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Saying she's been spending all her time thinking about the Senate, Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Monday she wouldn't endorse anyone in Alaska's gubernatorial race.Alex DeMarban
If Alaska lawmakers want to know the inner details of the gas pipeline and what the state and oil companies are doing, they will be asked to take a pledge to keep it confidential.Dermot Cole
In Anchorage on Monday, U.S. Rep. Don Young took on actor Ted Danson for his views on fisheries waste, advised state leaders to build the King Cove road and let the U.S. marshals stop them, and asked why the state funds the environmental conservation department to just be a "puppet" of the Environmental Protection Agency. Alex DeMarban
The gubernatorial campaigns tussled over budgets and budget cuts Monday at a debate in Juneau, each trying to sound fiscally conservative, but not too fiscally conservative, in a city reliant like no other in Alaska on government spending.Pat Forgey
Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan was spotted Monday raising money for his campaign in Ohio by a Democratic opposition research organization, American Bridge 21st Century, while his opponent, incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, raised money Outside last week.Nathaniel Herz
The lawsuit that could have ended the “unity” ticket of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott has been dropped, with the plaintiff who brought it saying the Legislature should enact a permanent regulation to prevent future confusion.Alex DeMarban
The founder of a local Alaska business advocacy group believes that there are some complex matters -- like the recent failed oil-tax referendum -- that voters are unsuited to be deciding at the ballot box.Alex DeMarban
Motivated by a desire to encourage other young adults to vote, a college student from Juneau has developed an app to make requesting an absentee ballot as simple as possible.Sean Doogan
Marijuana legalization backers in Alaska and Outside say that when it comes to the discussion around pot laws, the playing field is anything but even, for one simple fact: Coming out for legalization means publicly supporting something that’s currently a federal and state crime.Suzanna Caldwell