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Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Alaska's representative, Republican Don Young, voted in favor of the auto industry bailout.
Before she was found burned and shot to death in a wooded area in Wasilla, Mindy Schloss was at Kincaid Park and may have been alive, according to evidence from human scent and cadaver dogs.Julia O'Malley
Several inches of soft, fresh snow blanketed the Hilltop Ski Area Wednesday, and the chairlift ran less than half full through the beginning of the after-school hours. At the same time downtown, officials from local, state and federal organizations and agencies gathered at the Get Outdoors, Anchorage! summit to discuss why it is kids no longer go outside to play.Craig Medred
One boy is dead and another in stable condition after a shooting at a home while a group of unsupervised teens were "playing a game" with a loaded .44-caliber revolver, according to Juneau police.
"The Last Days of Shishmaref" -- perhaps as close and detailed a look at the lives of the Inupiaq Eskimo of northwest Alaska as has been recorded in 35mm color film -- has a clear agenda: Move the town.Peter Porco
He's been called the shadow governor. Now Gov. Sarah Palin's husband's role in state government is at the center of a lawsuit seeking state e-mails.Lisa Demer
Craig Medred