Alaska News

Amy Demboski's run for Anchorage mayor evolved from a homespun enterprise to a campaign involving seasoned Republican strategists and activists. Devin Kelly
The historic Motherlode Lodge in Hatcher Pass burned down Friday evening. Firefighters let the building burn because it was outside any fire service area. Alaska Dispatch News
Yoder Blalock, 38, was sentenced Friday in Anchorage for killing Nathan “Nate” Tanape with a bayonet in 2011. The defense had argued Blalock attacked Tanape in self-defense. Jerzy Shedlock
A bill that would create a Marijuana Control Board -- deemed critical by sponsors of a voter initiative -- was sent to the full Senate for a vote, and a bill that would clarify municipal marijuana regulations will get further review this weekend.Laurel Andrews
Volunteers looking for Sarabi, a member of Iditarod finisher Laura Allaway’s team, are focusing their efforts around Mile 100 of the Glenn Highway near the Glacier View neighborhood after a resident took a photo of the dog resting in her yard April 10. Suzanna Caldwell
Cleanup is done on six legacy wells that are relics of early oil exploration on Alaska's North Slope, the Bureau of Land Management said Friday.Yereth Rosen
Permafrost in the circumpolar north will likely continue to thaw and release carbon dioxide and methane, but at a gradual rate instead of as a "carbon bomb," said a study published recently in the journal Nature. Yereth Rosen
The latest jobless numbers show that Alaska’s economy is essentially stable despite low oil prices and looming cuts to state spending.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Gov. Bill Walker told legislators Friday that he vetoed a bill that would limit the powers to develop a gas line by the state gas line corporation.Nathaniel Herz
The Obama administration on Friday took the first formal steps to boost the royalties that energy companies must pay for oil and gas they pull from public lands, angering an industry already reeling from plummeting crude prices.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers