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A new ad from conservative group Americans for Prosperity accuses Alaska U.S. Sen. Mark Begich of “not showing up for his job,” missing more votes last year than 80 percent of his colleagues. We checked to see if that was true.

Nathaniel Herz
Alaska’s top union official said Wednesday he doesn’t believe the state AFL-CIO will endorse anyone for governor if the two leading challengers to Gov. Sean Parnell can’t agree to merge their campaigns.Richard Mauer
Oil companies and their allies spent as much as $170 for every vote they won Tuesday to thwart an oil tax repeal. Candidates across Alaska knocked on thousands of doors and rang countless phones. How did voters respond? With a resounding shrug.  Kyle Hopkins
The lead-in to the GOP primary for Alaska's U.S. Senate seat has already racked up an unprecedented $15 million in spending. But the real campaign is only just starting: No fewer than five groups independent of the candidates have announced or disclosed new campaign spending this week aimed at influencing the results of the general election.Nathaniel Herz
Mat-Su Assembly member Jim Colver was leading incumbent Eric Feige on Wednesday in a hotly contested Republican primary for a state House district that runs from Whittier to Valdez to Delta Junction. But some party faithful say Colver is more D than R. Zaz Hollander
Although at least 14,000 absentee ballots will not be counted for days, the repeal referendum known as Ballot Measure 1 appears to be headed for defeat. Alaska's governor says it's now up to oil companies to get to work and prove Alaskans made the right choice.Alex DeMarban
Alaska voters Tuesday selected former state attorney general and Natural Resources commissioner Dan Sullivan as the Republican nominee in this fall’s U.S. Senate race against Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Begich.Nathaniel Herz
Tuesday's primary election marked modest changes to Alaska's Legislature, with two incumbents losing seats. Meanwhile, several other close races will affect the landscape of the November general electionsAlaska Dispatch News
With nearly all votes counted, Dan Sullivan emerged the winner Tuesday in the three-way Republican race for U.S. Senate. Now he takes on Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.Dermot Cole,Nathaniel Herz
Moods went up and down among supporters and critics alike Tuesday night, but as the night ended, "no" votes led by a narrow margin in the vote on Ballot Measure 1, the oil-tax referendum that sought to repeal the tax structure known as SB 21.Richard Mauer