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Although there were a number of sightings, the Anchorage black bears did not appear to become habituated to people. This may have been due, at least in part, to Government Hill residents’ innovative use of an online application, Nextdoor, to trade information.

Alli Harvey

Dozens of skaters took advantage of good ice and relatively warm temperatures during a day-long skate around the Lynx Lake loop trail in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area near Willow, Alaska, November 16, 2014.

Brian Brettschneider
Ice-covered lakes are not unusual this time of year in Alaska. What is unusual is the lack of snow on top of the ice, leaving backcountry skaters such as Anchorage’s Kevin Turinsky a little gaga. “Yesterday, we went to Nancy Lake, and the conditions were just sublime," he said.   Brian Brettschneider
The northern lights are expected to dance over much of Alaska through the weekend.Laurel Andrews
Since the start of this month, every day has gone above the normal high in Anchorage, and only two have reached the normal low. Beyond that, the daily lows have barely dipped down as cold as the normal highs the last four days.Craig Medred
Hunting opened Oct. 1 and will continue through the end of March. Hunters’ success rate is typically good. Mid-winter finds most animals on the bison range or near farms in the Delta Agricultural Project. Many landowners will allow hunting on their parcels for a fee -- $500 seems to be the going rate.John Schandelmeier
However you get through it, November is rough. Once the snow falls it will reflect some light back up even in the dark, soften the jagged edges of leafless trees, and kick off winter snow sports. Until then, late fall in Alaska feels like a kick in the face. Alli Harvey
With Alaska manufacturers at forefront, fatbikes gain fans across the country for riding on packed snow, sand and elsewhere. Once a niche recreational pursuit, thousands of fatbikes ply trails across Southcentral Alaska. Craig Medred
Re-learning how to swim is undoubtedly easier than learning for the first time. In many ways, swimming is an intuitive activity, but hats off to teachers who can teach adults new to swimming.Alli Harvey

When 22-year-old Hailey Driver moved to Girdwood four years ago, she brought her snowboard, intending to sharpen her skills on frozen water. But this summer she discovered surfing on the Turnagain Arm bore tide.


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