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Gov. Sean Parnell said he responded right away when he first heard of trouble within the command structure of the Alaska National Guard. Challenger Bill Walker said Parnell responded by asking the very person he should have avoided — the guard's leader.

Dermot Cole
The Republican U.S. Senate candidate has tapped into the speeches of former President Bill Clinton for one of his favorite lines in his campaign against Sen. Mark Begich.Dermot Cole
In a debate Wednesday, Gov. Sean Parnell and his challenger Bill Walker offered opposing views on where to cut from the state's budget in the face of dwindling revenue.Alex DeMarban
Incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich and Republican challenger Dan Sullivan met Wednesday evening for their penultimate debate before Election Day, taking on topics including Ebola, Obama, and sexual assault reporting in the military.Nathaniel Herz
Allegations from the re-election campaign of Gov. Sean Parnell and DNR commissioner Joe Balash that challenger Bill Walker profited greatly from his work with the Alaska Gasline Port Authority are being disputed by the Walker camp and board members with AGPA.Alex DeMarban
Rep. Don Young and his Democratic opponent, Forrest Dunbar, a first lieutenant in the Army National Guard, agree that Young has accomplished a lot for Alaska during his decades in D.C.Dermot Cole
Alcohol can be explicitly banned in Alaska's rural communities, but for marijuana, a long-standing court ruling could keep villages from going completely "dry" on pot.Suzanna Caldwell
The former Seattle chief of police was in the state to support the movement looking to legalize marijuana in Alaska this week, even as a coalition of Alaska police chiefs opposes the measure.Suzanna Caldwell
A torrent of money has flooded into the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Sen. Mark Begich and his challenger, Dan Sullivan. The more than $50 million spent so far has shattered statewide records, and Alaskans can expect the deluge of radio, television and online ads to grow before the Nov. 4 election.Sean Doogan
Citizens Against Walker, headed by former Alaskan Republican Party chair Randy Ruedrich, has reported three large donations from the RGA since Oct. 20, including a $900,000 donation on Thursday.Alex DeMarban