The deal, if approved by Congress, would phase out import tariffs and regulations that limit trade, and impose uniform labor and environmental requirements on 12 countries, which include Japan and Australia.

Erica Martinson
Alaska Sen. Lesil McGuire’s employee who authorized her own publicly funded $3,000 trip to a Seattle conference no longer works for the state Legislature.Nathaniel Herz
Angry Juneau seniors are accusing the city government of targeting them with an unfair tax increase, and some are threatening retaliation.Pat Forgey
An Anchorage candidate for state Senate removed strong words of praise from a United Way employee from her campaign website this week at the request of the organization, which is barred by law from participating in political campaigns. Nathaniel Herz

This year’s hefty Permanent Fund dividend splashed into bank accounts today, but anyone who’s played the Alaska budget balancing game may wonder how long the good times will last.

Alex DeMarban,Scott Jensen
The Alaska Public Offices Commission hit Charlotte Brower with the unusually large civil penalty after a months-long investigation into her campaign for re-election last year.Pat Forgey
Tuesday's entry of Roselynn Cacy into the race for Senate District L brings the field to two Republicans and two Democrats. Michelle Theriault Boots
As Shell prepared to announce its impending departure from the U.S. Arctic, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was closing out a weekend tour of all things Arctic with a few colleagues.Erica Martinson
The Alaska Legislature’s lawsuit to stop Gov. Bill Walker from unilaterally expanding Medicaid will continue in Superior Court; a House-Senate committee met Monday and took no action to stop the litigation.Tegan Hanlon
Sen. Lesil McGuire, a long-term Republican Anchorage legislator, won't seek re-election in 2016, saying Monday in a text message that she wants "a healthy equilibrium between my family and my work life."Michelle Theriault Boots