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Ever since the discussions began about an $825 billion economic stimulus package being pushed as the Obama administration's first and main priority, Alaska has had its eye on what the state could get from the proposal.Erika Bolstad
Construction crews should be busy on Fire Island near the western tip of Anchorage this summer, and the state's first major wind farm could be up and running there late next year.George Bryson
Alaska politics and political hijinks
Dane Ferguson, 28, from Anchorage won the Snowmobile Next Trick competition at the Winter X Games 13 in Aspen, Colo., landing a trick he calls a Twist Off -- a backward flip with a twist.Doyle Woody
The Alaska Fugitive Task Force is looking for Trenale Leon Belton, who is wanted on a felony warrant for contempt of court based on a weapons conviction.
Stepheni Hawk is 21, on her way to her first serious job, first real way to pay for her own place, to buy groceries and toys for her little girl. It's taken two years to get this far, two years since she moved to Anchorage to escape the villages where she was raised.Julia O'Malley
NPI LLC spokesman Ron Arvin said he was shocked at how many people have driven to the company's Port MacKenzie site to cut and load free wood. He estimated that 650 loads of free wood would have been hauled away by Friday evening.
Hundreds of kids and their parents braved a bone-chlling breeze and occasional snow flurries at the 21st Annual Jewel Lake Ice Fishing Jamboree and proved the experts wrong. Fish aren't supposed to bite that much in the fierce cold of January.George Bryson
The magnitude 5.7 earthquake that shook late-sleepers awake in Anchorage on Saturday morning also sent fragile art work in the artsy community of Homer -- much closer to the epicenter -- teetering toward the brink.George Bryson
A state director reviewing reports of high fuel costs and food shortages in lower Yukon River villages said she'd support free fuel vouchers as a way to bring immediate relief to villagers. But only under the right conditions.Kyle Hopkins