State leaders in blood-red Alaska fear further restrictions as Obama prepares to visit, but he's earned points with efforts to highlight the Arctic, visit remote communities and allow offshore exploration. 

Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Legislature approved paid trips for 40 lawmakers and staffers to a conference in Seattle earlier this month, despite recent calls from some of those same legislators to limit state agency travel because of the budget crisis.Nathaniel Herz
In an interview Saturday, Gov. Bill Walker talked about his upcoming trip from Washington, D.C., to Alaska with President Obama and what he wants to communicate.Marc Lester
Signs of the complicated security protocols underlying President Barack Obama's visit have been popping up around the state for weeks. What happens behind the scenes to pull it off?Erica Martinson
Small planes will be grounded for stretches in Seward, Dillingham and Kotzebue during President Barack Obama’s visits to those towns over the next few days, the Federal Aviation Administration announced.Lisa Demer
President Barack Obama added to Alaska’s time in the national spotlight Saturday, focusing his weekly national address on his upcoming trip to the state.  Erica Martinson
Gov. Bill Walker will fly to Washington, D.C., Sunday so that he can fly back to Anchorage on Air Force One with President Barack Obama for the president's visit to Alaska, according to Walker’s office.Alex DeMarban,Erica Martinson
The state's Elections Division has issued petition booklets for an initiative that aims to make applications for Permanent Fund dividends double as voter registration forms, clearing the way for signature gathering to begin.Pat Forgey
Business leaders on the North Slope still fight for the outwardly conflicting positions of admitting the climate crisis while also supporting Arctic oil development. Just like President Obama. And, increasingly, like most Alaskans.Charles Wohlforth
Since the mid-20th century, Alaska and the Arctic have been warming about twice as fast as the global rate. Over the past five decades, average Alaska temperatures have increased by 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit, with the increases most pronounced in winter -- a change noticed by Native elders decades ago.  Yereth Rosen