When I was Anchorage’s wildlife biologist and dealt with wildlife and people on a daily basis, I could never fully appreciate the onset of spring like normal folks. With bears emerging from hibernation and humans stampeding to local trails, I braced myself for the inevitable seasonal spike in bear encounters.

Rick Sinnott,Loren Holmes

Amateur filmmaker Blaine Hagedorn captured one of the biggest bore tides of the season on Sept. 30, 2015, with stunning results.

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Peter Williams wants people to know that he doesn't hunt the animals simply for sport. The practice is an extension of his Native roots and lifestyle, he says.Suzanna Caldwell
In Alaska, five active branches of Hike It Baby are taking the state’s trails, pathways and sidewalks by storm. From Fairbanks to Juneau, toddlers are toddling, babies are packed along and parents get plenty of peer support.Erin Kirkland

For 11 years, Gulf of Alaska Keeper has cleaned marine debris from remote Alaska coastlines. In summer 2015, GoAK organized a large-scale project to collect debris from across the Gulf of Alaska by barge and helicopter. 

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The bear has been fishing for about two months, and Bogucki said it was the only animal visible from the viewing decks even though other bears were in the area.Mike Campbell
I have used wood fires as my only household heat for the past 45 or 50 years. I can build you a fire in a hurry at home, but put me in the Alaska woods, with cold rain soaking everything, and it gets more challenging.  John Schandelmeier
Despite my skepticism, I’ve plodded along through my triathlon training plan since April. The plan promises to culminate in completing the race, if I follow it as best I can. And I have.Alli Harvey
The personal-use fishery, which began in 1989, has grown steadily, particularly in years with strong sockeye salmon runs.Alaska Dispatch News
Among the Fairbanks Paddlers members, the late Jimmy Gaydos was known for his handmade boats. He  brought a different hand-made boat each year to the club’s wooden boat rendezvous.Sam Friedman | Fairbanks News-Miner