Our Alaska

Musk oxen are wandering into Nome, and no matter what's thrown their way -- loud noises, water hoses, even a blow-up bear coated in urine -- the stubborn mammals don't seem to be willing to leave.Sean Doogan
For years, counting Southeast Alaska wolves meant trapping them and fitting them with tracking collars, then flying circles above the forest canopy in hopes of sighting a pack. But clear days for flying are rare, and finding a few dozen wolves on the third-largest island in the U.S. is no easy job.Kyle Hopkins
Talkeetna's famous party bar is for sale. The Fairview Inn has been a nerve center, a place where locals congregated decades before the town took shape as a destination for tourists and mountain climbers.Laurel Andrews
"Mike" is one of my best friends. We have known each other since college and are now in our mid-30s. From the beginning, Mike and I have had strong chemistry, but in college he was always dating "Jessica."