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A walkthrough on Tuesday of the portion of Bethel's Kilbuck school still standing found that unique and treasured Yup’ik materials appear salvageable, though soot-covered and smelling of smoke.Lisa Demer
Because the owners of the trans-Alaska pipeline bungled management of an upgrade project, they can't recover the costs by charging more to move oil, a federal agency has ruled -- and it could save the state of Alaska $500 million.Alex DeMarban
Alaska's partnership with TransCanada on the $55 billion Alaska LNG project ended Tuesday after the state bought out the pipeline company's interest for $65 million. Alex DeMarban
Crosby competed with 13 other applicants to replace Superior Court Judge Michael Spaan, who will retire at the end of November. Tegan Hanlon

The Marijuana Control Board voted to allow consumption of marijuana at retail stores, which, if approved by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, would make Alaska the first state to permit a regulated area for marijuana consumption outside of a person’s home or other private spaces.

Laurel Andrews,Loren Holmes
Troopers said 31-year-old Nichael Snell was found dead Sunday between the villages of Kobuk and Shungnak, about 130 miles northeast of Kotzebue.Alaska Dispatch News
A Wasilla man is missing in the Hatcher Pass area, last heard from nearly two days before a large avalanche Tuesday morning closed Hatcher Pass Road, troopers said.Chris Klint
The appearance of numerous large craters in Siberian permafrost has been attributed, at least by some, to the venting of large pockets of methane gas, possibly in a dramatic or sudden way. Chris Mooney | The Washington Post
A human resources manager is asked by a CEO to testify against an employee who crashed while using a cellphone, a violation of company policy. But that CEO and other managers also violated that policy.Lynne Curry
The National Weather Service has extended a freezing rain advisory Tuesday for the Matanuska Valley, as the Susitna Valley sees heavy snowfall Tuesday -- with more on the way during the afternoon.Chris Klint