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The Republican-controlled House is poised to strip funding to expand the Medicaid health insurance program from Gov. Bill Walker’s budget, the first shot in what’s expected to be a contentious debate over one of Walker’s central campaign planks.

Nathaniel Herz
Alaska Marine Highway System supporters said it has many fixed costs, and cutting service to communities is one of the only ways to save money.Pat Forgey
A House committee Thursday approved a plan to cut the Legislature’s spending by 1.7 percent, well short of the reductions proposed by Gov. Bill Walker to state agency budgets under his control.Nathaniel Herz
A North Pole Republican’s budget plan to fire a pair of Democrats in the administration of Gov. Bill Walker drew objections of micro-managing in a House committee hearing Wednesday morning, though it nonetheless moved forward. Another Republican said it was nothing personal.Nathaniel Herz
In the face of a multibillion-dollar deficit, the administration of Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and state labor unions should renegotiate contract terms to lower health care costs and wage increases, a nonpartisan economic policy group said Wednesday. Dermot Cole
Rep. Ben Nageak, a Democrat from Barrow, suffered a medical emergency on the House floor Wednesday morning while delivering a speech on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.Nathaniel Herz
A Montana law enforcement official said his state has opened a criminal investigation into Roland Maw, who was appointed by Alaska Gov. Bill Walker to the Alaska Fish Board in January but who withdrew his name from consideration last week without explanation.Nathaniel Herz
As state lawmakers contemplate painful cuts and look for efficiencies to close a $3.5 billion deficit, one line item in their own budget has so far received little scrutiny: the cafeteria in the Capitol building that costs some $20,000 each month to operate during the 90-day legislative session.Nathaniel Herz
A Kenai Peninsula commercial fishing advocate who Gov. Bill Walker had hoped to see appointed to the Alaska Board of Fisheries, Roland Maw, has withdrawn his name from consideration after his nomination became increasingly controversial.Pat Forgey
As state lawmakers got more grim news about the future of Alaska's film tax credit program, a new annual report revealed that the number of production companies applying for the incentive hit new highs last year. Zaz Hollander