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A new report suggests prioritizing law enforcement, funding Alaska's tribal courts and subsistence rights as possible remedies to high rates of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.Laurel Andrews
After a funding battle during the 2014 Alaska legislative session and years of deep staff cuts, the Anchorage School District announced Monday a different kind of challenge: how to spend a funding surplus.Tegan Hanlon
Bethel’s new pool and fitness center will open Tuesday for the first time since the Nov. 1 grand opening, the pool manager announced on Facebook. Volunteers were trained over the weekend and on Monday for fire watch duty.Lisa Demer
Assembly member Amy Demboski plans to introduce an ordinance Tuesday asking the body to consider a ban on commercial marijuana operations in Anchorage, even before the election that legalized recreational marijuana in Alaska is certified.Suzanna Caldwell
One week after Alaska State Troopers advised Kodiak residents to lock their doors in the wake of a string of thefts, officials reported they arrested an 18-year-old believed to be involved in the crimes.Ben Anderson
The possibility of one of Rami Pagel-Miller's two children diagnosed with autism becoming distressed and possibly disruptive in an airplane has been enough to keep the family from attempting to fly anywhere. On Sunday, a Wings for Autism event let the family "rehearse" getting on an Alaska Airlines jet.Michelle Theriault Boots
For surprising twists and turns in the governor's race, the merged ticket stands at the top, rivaled only by Bill Walker's exploits at the Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic and the night in June when Byron Mallot caught air in Minto.Dermot Cole
The Anchorage Assembly looks poised to pass an ordinance Tuesday that would take a step toward governance of the ride-sharing service Uber after its months of uncertain operations in the city.Sean Doogan
Democrats added two to their ranks in the Alaska House in the recent general election, bringing their total representation in that caucus from 10 to 12, which may not seem like much but represents additional representation in larger committees.Alex DeMarban
Despite initial fears that would show glitches during the first days of open enrollment for 2015, problems were few and Alaskans successfully signed up for health insurance over the weekend.Laurel Andrews