Palin Watch

HBO says Saturday night's debut of "Game Change," the Sarah Palin-focused adaptation of a book about the 2008 presidential campaign, scored the highest ratings of any made-for-TV movie on the network in years, reports the Los Angeles Times.
Both Sarah Palin loyalists and those who disdain her would do well to take a break from their respective partisan assumptions and watch a movie with good performances and a larger point to make about politics.
"Game Change," the Sarah Palin-centric HBO movie based on the book of the same name about the 2008 presidential campaign, debuts Saturday night. If you can't wait for details, the Los Angeles Times is offering a list of favorite scenes.
The Lifetime channel is planning a 10-episode reality series featuring the eldest daughter of Sarah and Todd Palin, Bristol, and her son, Tripp, report USA Today and other outlets.
A Republican convention with no obvious winner from primary and caucus voting is still considered a long shot, but Sarah Palin appears to be hoping for a brokered result, writes Rachel Weiner in The Washington Post. "I would do whatever I could to help" settle a GOP convention fight, she said Wednesday on Fox News, and wouldn't rule herself out as a candidate.
Reactions to Sarah Palin's presence at last week's Conservative Political Action Conference, where she gave the keynote address, reflected her journey from the center of tea party politics to the "nebulous" pop-culture conservative fringe, says The Washington Post.
When asked about the GOP candidates on Fox News last night, Palin seemed eager to single out former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum for praise. -- Original post: Everybody in the GOP camp is wondering whom Sarah Palin will endorse for president. S.E. Cupp, writing in the New York Daily News, encourages Mitt Romney to goose his campaign by trying to patch up relations with Palin. Continued on jump
Fox News chief Roger Ailes was furious at Sarah Palin for announcing her decision not to run for president on the Mark Levin radio show instead of Fox News, according to New York magazine. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity told the magazine that Palin decided to surprise Fox with her Oct. 5 announcement because she was angry that the network keeps letting GOP insider Karl Rove criticize her. Palin, who has a million-dollar-a-year contract with Fox that expires in 2013, eventually passed an apology to Fox execs for the slight, the magazine reports. Continued on jump
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece today, former Gov. Sarah Palin takes aim at what she calls a culture of "corruption" in Washington, with the "permanent political class" and big business inextricably linked in mutually beneficial dealings that ultimately make millionaires of the politicians. Continued on jump
In their new book, Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who's recovering from a gunshot wound, and her husband, Mark Kelley, express their displeasure over Sarah Palin's infamous crosshairs post on Facebook targeting lawmakers she wanted to see defeated in the 2010 election. Giffords was the object of one of the targets on Palin's map. In "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope," Kelly writes that the map was upsetting to Giffords even before she was shot in the head in January. Continued on jump