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Here is Alfred, an adult, male, pit bull mix.  Alert, focused and attentive, Alfred is active and curious, intelligent, and likes to explore, but is gentle and eager to please

Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center  is announcing its annual Poster Dog Contest.  The winning dog(s) will be the next AACCC poster dog(s) for the dog licensing campaign in 2015.  This contest is open to any licensed dogs, and their people, currently living in the Municipality of Anchorage.  The winning dog’s family will receive a free photo session for their dog with local pet photographer David Jensen at Alaska Pet-ography. 
Here is Natasha, an adult, female, German Shepherd mix.  Active, playful and energetic, this good-looking gal is intelligent and focused, likes to learn, enjoys interacting with people, and will climb into your lap for petting and attention.
On Thursday, Aug. 14, the Municipality of Anchorage Animal Control Advisory Board will hold a public hearing to address "small dog hours" at Arctic Benson Dog Park and at the proposed Valley of the Moon Park dog park. Do you have an opinion? Let's discuss it here.
Here is Jazzie, a 2 year old, spayed female, boxer mix.  Friendly, docile and affectionate, though shy at first meeting, Jazzie is gentle and good-natured, enjoys being with people, and loves snuggling -- will even give kisses!Mike Lewis
Here are a few pics from the 20th annual Friends of Pets Dog Jog. It was a lot of fun, as usual, and it drew quite a crowd of runners and walkers. 
Don't miss the annual Friends of Pets Dog Jog set for Saturday at Service High School. Not only are there runs for people and dogs, but there are lots of other fun events and vendors for dog owners and lovers. Pooches on leash are allowed. Best part: It's a fundraiser for Friends of Pets, and money raised goes toward pets in need. Mike Lewis
Here is Leo, an 11 month old, neutered male, pit bull mix. Leo still has plenty of puppy about him. He's very active, playful and energetic, enjoys interacting with people, likes running, exploring, and playing fetch.Mike Lewis
A Dog Blog reader emailed me a while back lamenting the fact that most vets don't make house calls for euthanasia. His own research found that Passages Cremation in Wasilla and Pet Emergency in Anchorage will make home visits, but others don't. I promised him I'd make a Dog Blog topic and see if we could get some discussion going here.     Mike Lewis
Please meet Fiona, an 11 year old, female Rottweiler mix. This distinguished gal may be 11 years old, but she is young at heart!  Mike Lewis