The Republican-controlled Alaska Senate majority caucus announced Wednesday that it had added a member who jumped ship from the minority: Donny Olson, who represents Northwest Alaska.

Nathaniel Herz
Former Gov. Sean Parnell’s legislative director, Heather Brakes, has launched a lobbying career, registering her first client just after the conclusion of a legally required year-long waiting period.Nathaniel Herz
Alaska’s lawmakers in Washington, D.C., had mixed reactions to President Barack Obama’s latest budget proposal, pleased with the boosts for Alaska infrastructure, but not so much with the size of the $4 trillion spending plan. Erica Martinson
President Barack Obama signed the 2015 Coast Guard reauthorization bill Monday night, a law that will transfer two tracts of land in Alaska out of the hands of the federal government. 
President Barack Obama’s latest budget request, due out on Tuesday, will pay homage to Alaska on its cover, with a photo of Denali, and several budget priorities aimed at the state.Erica Martinson
The Alaska Permanent Fund board will meet next week for overviews of three pieces of legislation aimed at closing the state’s budget gap that would also affect how the fund’s earnings are spent.Nathaniel Herz
Alaska House Republicans are proposing to shut down all of their legislative business that doesn’t address the state’s massive budget deficit, with one lawmaker saying the problem requires “laser focus.”Nathaniel Herz
The Democratic minorities in the Alaska House and Senate presented their Republican colleagues with a proposal Monday: Share some power with us, and we can fix the budget crisis together.Nathaniel Herz
Of 311 registered voters, 70 percent said they either strongly or mildly supported adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected classes for employment and housing in city law. Devin Kelly
A proposal from the landlords of the Legislature’s Anchorage office building says a purchase by the state could save millions of dollars, but a separate analysis by lawmakers’ nonpartisan support agency calls that “misleading."Nathaniel Herz