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Spawning salmon can be seen at many places on Chester Creek in a section that runs from University Lake through the Providence Alaska Medical Center campus and across the UAA campus.

Marc Lester

YouTube filmmaker Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams, aka DudeLikeHELLA, discovers the bizarre sounds skipping rocks on frozen lakes can create. 

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An airborne study conducted by two federal agencies looks at Alaska's Tanana Valley State Forest from above to help scientists learn more about forest fire recovery.

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While a bear canister might not be the most exciting piece of outdoor equipment, it is a handy way to protect your food -- and it makes a great camp chair.

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The gold-mining company is studying a $1 billion, 14-inch pipeline to pump natural gas from tidewater on Cook Inlet over the Alaska Range to a proposed Interior mine up the Kuskokwim River from Bethel. State permits are being sought.Craig Medred

Ski mountaineer Andrew McLean dubbed a Wrangell Mountains zone with massive slot-like couloirs "The Slotterhouse."

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One habit I kept from my time in New York is walking. Walking is necessary for daily life there. For different reasons, I walk all over Anchorage, sometimes absurd distances. Alli Harvey

Photographer and filmmaker Christopher Baker spent four days in Cordova in 2010, shooting with fisherman Wade Buscher. This video is a director's cut of a piece Baker shot and produced for the first digital edition of Martha Stewart Living. 


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The seasons are changing as Southcentral Alaska moves through the short fall season and transitions into winter. As temperatures drop below freezing at night, coating the sticks in small streams with a thick layer of ice and small puddles freezing over, winter is not far away. Snow stuck to the ground near the intersection of the Seward and Hope highways, at least during the night. While most of the leaves have fallen, trees along Turnagain Arm still have a plenty of color to brighten the drive around the Arm to the small village of Hope on the opposite side from Anchorage. 

Bob Hallinen

Travel photographer Alexis Coram's trip to Alaska to shoot aurora was transformative: "It was bitterly cold, but quickly became the most amazing trip of my life."

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