Alaska News

Craig Medred
The search for a record-holding balloonist who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean south of the Aleutian arc failed to turn up either man or balloon Friday, the second day since he went missing, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. James Halpin
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Nearly two years after a fatal shootout at the Homer Airport, a federal prosecutor has concluded U.S. marshals have no federal criminal liability for pressing ahead with the arrest of a dangerous fugitive despite the presence of nearby crowds and the fugitive's two small children in his car.Tom Kizzia
An Anchorage man shot his brother in a Muldoon mobile home after an argument late Wednesday, police say. Vincent Wilkerson, 37, was charged with murder today. Kyle Hopkins
Anchorage police say Bill Allen's name came up in a 2004 criminal investigation--one suspended at the request of the feds--raising questions about his cooperation with the government.Tony Hopfinger,Amanda Coyne
A pre-school child died when a fire tore through a mobile home Wednesday night and left a large extended family homeless, according to the Anchorage Fire Department.James Halpin
The Anchorage School District has fired a Gruening Middle School assistant principal who is facing three felony drug charges following his alleged use of cocaine on school grounds.James Halpin
State ferry officials are staying with a decision to cut in half the number of vessels carrying passengers and vehicles between Alaska and Bellingham, Wash.