If oil prices rebound in fiscal year 2017, per barrel tax credits for the major Alaska oil producing companies are expected to climb by about $700 million a year to $1.2 billion, while production tax revenue is expected to climb from about $300 million in 2016 to $800 million in 2017. That's if oil prices rise by about $25 a barrel from where they are today.




Dermot Cole
Voters are not likely to hold Alaska's lawmakers accountable at the ballot box for the recent massive legislative gridlock  -- unless things gets a lot worse, say experts.Nathaniel Herz
The U.S. Senate failed to find a path forward on expiring government authority to collect citizens' phone records, passing neither of two bills on the table in the early hours of Saturday morning.Erica Martinson
Alaskans unleashed a month's worth of pent-up opinions on their legislators Friday, giving them an earful about what they think has happened since the last time a legislative committee heard public testimony.Pat Forgey
The Senate passed a bill Friday to give President Barack Obama authority to negotiate a trade deal that Alaska's senators hope will be a boon to the state's growing export market. Erica Martinson
A plan to use Permanent Fund earnings to balance the state’s budget has caused disagreement in the ranks of the Republican-led House majority caucus.Nathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
The Alaska Senate ended the special session called by Gov. Bill Walker and started a new one of its own Thursday. The House was expected to quickly follow suit.Nathaniel Herz
The Permanent Fund is one rich source of money for legislators stuck on how to balance the next budget, but tapping the fund has its risks.Pat Forgey
The woman who inspired a now-contentious sexual abuse prevention bill in the Alaska Legislature is accusing a state Senate committee of weakening and politicizing the measure.Nathaniel Herz
Known for having an adversarial relationship with the oil industry as a private attorney, Bill Walker made his first trip as governor to the state’s North Slope oil fields this week, taking a three-day tour of the widespread facilities and at times discussing prickly issues with oil officials.Alex DeMarban