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A Canadian mining company has offered to modify a proposed mining lease to accommodate a popular downhill ski area northeast of Fairbanks, a spokesman for the ski area said.

Dermot Cole
Whether scheduled or spontaneous, group activities can help ensure Alaskans make it out the door for runs, hikes or other pursuits during the winter. Elissa Brown
I have hunted the Nelchina herd as long as I can recall and the hunters of today, as a rule, are less knowledgeable than those of 40 or 50 years ago. However, they’re also more courteous and appreciative of the animals they hunt.  John Schandelmeier
Creating a mission-ready dog/handler team doesn't happen by accident. It takes about two years to certify in any of the search disciplines represented by teams of Alaska Search And Rescue Dogs.Lisa Maloney
Lead poisoning nearly took out the population of eagles in the Lower 48, and was a huge contributing factor of waterfowl mortality before it was outlawed for waterfowl hunting in 1991 John Schandelmeier
Not only does exercising outdoors burn more calories and build more muscle than indoor workouts, it’s got a much prettier view -- especially in Alaska. Alli Harvey
In 2008, about 400 coho salmon entered Anchorage's Chester Creek, while by this summer an estimated 2,000-plus salmon moved upstream, despite continuing problems with runoff, feces and other garbage in the urban waterway. Craig Medred
Going to ski swaps and expos like Oxygen and Octane can whet the appetite for Alaska’s longest season. But what if you need to get outdoors today, not next month?  Mike Campbell
Despite the lack of snow on the ground, ski swaps are ramping up in Southcentral Alaska -- with two on Saturday. Alaska Dispatch News
John Carlos Mann, 29, got lost on Crow Pass Trail while hiking from Eagle River to Girdwood on Friday. Two days later he emerged near the Seward Highway cold, tired and searching for help.Laurel Andrews