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Climbing Shot Tower in the Arrigetch Peaks of the Brooks Range fulfilled the goals of climber / photographer Seth Adams.

Seth Adams

A dramatic full moon, complete with a lunar eclipse, rose and set on October 7 and 8, leaving a "blood moon" hanging in the skies over Alaska for a brief period in the early morning.

Marc Lester
Over the years, my hands have been sliced, burned, frost nipped and beaten with all sort of tools, sophisticated and not -- hammers, sledges, axes, logs and rocks used to drive stakes of wood. I am by no means alone in this regard.Craig Medred

Racing dogs spend their summers hanging out in the dog yard in preparation for the coming season, either lounging on or in their houses or going for short runs to stretch their legs. Working dogs earn their keep driving tourists on short runs along wooded trails or on top of pristine glaciers.

Bob Hallinen
In 1947, the RKO movie company arranged to send a camera crew with Bradford Washburn on his second ascent of Mount McKinley. His wife, Barbara, accompanied him. On June 6 of that year, she became the first woman to reach the summit of North America’s tallest peak.  Mike Dunham

A large bull moose makes his move on a cow grazing in Powerline Pass. Dozens of moose come together there each fall to vie for mates.

Tara Young

On Oct. 8, the moon will pass through the shadow of Earth for a total lunar eclipse. "Sky watchers in the USA will see the moon turn a beautiful shade of celestial red and maybe turquoise, too," according to Science at NASA.


Alaska Dispatch News
On Alaska's most urban military installation, wildlife conservation officers quietly keep the peace between human residents and the menagerie of beastly neighbors that also call the base home.Sean Doogan

On Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, three federal officers and a few dozen military members patrol areas that are full of wildlife as some of the most remote places in the Last Frontier.

Sean Doogan

Real-time video footage of autumn aurora in Fairbanks, shot by photographer Ronn Murray.

Alaska Dispatch News