The accessible, time-efficient Alaska hike overlooking the community of Eagle River doesn't take much time or top-drawer fitness, and its many splendors include late-summer blueberries.

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 Matanuska Glacier, a 26-mile frozen river representing centuries of compressed snowfall, offers visitors the uncommon opportunity to walk right up to and on its frigid flanks.

Erin Kirkland
A guided ice-climbing trip gives many visitors to the 26-mile glacier a healthy respect for climate, landscape, and the power of Mother Nature.Erin Kirkland
Although there have been no maulings or injuries in the area near the confluence of the Kenai and Russian rivers, bears have approached anglers in the area, swiping fish or backpacks. Mike Campbell
“There’s a lot of research that shows that kids who are connected to the outdoors tend to be happier, healthier and do better in school,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Alaska Coordinator Steve Brockman explained. “A lot of kids today don’t have that connection with the outdoors.”Melissa Griffiths
Delta, American and United airlines have announced they will ban shipments of some hunting trophies in the wake of a popular lion's death in Zimbabwe, leading some to wonder how it might affect Alaska.Suzanna Caldwell
After four years of investigations and four separate criminal cases brought by the state against a Wasilla-based fishing and hunting guide, an Anchorage judge was unconvinced and handed down minimal penalties against the guide in the sole unresolved case.Jerzy Shedlock
Dogs on treadmills are a rare, but not totally new, training technique for mushers. Dallas Seavey wants to take it to the next level.Suzanna Caldwell

Chicago-based photographer David J. Crewe visited Alaska for the first time in early July and, he says, fell in love with the landscape.

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The entire population of whimbrels in North America is probably no more than 100,000. During the summer, they are widely scattered along the Alaska coast. John Schandelmeier