The Alaska Legislature has scheduled a short-notice, closed-door committee meeting about Medicaid expansion for Wednesday afternoon. No action is expected to be taken.

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The White House on Wednesday announced new efforts and funding to encourage energy efficiency in remote villages and the appointment of a federal coordinator for “climate resilience” in Alaska, in conjunction with President Barack Obama's trip to Kotzebue.  Erica Martinson

The Northern Lights Dancers on Tuesday entertained 300 residents, visitors and advance crew who were in the Arctic Alaska community of Kotzebue ahead of President Barack Obama's planned visit the following day. 

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By air, by land, by sea, President Barack Obama saw the sights in Seward on Tuesday, both an excited tourist and studious observer in the presence of Alaska’s most picturesque examples of climate change.  Erica Martinson
As the small fishing town of Dillingham spruces up for the visit of a lifetime, down-home hospitality, intense security and regular life are melding and sometimes clashing.Lisa Demer
For the Northwest Alaska town of Kotzebue, which is preparing for its biggest visitor ever, preparations include hauling away more than 100 rotting vehicles and destroying 10 abandoned homes that have dotted the Inupiat community for decades.Alex DeMarban
Though rumors of a presidential visit had been swirling for days, staff at downtown Anchorage's Snow City Cafe weren't sure it would happen Tuesday morning when breakfast rush started to ebb without a sign of him. Then a bunch of Secret Service guys showed up.  Michelle Theriault Boots
President Obama's visit to Alaska continues. Follow here for live updates through the day.Alaska Dispatch News
The announcement this week from ConocoPhillips that it may cut 120 jobs in Alaska is bad news for the economy, but a state labor department official said Wednesday the damage could have been worse.Sean Doogan

President Barack Obama visits Kotzebue, Alaska on Sep. 2, 2015.

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