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The company that provides regular helicopter service to the island of Little Diomede in the Bering Strait says a combination of weather and mechanical issues has kept them from flying. Residents say that despite just a single mail and cargo delivery in the last month, they are getting by.Matthew F. Smith / KNOM

Goldenview Middle School music teacher Dan Whitfield had always taught five classes, but this year he and the rest of the middle school elective teachers in the Anchorage School District have been required to teach for six out of the day’s seven periods. It's not a sustainable workload, Whitfield says.

Tegan Hanlon
Two men from the Western Alaska community of Marshall have been accused of harassing 15 to 20 moose on the Yukon River with their motorized vehicles. One of the men was also charged with killing a moose without a harvest ticket.Megan Edge
An extensive search and rescue operation that included a Fort Wainwright helicopter and saw rescuers spend a night bivouacked on a mountain outside Fairbanks ended Tuesday with the safe rescue of two hunters who were stranded when their snowmachines broke down Sunday, Alaska State Troopers said.Megan Edge
At a party in this liberal, free-spirited enclave, pot enthusiasts celebrated both the groundbreaking legal change and the broader societal shift toward the acceptance of marijuana use.Michelle Theriault Boots
Alaska political leaders joined with about 500 Fairbanks residents Tuesday to make the case for keeping troops in Alaska generally and Fort Wainwright specifically.Dermot Cole
The decision by Gov. Bill Walker to force Bethel’s top prosecutor from her job appears to be the first time a governor has taken such action against a district attorney, but Walker is defending the move.Lisa Demer
Denali is wide open during the non-summer months, welcoming adventurous visitors with a plethora of recreation options, as long as one is prepared for winter and possesses an independent spirit.Erin Kirkland
The ordinance passed unanimously at a special meeting on the day Alaska's recreational marijuana law went into effect. Manufacturing marijuana concentrates using flammable gases or solvent-based extraction without a license is a misdemeanor offense under the ordinance. Laurel Andrews
All clam species will be off limits beginning Sunday from the mouth of the Kenai River to Homer to the thousands of diggers who spend time on the beaches with clam shovels and clam guns.Mike Campbell