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Legislators on Tuesday held their first hearing on a bill that would push back their annual deadline for filing reports that disclose how they earn their income, which would make their finances unavailable until after the annual Legislative session.

Nathaniel Herz
The state expects to lose about $100 million on oil production taxes this year, a situation that has created consternation and confusion over whether it is caused by credits to companies that pay taxes or don't pay taxes. The answer is both. Dermot Cole
While the governor announced plans Thursday night for more than a half-billion dollars in budget cuts, earlier in the day Legislative Finance Director David Teal said the state can’t afford to postpone action on new taxes and other revenue sources.Dermot Cole
The Senate Finance Committee hired a former Parnell administration commissioner to offer advice on the cost of Medicaid expansion and other issues, while co-Chairman Sen. Pete Kelly predicted that the state has "no choice" but to cut spending on Medicaid.Dermot Cole
Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs rose to the defense of the late William McKinley Wednesday with the latest in a long series of Buckeye State bills aimed at ending the Denali discussion and preventing a name change for North America's highest mountain.Dermot Cole
The Department of Transportation and Public Facilities said a contractor had planned to use the power of eminent domain to acquire an Anchorage business in the way of the proposed Knik Arm Crossing, despite an order from the governor to stop spending on the project.Dermot Cole
Gov. Bill Walker continued his remake of state government Tuesday with a string of high-profile appointments and removals of commissioners and appointees who work in fish and game management, the justice system and taxation.Nathaniel Herz
The Walker administration released 17 transition reports Tuesday with myriad non-binding recommendations, including a $500 million state budget cut for the next fiscal year and expansion of Medicaid benefits funded by the federal government.Dermot Cole
Municipal government officials say that revenue sharing -- a program that Anchorage Sen. Kevin Meyer suggested Friday may be due for cuts -- is essential to keeping the doors open in small governments across the state. Dermot Cole,Pat Forgey
Gov. Bill Walker says Alaska will tap its savings and cut budgets to get through low oil prices, but in an interview on the eve of the next legislative session, he was unwilling to call the state’s multibillion-dollar deficits a “crisis.”Pat Forgey,Nathaniel Herz