The National Park Service is celebrating its 99th birthday Aug. 25 by waiving entrance fees at all national parks, including those in Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News

Visitors at Alaska's Denali National Park and Preserve got a pleasant surprise earlier this month when a brown bear began rolling down a grassy hill.

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Crowding, garbage and careless behavior around a popular Southeast Alaska bear-viewing site have some tourists vowing never to return -- and some locals vowing to seek improvements.Tom Morphet | Chilkat Valley News

What to do on hot day in Canada? If you’re a black bear in northern Vancouver, you might take a dunk in the pool.

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Flying in Denali National Park and Preserve today is characterized by a sense of collaboration and information sharing that has brought a small group of companies and pilots together.

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Bryan Keith, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, visited the Kenai Peninsula in June 2015 to earn his floatplane pilot rating. During his downtime, he and fellow pilot/filmmaker Shane McClafferty took the opportunity to film the incredible landscape.

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President Obama’s trip to Alaska will impact air traffic right at the start of fall duck and moose hunting seasons -- but just how much is not yet known.Lisa Demer
The Seward Silver Salmon Derby narrowly missed seeing the smallest winning fish in 60 years. Some believe warmer waters may be a reason for smaller fish. Mike Campbell
Anchorage angler Rudy Tsukada this month capped off his goal of catching a king salmon from his Hobie kayak for 12 consecutive months. The streak began in September 2014 and continued through the chills and snows of winter. Joseph Robertia

Just reaching the top of the 4.5-mile Pioneer Ridge Trail, elevation 5,300 feet, is an accomplishment. The south summit of Pioneer Peak soars 6,398 feet.  Only highly experience climbers should attempt the higher north summit. 

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