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Complete video of the first post-primary debate of the 2014 election, featuring incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, challenger Dan Sullivan, and moderator David Cuddy.

Alaska Dispatch News
Gov. Sean Parnell on Thursday vetoed a bill that would have made thousands of court records confidential in cases where charges are dismissed or defendants have been acquitted, saying the bill went too far.Dermot Cole
Gov. Sean Parnell is on the verge of vetoing or approving one of the final measures left over from the 2014 Legislature -- it would provide that thousands of court records every year would become confidential if charges are dismissed or a jury acquits.  Dermot Cole
While the Pentagon begins to pick up the pieces from a rocket explosion Monday, the failure to launch also raises new questions about the future of the state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corp.Dermot Cole
New Jersey Democratic U.S. Sen. Cory Booker will visit Anchorage next week for a series of community events and a fundraiser for the Alaska Democratic Party.Nathaniel Herz
As predicted earlier this week by its president, Alaska’s umbrella labor organization on Friday withheld an endorsement for governor out of concern that the current three-way race will inevitably end in an easy re-election victory for Republican Gov. Sean Parnell.Richard Mauer
Regions of Alaska where the oil industry has its deepest roots voted in favor of the contentious oil production tax cut known as Senate Bill 21, but there were exceptions, including Fairbanks, where five of six districts supported the law's repeal.  Alex DeMarban
Thom Walker, a political unknown who works at a remote research station on the North Slope, won Tuesday's primary for the Alaska Libertarian Party's U.S. Senate nomination. Party officials don't know if he's serious and are scrambling to find him, but friends say he's on a trip in the remote Brooks Range.Nathaniel Herz
A new ad from conservative group Americans for Prosperity accuses Alaska U.S. Sen. Mark Begich of “not showing up for his job,” missing more votes last year than 80 percent of his colleagues. We checked to see if that was true.Nathaniel Herz
Alaska’s top union official said Wednesday he doesn’t believe the state AFL-CIO will endorse anyone for governor if the two leading challengers to Gov. Sean Parnell can’t agree to merge their campaigns.Richard Mauer