Alaska News

Craig Medred
Fluffy snow provided a picturesque winter day on the Fur Rondy trail Saturday but also the right conditions for Willow musher Bill Kornmuller to keep his lead after the second day of sprint racing.Kevin Klott
U.S. Attorney Nelson Cohen said Friday he is returning to Pittsburgh, leaving the job he accepted on an interim basis in August 2006. His replacement, also on an interim basis, will be assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler.Richard Mauer
In an attempt to lure cruise passengers to Alaska in spite of a horrid economy, one Alaska cruise line is dangling the granddaddy of cruise tours.Elizabeth Bluemink
Craig Medred
Chances Alaskans will receive a Permanent Fund dividend this year are looking solid, despite the fearsome decline in global stock markets. But expect the payment to be much smaller than last year's $2,069.Wesley Loy
If Sean Parnell could no longer serve as lieutenant governor, Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt would replace him. Gov. Sarah Palin recently appointed Schmidt to fall behind Parnell in the line of succession, said Bill McAllister, her director of communications.
Anchorage police said Friday that one of the trio arrested in a liquor store robbery earlier in the week had given officers false information regarding his identity but has since been correctly identified.
He's been to outer space. He's survived a media circus. Now Bill Oefelein, Alaska's first astronaut, is back home and ready to run with the reindeer.Kyle Hopkins
Oregon authorities say Zebulon Whisler, the 24-year-old Wasilla bowling alley cook facing 15 rape charges, was convicted of three sexual offenses as a teenager in that state in 1999.Rindi White