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As doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and public health departments shift into high gear to get word out about how to use exchanges and Medicaid, Sarah Palin announces a grassroots effort to defund the law, passed years ago and taking full effect in three months.Alaska Dispatch
A former Alaska dairy owner was indicted Friday on charges she lied to the feds and tried to defraud the state of Alaska in bid to save Mat Valley dairy. Craig Medred
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity that she is considering a run for Sen. Mark Begich's Alaska U.S. Senate seat in 2014.Alaska Dispatch
A new book imagines what would happen if Sarah Palin became president of the US following the 2008 election and she and other strongly religious political figures ushered in an American theocracy.Jerzy Shedlock
In a commentary appearance on Fox News Channel, Sarah Palin warned the GOP that if the party keeps moving away from fundamental conservatism, she and other like-minded voters may take the hint and leave, maybe even find a new party.Scott Woodham
Sarah Palin goes lite on whistleblower Edward Snowden – 'nothing will ever be the same for this man' – and calls for 'more revelations' about what a 'big, overgrown government' is doing.Peter Grier
She’s baack! Sarah Palin is returning to Fox News as a paid contributor next week, continuing a three-year love affair with the conservative television network after seemingly parting ways in January.Laurel Andrews
Palin daughters switch places with Joan and Melissa Rivers to kick off new season of ABC’s, “Celebrity Wife Swap."Sean Doogan
OPINON: Sarah Palin earlier this month rolled out communism as the model for resource development, not unlike her controversial oil-tax policy from when she was Alaska's governor. And that policy, by the way, is now being undone by the Alaska Legislature.Craig Medred
Sarah Palin fired up the conservative CPAC crowd Saturday with tart one-liners aimed at mainstream Republicans as well as President Obama. But how long can she keep it up?Brad Knickerbocker