Anchorage is home to 223 parks, and according to Anchorage Park Foundation executive director Beth Nordlund, every one has the potential to be someone’s happy place.

Erin Kirkland
Favorable weather much of the year for waterfowl appears to have benefited Alaska's hatch-year birds. The wetlands of the 49th state produce, on average, 12 million ducks and more than a million geese each year.    Joseph Robertia
Troopers seized the meat. and Nathan Olson of Minnesota was issued a summons to appear in Kotzebue District Court for the citation on Sept. 17.Michelle Theriault Boots
An entire generation of really dumb ducks are swimming very close to the Denali Highway on both the Monahan Flats and the Maclaren River. John Schandelmeier
While angler reports of fishing success has improved recently on other Knik Arm streams, according to Fish and Game, action has been sporadic or below average for this time of the season at Jim CreekAlaska Dispatch News
In 2012 and 2013, Eklutna Lake was at its highest level when strong autumn winds hit. The resulting storm waves chewed up and swallowed large chunks of trail.Rick Sinnott

On Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015 kayakers, packrafters and a rafting class from the University of Alaska Anchorage paddle down the Portage River after launch their watercraft from the outlet of Portage Lake with the Chugach and Kenai Mountains behind them.

Bob Hallinen
Heavy, cold rain pours in the Alaska Range, and the feel of snow is in the air. Sled dogs have had their first meals of pink salmon and seem ready to run for another winter.John Schandelmeier

Subsistence salmon fishing is winding down for the season in Northwest Alaska. Forty-four-year Kotzebue resident Lance Kramer scrambles to finish putting up fish before he moves on to other tasks, such as seeing President Obama breeze through town on Sept. 2.

Scott Jensen
President Barack Obama will film an episode of a wilderness survival show with TV outdoors star Bear Grylls during his trip to the Alaska, NBC announced Monday. Erica Martinson