Cheap flights offered in 2010 to two political candidates through Alaska money manager and anti-Pebble mine activist Bob Gillam violated state election law, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in upholding a fine against Gillam’s RBG Bush Planes.

Lisa Demer
Alaska’s congressional delegation agrees a "pause" on admitting Syrian refugees is in order. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski says it's unclear whether focusing on refugees is the best route to preventing an attack. Erica Martinson
Dan Fauske led the state-owned company charged with guiding construction of the proposed $55 billion natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. His resignation was read aloud at a Saturday morning meeting of the company’s board of directors.Nathaniel Herz
A new lawsuit in federal court seeks to overturn Alaska’s strict limits on donations to political candidates and groups using a pair of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions as precedents.Nathaniel Herz
Gov. Bill Walker on Friday fired the chair of the citizen board of directors of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp., which is charged with representing Alaska’s interest in the construction of a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.Nathaniel Herz
A database of state spending that crashed when Alaska launched a new finance system this summer is still in limbo, officials said this week.Nathaniel Herz
U.S. House Republicans moved forward on plans to overhaul a 50-year-old federal program that uses offshore oil and gas revenues to fund conservation projects that they say has become too focused on acquiring new federal acreage.  Erica Martinson
The Alaska National Guard is calling on lawmakers to pass a new version of the state’s military justice code next year, which observers say would help fix a lack of accountability that allowed sexual harassment and other offenses to go unchecked.Nathaniel Herz
Alaska’s senators joined 50 others Tuesday to pass a measure aimed at blocking the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate change regulations for power plants.Erica Martinson
The administration of  Gov. Bill Walker is looking for a financial consultant to fact-check a proposal that Walker wants to use to bail out the state from its fiscal crisis.Nathaniel Herz