April Mudrick Fulk captured video of a caribou herd Sept. 29, 2015, near the Trinity Christian Center ("the igloo church") in Soldotna during their fall migration. 

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Eight years after being told by national park rangers that he couldn't use a hovercraft on a river within the boundary of the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, an Anchorage man's court case is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.Sean Doogan
A bear outside a public-use cabin on Berg Bay in Southeast Alaska didn't take too kindly to being pepper-sprayed, and vented its frustration on a traveler's kayak.Sean Doogan
The ski train carries hundreds of skiers – 664 last year – to Curry for a day of skiing, touring, and, for many, partying. Typically, tickets are gone in about two weeks, and skiers who reserve early can pick their rail car.Mike Campbell
As the number of Kenai Peninsula brown bears increase, biologists wrestle with how much hunting the population can sustain.Joseph Robertia

A young girl named Avery reels in a 5-pound bass using her Barbie fishing rod.

Alaska Dispatch News
Alaskans aren’t positioned to have the best view of Sunday's supermoon lunar eclipse, a phenomenon that hasn’t happened since 1982. But the best places to be are in eastern or southeastern Alaska. Laurel Andrews

Trumpeter and tundra swans stop to feed at Potter Marsh in South Anchorage on their migration south to wintering grounds Tuesday, Sept. 22. 

Bob Hallinen
At least two rounds fired on a sow brown bear that mauled a 47-year-old Texas hunter Tuesday struck the animal, which federal officials say was found dead 100 yards from the site of the attack.Chris Klint