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Anchorage marijuana activist Charlo Greene has clashed with her business neighbor, causing the two to file multiple restraining orders against each other.Suzanna Caldwell
Midtown Assemblyman Dick Traini was elected to lead the Anchorage Assembly at its regular Tuesday-night meeting. Elvi Gray-Jackson, also representing Midtown, was elected co-chair. Suzanna Caldwell
 Moody's Investors Service said Tuesday it lowered the credit outlook for Alaska because the plunge in oil prices "threatens to rapidly and significantly reduce the state's budgetary reserves."Dermot Cole
The Anchorage Assembly will hear public testimony Tuesday evening on A0-148, an ordinance that would outlaw commercial marijuana in Alaska's largest city only weeks after voters approved legalization.Suzanna Caldwell
The provision, included within a defense bill, passed Congress late last week. It represents a compromised worked out by Sen. Lisa Murkowski and is intended to make final the land claims owed to Southeast tribes under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.Associated Press
Gov. Bill Walker made Medicaid expansion a major talking point in his campaign, but it could take until July to implement, according to Walker's new health commissioner.Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
Sponsors of an ordinance that would ban commercial marijuana facilities in Anchorage say the municipality should take a “wait and see” approach to commercial pot, while critics say the ordinance would cost Anchorage a potential leadership role in developing statewide marijuana policy.Suzanna Caldwell
The company that has the contract for private phone service in 14 jails and prisons in Alaska wants to start charging $1 for local phone calls following a federal decision that slashed the cost of interstate calls from jail by more than 70 percent. Dermot Cole
The Alaska Aerospace Corp. said Friday it hopes to drum up new business for the state-owned rocket range in Kodiak and has started negotiations on a $21 million incentive plan with Lockheed Martin. Dermot Cole
Gov. Bill Walker and legislative leaders are meeting this week to discuss a predicted $3.5 billion shortfall if oil prices remain low. That deficit is expected for fiscal year 2016 if spending is not reduced, and would come on top of a $3.5 billion deficit expected in the current fiscal year. Alex DeMarban