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Palin Watch

Sarah Palin may have been overlooked as a speaker at the Republican National Convention, but Alaska's former governor still has her hand in the 2012 elections as a money-donating powerhouse.Craig Medred
Sarah's on fire this week: from reading and writing to mudslinging, Alaska's former governor has been doing it all.Craig Medred
Two books have already carried Sarah Palin's name, but this will be her first foray into the world of fitness literature. Craig Medred
Enquiring minds want to know: What does former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin really read in her free time?Craig Medred
A federal judge has formally dismissed an activist's lawsuit against former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and he will have to pay her legal espenses. Becky Bohrer
Sarah Palin's flashy style and intemperate comments, combined with an almost total lack of federal or international experience, made her something of a laughingstock in 2008. But she's still popular in Ohio.Jean MacKenzie
A federal judge on Thursday struck down claims in a lawsuit alleging that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acted to silence an activist who complained about traffic around the governor's mansion in 2009.Becky Bohrer
Bristol's back and she's hotter than ever -- or so the critics say.Craig Medred
The former Alaska governor, whose claims of championing Exxon Valdez plaintiffs were later mocked by an attorney in the case, is herself among a list of 947 claimants still qualified to settlement funds in one of America's worst environmental disasters.Craig Medred
Palin says the Romney campaign needs a ‘come to Jesus’ moment and would be wise to adopt the "going rogue" strategy that she embraced four years ago. Brad Knickerbocker