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A Fox News list labels Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve as America's second-worst national park. But it gets a few details about the wilderness park wrong.

Craig Medred
Alaska State Troopers say a 28-year-old Italian man vacationing in Alaska was crushed by ice falling from Lake George Glacier Sunday after a day of heli-skiing.Alaska Dispatch News
Behind the leaders, six other teams were out of Nome by 10 a.m. Thursday. Wily veteran Scott Davis of Soldotna and partner Aaron Bartel of Anchorage were on the trail at 8:12 a.m., followed at 8:57 a.m. by the father-son duo of Andy and Brad George. Mike Campbell
An extensive search and rescue operation that included a Fort Wainwright helicopter and saw rescuers spend a night bivouacked on a mountain outside Fairbanks ended Tuesday with the safe rescue of two hunters who were stranded when their snowmachines broke down Sunday, Alaska State Troopers said.Megan Edge
Denali is wide open during the non-summer months, welcoming adventurous visitors with a plethora of recreation options, as long as one is prepared for winter and possesses an independent spirit.Erin Kirkland
The warming that has covered Alaska this past week has brought thoughts of spring to all of us. Will it be an early spring this year? What the heck, we only had a couple weeks of winter anyway.John Schandelmeier
It was fabulous to get outside, meet new people, and experience something different than what I normally do for winter exercise. No doubt, I’m still a tourist of winter city biking, and have enormous respect for those who bike year round. The thing about this ride was I didn’t feel like a tourist.Alli Harvey
All clam species will be off limits beginning Sunday from the mouth of the Kenai River to Homer to the thousands of diggers who spend time on the beaches with clam shovels and clam guns.Mike Campbell
Warm weather conditions have made for sloppy going, but eight teams arrived in McGrath within an hour of each other. Most of the major contenders are in that pack.Craig Medred

The first 12 miles of Denali National Park road were plowed and opened to motorists recently. The open portion of the road starts near Mile 237 of the Parks Highway and ends at the Mountain Vista parking area near the Savage River campground. 

Marc Lester