Heavy, cold rain pours in the Alaska Range, and the feel of snow is in the air. Sled dogs have had their first meals of pink salmon and seem ready to run for another winter.

John Schandelmeier
Becoming an Outdoors Woman was created to build skills in shooting and hunting, fishing and other outdoors endeavors in a non-competitive setting. The program is now offered in 39 states and six Canadian provinces. Some 4,000 Alaska women have graduated since the program began in 1995. Tara Young
This is not Henry Allen's Tanana River. Nor is it the Trail River of people living here thousands of years before the 19th century government explorer struggled his way down the Tanana. But it seems close.Ned Rozell
Anchorage has a ways to go before it’s fully bicycle friendly, but for distance riding there are some really incredible options out there that are absolutely worth exploring.Alli Harvey
Salmon hatcheries can't replace wild runs in rivers. Salmon need habitat. Salmon streams in England, the East Coast of the U.S. and the Pacific Northwest have all been degraded due to dams and industrial development. Hatcheries have been used in an attempt to replace wild runs, but their success has been relatively dismal.John Schandelmeier
The Connors Lake Loon Cam Project ends Thursday.Alaska Dispatch News

Just reaching the top of the 4.5-mile Pioneer Ridge Trail, elevation 5,300 feet, is an accomplishment. The south summit of Pioneer Peak soars 6,398 feet.  Only highly experience climbers should attempt the higher north summit. 





Vicky Ho
Pioneer Peak, the magnificent summit that looms over the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, is one of the more accessible 6,000-foot-plus peaks in the Chugach Mountains. Don’t mistake accessibility for hiking ease, however.Vicky Ho
Two boaters missing near the mouth of the Kuskokwim River in Southwest Alaska have been found uninjured, troopers said.Sean Doogan
The National Park Service is celebrating its 99th birthday Aug. 25 by waiving entrance fees at all national parks, including those in Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News