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Alaska's Sarah Palin, talking on Fox New to On the Record's Greta van Susteren, doesn't have a whole lot of positive things to say about Time Magazine's 2012 "person of the year."Alaska Dispatch
A California company responsible for the creation and production of Bristol Palin's short-lived reality TV show "Bristol Palin's: Life's a Tripp," has reportedly collected a $354,348 subsidy from the state of Alaska's film incentive program.Alaska Dispatch
Sarah Palin's eldest son, Track Palin, and his wife Britta Hanson have filed for divorce in Alaska, according to TMZ.Alaska Dispatch
Shawn Christy, convicted in June for harassing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's attorneys, has been arrested and detained pending extradition back to Alaska after violating his parole.Alaska Dispatch
SarahPAC, the political action committee named for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, contributed $5,000 to an anti-abortion Washington state candidate, the same amount she doled out for Mitt Romney. Bad investments.Craig Medred
Sarah Palin hasn't been as outspokenly for Romney as she has been against Obama. Still, that didn't stop her political-action committee (Sarah PAC) from making a donation to Romney's campaign in the 11th hour.Alaska Dispatch
The car is in Arizona, but hey, if you can OBO it, maybe you can get Bristol to drive it up to Alaska for you, too.Alaska Dispatch
Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin's son Tripp and perennial thorn in the Palins' side, married Sunny Oglesby in Alaska over the weekend.Alaska Dispatch
Want to hear a secret? The beautiful, talented Oscar winner Halle Berry is related to, wait for it ... wait for it: Sarah Palin. Or so she claims.Alaska Dispatch
Sarah Palin may have been overlooked as a speaker at the Republican National Convention, but Alaska's former governor still has her hand in the 2012 elections as a money-donating powerhouse.Alaska Dispatch