Former champions Jeff King of Denali Park and Ken Anderson of Fairbanks top the field in the distance racing finale from the northwest Alaska town of Kotzebue to Kobuk and back. Mike Campbell
Alan Delamere, who will turn 80 in the fall, finished the 50-kilometer Sonot Kkaazoot, one of the most challenging long-distance ski races in Alaska, in fine form. Dermot Cole
The Denali Highway, a popular spot for mushers and snowmachiners in the winter, is getting cleared a little ahead of schedule this year, though it's not entirely due to the state's low-snow winter.Suzanna Caldwell

For the last 31 years, Phil Nuechterlein and his wife have been leading pack llamas through Alaska’s state and national parks. But recently, that lifestyle was in jeopardy.

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The Alaska Air National Guard and Alaska State Troopers on Saturday came to the aid of a man who fell into a crevasse on Eureka Glacier.Associated Press

With Southcentral Alaska’s snow-sparse winter coming to a close, volunteers and skiers at Arctic Valley made the most of what little snow they had to celebrate the 11th annual Merry Marmot Festival.

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On a rainy March morning, a lone paddleboarder rode a bore tide along Turnagain Arm in Southcentral Alaska. Leif Ramos had the wave to himself as he rode 45 minutes from just past Bird Point to Girdwood. 

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Thanks to the fickle tides of Turnagain Arm -- the second-strongest in the world -- it's one of the best places on the planet to spot, or ride, a bore tide.

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A video shows a grizzly bear at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana, basically beating the snot out of an Esky cooler, but the bear can't get it open. Alaska Dispatch News
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