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The bottom of the mountain remains brown, but the upper mountain got seven inches of new snow early Thursday for a total depth of 54 inches, according to the resort's snow report.Beth Bragg
Two unrelated black bear cubs are getting acclimated to life in captivity and to each other at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage before being shipped to a new home in Texas. Until their 2015 departure, the zoo will be allowing the public to view them. Megan Edge
Most years, slightly more than half of those who try reach the top of Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. Not since 1998 has the success rate fallen so low. By contrast, 68 percent made it in 2013, when the weather gods smiled on Alaska.Craig Medred
Respect the animal you want to eat. Hunting can mean a great day in the backcountry, moving through the Alaska winter wonderland on snowshoes or a snowmobile, excited about fresh caribou tracks. Doubtless, this is enjoyable. But remember what is fun for you, is life and death for the caribou. John Schandelmeier

Giant slabs of ice, dangerous areas of open water and little snow along the Kuskokwim River are challenging winter travelers as well as organizers of a big mid-distance sled dog race -- the Kuskokwim 300.

Lisa Demer
An advisory committee to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council also recommended an annual cap of five halibut for sport charter anglers. Together with anglers on private boats, such anglers account for 17.5 percent of the halibut catch.  Commercial fishermen get the rest.  Craig Medred
Giant slabs of ice, dangerous areas of open water and little snow along the Kuskokwim River are challenging winter travelers as well as organizers of Alaska's premier mid-distance sled dog race.Lisa Demer
The coyote population has maintained relatively normal fluctuations based on cycles of their prey, primarily snowshoe hares and voles. When these animals are scarce, coyotes will eat a variety of things. Carrion from wolf kills ranks high.John Schandelmeier
The U.S. Forest Service proposed raising fees at the visitor center and charging fees to use some areas, such as the Steep Creek and Photo Point trails. If approved, the changes would take effect May 2016.Associated Press
News that Erik Peterson had died in an avalanche Saturday in the Alaska Range hit hard in Anchorage, where he had coached high school athletics at two high schools and been a student teacher at another.Beth Bragg