Intermittent closures on parts of the Chugach State Park trail will begin this month. Then the entire trail from Powerline Pass to Indian will be closed in July and August, when construction activity will include helicopters near the trail bringing in large power poles.

Mike Campbell
A group of Anchorage boaraders have produced a gorgeous two-minute video, as the sun-dappled Passage Canal looms in the background and a half-dozen boarders jump and carve turns down a short course built with their shovels, their sweat, their vision.   Mike Campbell
Kids Outdoors: Anchorage's Junior Master Gardener program gives kids in grades two through six the tools to know what's growing and the skills to nurture plants from seed to the dinner table.Erin Kirkland
We Alaskans are blessed with the best wild terrain in the nation. Drive for an hour to reach rural Alaska. Spend two hours on the road and you can be remote. Trade the suit coat for a raincoat.John Schandelmeier
I’ve never felt bad that I ran on a trail. Even though I have dragged myself grumbling and moody to the trail head, knowing it will be a harder and more unpredictable than my usual jaunt along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, I always finish happy I did it.Alli Harvey
A Denali National Park and Preserve field report issued Wednesday said there were 429 climbers on the mountain and another 112 who have finished climbing. Only Lonnie Dupre had reached the top, and his record-setting climb happened in January.  Mike Campbell
Portage Pass weather is notoriously unpredictable, able to turn from pleasant to snotty to a deluge of rain quickly. Savvy Alaska hikers check the FAA webcam in Whitter before setting out.  Lisa Maloney
The cookoff happened under a tarp on a rainy Saturday night at the Granite Tors campground near Fairbanks. Here are the top three recipes. Sam Friedman
Some individual projects cost less than $1,000 and will employ the services of Eagle Scouts to ensure they happen, while the most expensive costs $40,000.   Mike Campbell

Bearing the names of more than 350 fallen veterans inscribed on U.S. flags they carried, a team of military veteran climbers was forced to turn around short of the 20,320-foot summit of Mount McKinley on Thursday.

Mike Campbell