Our Alaska

Autumn is the perfect time for day trips; crowds are few and destinations practically endless. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s easy to pack the car, add a few supplies and take off for several hours of Southcentral road tripping.

Erin Kirkland
The center has much for kids to see, touch, hear and even smell. Kids scrambled around on a scavenger hunt during the grand opening, triggering bird songs, looking for spawning fish, peering through binoculars, crawling into a beaver lodge, making prints in sand, and deputizing themselves as future biologists. Jenny Neyman
Denali is wide open during the non-summer months, welcoming adventurous visitors with a plethora of recreation options, as long as one is prepared for winter and possesses an independent spirit.Erin Kirkland
I should be ashamed of slinking by colleagues at work or sneaking into plays just as the lights go down. But I’m in a perennial battle with the clock. There is just not enough time in a day to fit everything in. And it ticks me off.Katie Bausler
“We may be talking about squirrels and hibernation here,” says biologist Loren Buck, a lead investigator on the NSF-funded project, “and those are interesting questions in their own right. But virtually any human pathology you can think of is tied to a breakdown in clock function."Kathleen McCoy
Believe it or not, musk ox milk is a real hit in coffee. It's rich and fatty and not the least bit offensive in flavor, at least according to taste tests by managers at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer.Suzanna Caldwell
Forty-two years ago, an Army helicopter pilot flying over a tundra plateau saw a group of caribou. Thinking something looked weird, he circled for a closer look. The animals, dozens of them, were dead.Ned Rozell
In summer, University of Alaska Anchorage research activity picks up. Scientists and students do fieldwork as far away as Toolik Lake, the Aleutians and Greenland, and as close as Portage and Girdwood.Kathleen McCoy
Susan Bomalaski has been the executive director of Catholic Social Services, a major Anchorage provider of services that address homelessness, hunger and refugee resettlement, since 2006. She is planning to leave the position at the end of the year.Devin Kelly