Outside the security cordons, the president’s arrival drew a full array of protesters, opportunists, celebrants and the merely curious, all angling for a chance to be part of the moment.


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People gathered on the Delaney Park Strip in downtown Anchorage Monday to either sound off on or celebrate President Obama's visit to Alaska.Suzanna Caldwell
In the first address of his historic three-day visit to Alaska, President Barack Obama urged participants in a State Department conference to take in Alaska’s “God-given majesty” as they contemplate the difficult steps to slow or stop the onslaught of climate change.Nathaniel Herz,Erica Martinson
Gov. Bill Walker is considering the rekindling of a climate change advisory group within his administration similar to the "sub-cabinet" created by Gov. Sarah Palin but dropped by Gov. Sean Parnell.Nathaniel Herz
The Alaska Supreme Court on Monday allowed Medicaid expansion to start in Alaska Tuesday, expanding health care coverage to up to 40,000 low-income Alaskans as lawyers continue to battle about the legality of expansion.Tegan Hanlon
With Sunday's announcement that Mt. McKinley has been renamed Denali, Alaska businesses using the name "McKinley" are suddenly faced with a question: Keep the name or not? Laurel Andrews
Live Stream: "Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience," or GLACIER, in Anchorage.Alaska Dispatch News
President Barack Obama arrived in Anchorage Monday afternoon for a three-day trip to Alaska, with planned trips to Seward, Dillingham and Kotzebue.Alaska Dispatch News
President Barack Obama will film an episode of a wilderness survival show with TV outdoors star Bear Grylls during his trip to the Alaska, NBC announced Monday. Erica Martinson
Full transcript of President Barack Obama's speech from the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage on Monday.Alaska Dispatch News