National Park Service regional wildlife biologist Grant Hilderbrand offers tips for staying safer in bear country.Doyle Woody
Third annual gun show has become a major fundraiser for Houston High's activities department. Matt Tunseth
Cold water temperatures, gear malfunctions, poor visibility, and exhausted searchers have slowed efforts to find a Nevada man who went missing while canoeing in a Kenai Peninsula Lake Monday evening, Alaska State Troopers said.Megan Edge

Fly fishing for rainbow trout on the upper Kenai River in Cooper Landing on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bill Roth
An unseasonable winter has all-but eliminated punchy spring snow and ice shelves along the banks, boosting the opportunities for Alaska rainbow trout anglers to pursue their favorite species until a May 1 closure. Joseph Robertia
Whopping, bottom-feeding grayling are not the bright, pretty fish that come from Denali Highway streams. They tend toward gunmetal gray with dull, pinkish spots on the dorsal fin. However, anytime you can catch a grayling over a pound and a half, it is a beautiful fish.John Schandelmeier
Spring is the time of year many of us rise off the couch, squint into the distance and muse out loud to a loved one or the dull roar of canned applause on TV: “I think I would like to sign up for a run this summer."Alli Harvey

Alaska’s city dwellers get a lot of ribbing for being “30 minutes away from the real Alaska.” But all that infrastructure also creates easy access to some pretty legit outdoor adventures -- and the options just keep getting better. 

Lisa Maloney
About 2.68 million visitors took advantage of Alaska's 23 national parks last year, and state Park Service spokesman John Quinley said that number is expected to climb this year and next, as the Park Service prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday.Elwood Brehmer
Can a federal biologist, six months pregnant, with a 2-year-old along on a family hunting trip with her bush pilot husband, find a way to take a moose in the Middle Yukon?Christine Cunningham