Republican leaders say they have solid ground to extend the Legislature's work beyond 90 days because they are relying on the Alaska Constitution's maximum 120-day session limit, not the shorter limit established by the voter initiative process in 2006.

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While the Legislature voted 47-12 to confirm Randy Hoffbeck as revenue commissioner, the leaders of a Senate committee voted against him, with one asserting that an investment decision Hoffbeck made last month cost the state tens of millions of dollars. It's a claim he rejects.Dermot Cole
Rank-and-file legislators trickled into the Capitol later than usual Monday as Republican and Democratic leaders met to try to resolve a budget impasse that extended the Alaska Legislature’s 90-day session past its scheduled adjournment Sunday night.Nathaniel Herz

It was a busy, occasionally tense day as Alaska legislators attempted, unsuccessfully,  to finish their work in Juneau before the 90-day regular session came to a close.

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The Alaska Legislature failed to conclude its business in a 90-day session Sunday and heads into overtime Monday, with the state budget at the top of the to-do list.Nathaniel Herz
The joint session of the Alaska Legislature adjourned Sunday without a vote to override Gov. Bill Walker's veto of a bill designed to limit his options in developing a natural gas line from the North Slope.Nathaniel Herz
In a joint session Sunday, what was by law the final day of the Alaska Legislature's regular session, lawmakers got down to the business of voting on Gov. Bill Walker's appointees to top state positions.Nathaniel Herz
With the clock ticking toward the Alaska Legislature’s planned midnight adjournment, there appeared to be little movement as of Sunday afternoon in the three-way state budget negotiations between Republicans in the House and Senate and the Democratic minority caucus in the House.Nathaniel Herz
As Democrats and Republicans in the Alaska House try to negotiate a final budget package in time for the Legislature’s scheduled adjournment at midnight Sunday, the House Democratic leader flew to Anchorage to visit his new baby, which arrived just after 7 a.m. Sunday morning.Nathaniel Herz

Latest news from the Alaska Legislature: On Saturday, lawmakers made little headway on their final budget differences over school funding and state employee pay, even as they moved an array of other bills like a sexual abuse prevention measure and another naming the state library after a Russian Orthodox priest.

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