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From mid-July to the end of September, 10 percent of all Anchorage Fire Department emergency medical transports were due to suspected use of the synthetic drug Spice. As the problem persists, Anchorage officials hint that stronger enforcement measures may be on the horizon. Laurel Andrews

At a lab in Barrow, researchers affiliated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks are cutting into old Pacific walrus bones discovered at a site near Point Franklin on Alaska's Arctic coast. 

Erik Hill
Since 2007, as fall sea ice has retreated, Pacific walruses have hauled out near Point Lay on Alaska's North Slope by the thousands in what has become an iconic image of climate change. But how long have they been doing it?Kamala Kelkar
A proposed change in state regulations would expand the range of professionals who can diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Alaska students, making it easier for them to receive accommodations in school.Tegan Hanlon
A drive to make a city out of Big Lake is revealing a deep split between residents seeking more local control and those leery of any more government at all.Zaz Hollander
Last week, surging waves eroded the beach near the Kivalina airport, eating away 10 feet of land along the coastline of the threatened Chukchi Sea barrier island before residents were able to stabilize the bank.Carey Restino | Arctic Sounder
A man was found lying in the street at East 12th Avenue and Gambell Street, unconscious and severely injured. He was later pronounced dead.Devin Kelly
More than 100 eighth-graders from Mears Middle School got up close and personal with zoo animals to better understand how Alaska creatures survive in the wild. Megan Edge
A mine operator on trial over pollution at a Southwest Alaska platinum mine told a federal jury Friday in Anchorage that he knew about the muddy wastewater that turned the Salmon River dirty brown. Lisa Demer
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has identified people responsible for an Arctic walrus slaughter last month, the Alaska U.S. attorney’s office said Friday in a press release. Megan Edge