Elections officials reported record-breaking early voting numbers Monday in the Anchorage mayoral runoff between Amy Demboski and Ethan Berkowitz that has rapidly taken turns both bruising and bizarre.

Devin Kelly,Nathaniel Herz
Two Capitol meetings, one that happened and one that didn't, suggest a budget deal may be hard to come by for Alaska leaders. Pat Forgey
In the final day of campaigning for Anchorage mayor, a recording has surfaced of candidate Ethan Berkowitz's remarks about father-son marriage, and former candidate Andrew Halcro endorsed Berkowitz, one of the two candidates in Tuesday’s runoff election.Nathaniel Herz
At the final debate before Tuesday's mayoral runoff election, Ethan Berkowitz and Amy Demboski sparred over personal, social and municipal issues.Devin Kelly
KFQD talk radio host Bernadette Wilson ended her silence Saturday about the radio show she co-hosted with now-mayoral candidate Ethan Berkowitz in October, saying Berkowitz said on the air that he would approve of marriage between a man and his son -- statements Berkowitz’s opponent Amy Demboski said she heard as a listener.Devin Kelly
The mood of the Anchorage mayoral runoff has swung heavily toward social issues in the final week leading up to Tuesday's election. Devin Kelly
While the full Alaska Legislature isn't scheduled to meet again until the week after next, top leaders say they'll continue to work on a budget agreement even while most members have left Juneau during a "recess" in the special legislative session.Pat Forgey
Susanne Fleek-Green, campaign manager for Anchorage mayoral candidate Ethan Berkowitz, said the swift decision was a clear signal the attack was a baseless attempt to score political points in the final days of the race.   Alex DeMarban
Gov. Bill Walker called legislators into a special session to try to balance the state checkbook. They approved a plan to spend $5 billion, while identifying about $2 billion to pay for it, an imbalance that would leave the state unable to cover its bills by the fall.Dermot Cole
It took two court cases for Anchorage mayoral candidate Amy Demboski to dissolve her marriage to her first husband. Put together, the cases suggest that one or the other spouse -- or both -- had not been truthful under oath, an allegation Demboski denies.Richard Mauer,Devin Kelly