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For a while Sunday, before the sky crackled with thunder and lightning and a torrent of rain, Fort Richardson soldier Faron Copas relaxed with friends in peace at Finger Lake near Wasilla. His war wounds were mainly hidden. Lisa Demer
Beyond its $30 billion cost, there are thousands of steps on the path to the proposed pipeline that will take North Slope natural gas 1,700 miles through Alaska and Canada. One small federal agency headed by Alaskan Drue Pearce is overseeing federal coordination.Erika Bolstad
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Craig Medred
Alaska politics and political hijinks
A king salmon fisherman drowned Saturday morning off Ketchikan after trying to retrieve a lure and then apparently becoming exhausted while struggling in the rough surf of Herring Cove, according to the U.S. Coast Guard and a witness.
An Anchorage woman was rescued by the Anchorage Fire Department after she fell while hiking up Flattop Mountain on Saturday afternoon, the department said.
Three Anchorage residences were briefly without natural gas and several homes were evacuated after a construction contractor hit a natural gas line at about 9 a.m. Saturday in Anchorage, said Enstar Natural Gas spokesman Curtis Thayer.