Here's a roundup of the latest news from the Alaska Legislature. On Friday, Gov. Bill Walker made good on his promise and vetoed a bill sponsored by House Speaker Mike Chenault that would have limited the state's natural gas pipeline options. 

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As the Legislature inched toward its scheduled end Sunday, it was looking increasingly unlikely that Gov. Bill Walker's plan to expand Medicaid would pass.Nathaniel Herz
Amy Demboski's run for Anchorage mayor evolved from a homespun enterprise to a campaign involving seasoned Republican strategists and activists. Devin Kelly
Gov. Bill Walker told legislators Friday that he vetoed a bill that would limit the powers to develop a gas line by the state gas line corporation.Nathaniel Herz
Republican House Speaker Mike Chenault acknowledged for the first time Thursday that because he'll need votes from Independent Democratic Caucus members to use Constitutional Budget Reserve funds, those lawmakers will have leverage in budget negotiations.Pat Forgey
Gov. Bill Walker canceled his call for a joint session Friday morning, saying legislative leaders have agreed to hold confirmation votes on 89 appointees before the session ends.Alaska Dispatch News

Here's a roundup of the latest news from the Alaska Legislature. On Thursday, the conflict between Gov. Bill Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature intensified as the Senate moved to disregard an order from Walker to hold confirmation votes on Friday.

Alaska Dispatch News
Gov. Bill Walker faces a Saturday deadline to act on his pledge to veto a gas line bill hurriedly approved by the Alaska Legislature to allow for an override vote before the session ends, a divide that stems from a deep disagreement about how best to deal with the three largest oil companies in Alaska.Dermot Cole
The Alaska teachers union is criticizing Gov. Bill Walker for not appointing people with classroom experience in public schools to the state education board. Walker said his two nominees are strong candidates.Nathaniel Herz
Alaskans from every region of the state support expansion of Medicaid, said pollster Ivan Moore, putting new pressure on legislators who oppose expansion and say they are reflecting their constituents' views.Pat Forgey