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Heavy rain and hail hammered Anchorage this afternoon, causing flooding in some areas. The weather hit hardest in northeast Anchorage.
About 47,000 students surrendered to the end of summer and poured into Anchorage public schools Wednesday for the start of the new school year.Megan Holland
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Read the signs, bring a good attitude and remember where you parked your car. That's Palmer Police Commander Tom Remaley's advice for visitors to the Alaska State Fair, which starts Thursday.T.C. Mitchell
The Beach Lake Trail system near Chugiak is closed this afternoon because of a brown bear feeding on a moose carcass in the area, according to Anchorage police.
State wildlife officials have captured one of the cubs orphaned when biologists shot its mother Tuesday morning on suspicion that it was responsible for a mauling in Far North Bicentennial Park.James Halpin