work session Friday afternoon, Kate Giard unveiled preliminary recommendations for the municipality's SAP project and warned that "fear" of the $31.6 million project inside Anchorage City Hall could undermine its success.Devin Kelly
Sergie Chukwak, 47, was charged with forcibly resisting arrest and criminal mischief after he was arrested at Dillingham's Sea Inn Bar last week, said Dillingham police. Chukwak resigned his position on the Bristol Bay Native Corporation board of directors in 2012 when facing sex assault charges.Dave Bendinger
The Tennessee-based independent says it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to buy “substantially all” of Buccaneer’s operating assets in Alaska for approximately $40 million to $50 million. It intends to fund the acquisition “with its existing facilities or other borrowings.”Eric Lidji
Since she can remember, Quana Lee Ticket has wanted to help people. And now, with a family and a dream she never gave up on, Lee has graduated as a physician’s assistant from the University of Washington.Jillian Rogers

The city of Bethel’s new pool and fitness center is set to open in early November after decades of bake sales -- and a $23 million state appropriation in 2012.

Lisa Demer
Christy Marvin broke the women's record and Matias Saari found new material for his long-awaited book on the history of the Equinox Marathon in Saturday's 52nd running of the Fairbanks marathon. Dermot Cole