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Both of Alaska's major U.S. Senate candidates, Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan, agree that outside spending is a problem in their race. But when it comes to finding a solution, the two can’t seem to find common ground.

Nathaniel Herz
Targeting what he believes is corruption in the Alaska Legislature, political activist Ray Metcalfe has filed an application with the Elections Division to launch a new citizen initiative aimed at stopping lawmakers from voting on bills that help their donors, their employers and others.   Alex DeMarban
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is demanding that Democratic incumbent Mark Begich remove a hard-hitting TV ad that Sullivan calls “shameful and deceitful.” Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Conference of Mayors has voted to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative and pledged to donate $5,000 to “Big Marijuana. Big Mistake. Vote No on 2,” a campaign opposing the ballot measure.  Laurel Andrews
Incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich faced his Republican challenger, Dan Sullivan, for the first time Wednesday evening in a debate in Anchorage, with the two candidates drawing sharp distinctions between their visions of the state’s future and its path over the nearly six years since Begich was elected. Nathaniel Herz
Thom Walker, who unexpectedly won the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate in the primary election earlier this month, withdrew from the race Wednesday, citing an inability to run a proper campaign due to his job.Pat Forgey
Alaska makes a cameo appearance in a recording leaked Wednesday from a private strategy meeting in June hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers’ political network.Nathaniel Herz
Amy Demboski, the first-term assemblywoman for Eagle River and Chugiak, said she would run for Anchorage mayor, joining a field that so far includes only attorney and former assemblyman Dan Coffey as a serious contender.Nathaniel Herz
Incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and his newly minted Republican challenger, Dan Sullivan, square off Wednesday in their first debate, just eight days after Sullivan proclaimed victory in last week’s primary election.Nathaniel Herz
A new television ad attacks Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan for the support he’s drawn from an Outside group tied to the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers. But even in the Fairbanks area, where the Koch-linked North Pole Refinery halted fuel production this spring, it’s unclear just how much the message resonates.Nathaniel Herz