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Gov.-elect Bill Walker won't get a pay raise next year, thanks in part to Rick Halford, the co-chair of the governor-elect's transition team.

Pat Forgey
Gov.-elect Bill Walker, who is to be sworn in Monday, said he remains inclined to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the handling of the Alaska National Guard scandal.Dermot Cole
Gov. Sean Parnell on Friday announced 89 appointments to more than two dozen state boards and commissions, including two appointees to the powerful State Assessment Review Board.Nathaniel Herz
Bill Walker is coming into the governor's office faced with high expectations for a renewed spirit of bipartisanship in Alaska politics and the grim reality of plunging oil prices and gaping budget holes.Becky Bohrer | The Associated Press
Only a tiny portion of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally reside in Alaska. But experts say President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration could still have wide-ranging effects on some who live and work in the state.Nathaniel Herz
ANALYSIS: An Alaska oil price of close to $70 per barrel means rock-bottom revenue for the state, and a tax rate so low that it's conceivable some new oil development projects would pay nothing in production taxes.Dermot Cole
In a 30-minute phone conversation, Republican U.S. Sen.-elect Dan Sullivan spoke about his efforts to set up his new office, his first steps once he’s sworn in, and whether he’d support a government shutdown over President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.Nathaniel Herz
The Alaska Public Offices Commission Wednesday rejected marijuana activist Charlo Greene's objection to a subpoena related to an investigation into whether she violated campaign finance laws; Greene says she does not intend to comply.Suzanna Caldwell
The Alaska Division of Elections announced the certification of three ballot measures Wednesday, beginning the 90-day countdown to the enactment of the measures passed by voters, including legalization of marijuana. Laurel Andrews
Incoming governor Bill Walker continued to flesh out his cabinet on Tuesday, announcing new appointments as the clock ticked toward Monday's inauguration, including naming his law partner Craig Richards as attorney general.Alex DeMarban