As temperatures drop, even the most prepared horse owners in the 49th state face an array of problems unique to frigid northern climates. Hoses freeze into rigid coils.  Horse manure freezes in jagged, rock-hard chunks. Owners brave the weather to shuffle chilly horses into barns. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Shane Castle
Among the reasons to race the 2016 Iron Dog is a fat purse that will deliver $65,000 to the winners, up $15,000, and one of the biggest fields ever for the 2,000-mile race across Alaska. Mike Campbell
Get up. Get outdoors. Have a look around. Here's a list of even more family-friendly winter activities to enjoy.Jill Burke
The oldest ski team in the 50th annual Turkey Day Relay cross-country race in Fairbanks featured the youngest knees. Dermot Cole
Wisconsin officials say the Fairbanks man apparently handed a loaded rifle up to a woman while she was in a tree stand. The weapon discharged and the man took a bullet just below the armpit.The Associated Press
Turnagain Pass remains closed to snowmachiners. Alaska Dispatch News
The Anchorage snowboarding and ski hill has been furiously making snow, but that will slow later this week when warm weather returns to Southcentral Alaska. Mike Campbell
Skaters are already flocking to Potter Marsh and other locations in Southcentral Alaska.  Even though Westchester Lagoon isn't officially open yet, skaters have been spotted there. Mike Campbell

Dozens of ice skaters took advantage of clear weather and temperatures in the single digits to skate on a snow-free Potter Marsh in South Anchorage on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015.

Marc Lester
Kim Heacox of Gustavus earned the first award given to a work of fiction in the competition for the recently released “Jimmy Bluefeather,” one of several books Heacox published this year. It won the Outdoor Literature-Fiction category.Mike Campbell