The motorcades are gone and Denali gets to stay, but what else? What really comes of Alaska’s big presidential visit? 


Erica Martinson
Sen. Cathy Giessel has convened a group of her colleagues to study potential changes to Alaska’s oil and gas tax credit regime, following criticism of the program’s cost during this year’s legislative session.Nathaniel Herz
The Alaska Public Offices Commission is on the hunt for Robert "Moose" Henrichs to serve him with a $1,120 fine for campaign finance violations.Pat Forgey

President Barack Obama delivers his final speech from Kotzebue during his 2015 Alaskan tour on September 2, 2015. Topics he discussed include impressions of Alaska, climate change evidence and solutions, and renewable energy ideas.

Scott Jensen
Prior to and throughout this week’s presidential visit to Alaska, the state's rumor mill went into overdrive. Where would Obama go? What would he do? Who else might come to Alaska?Erica Martinson
Several lawmakers said this week that Gov. Bill Walker may schedule a special legislative session in late October to deal with a possible natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.Nathaniel Herz

President Obama's trip north centered on climate change. These are the last moments of his speech in Kotzebue. 

Scott Jensen

After laying out evidence of climate change in Alaska and beyond, President Obama outlined possible solutions.

Scott Jensen

Kivalina is wedged onto a sliver of gravel not even a quarter-mile across at its widest, between the open sea to the west and the expansive Kivalina Lagoon to the east. Erosion from Chukchi Sea waves on one side and lagoon currents on the other are a continuing threat.

Scott Jensen
A Texan identified only by their initials added fuel to the fire of Alaska and Ohio's mountain name debate by starting a White House petition to rename an Ohio peak. Megan Edge