Point Hope Caribou Crime

Photographs from the sentencing phase of the Point Hope caribou trial.

Jill Burke

Photographs from day 2 of the Point Hope caribou trail.

Jill Burke

Photos provided to investigators by a teacher allegedly document the hunt's aftermath.

Kurt Schmidt
PART I: When a caribou herd wandered close to Point Hope in summer 2008, hunters pursued the animals as they have for generations. But something went wrong. Caribou were killed and left to rot. (Published Oct. 21, 2009)Jill Burke
PART II: The state has built cases against eight Point Hope hunters for wasting caribou meat. But the laws the men allegedly broke float across a cultural divide that shapes interpretations. (Published Oct. 22, 2009)Jill Burke
PART III: With its community under scrutiny and eight local hunters accused of crimes, the Village of Point Hope is taking matters into its own hands. (Published Oct. 23, 2009)Jill Burke
by Stephen Conn To view the Point Hope caribou case from the village perspective, you would have to be on the receiving end of American policy and appreciate that as the context. For Point Hopers, it is a rich one.Craig Medred