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The team of Gov.-elect Bill Walker released a list of some 250 names early Saturday to be part of the new administration's transition conference.Alaska Dispatch News
A dose of economic reality was the takeaway message as Gov.-elect Bill Walker and running mate Byron Mallott's three-day transition conference began Friday night in Anchorage, a gathering of Alaskans from across the state notable for its diversity. Alex DeMarban
Outgoing Gov. Sean Parnell said the state's new National Guard leader needs to have the stamp of approval from the incoming administration.Becky Bohrer | The Associated Press
With the dust still settling from the statewide election, candidates in the Municipality of Anchorage are already gearing up for the 2015 race for mayor.Devin Kelly
While Anchorage School District officials and School Board members weigh how to spend the short-term budget surplus, some observers say the annual threat of layoffs caused by uncertain state school funding is driving experienced, higher-paid staff to quit or retire in frustration.Tegan Hanlon
The Arctic Policy Commission, tasked with guiding Alaska’s lawmakers on the needs and future of the state’s Arctic lands and waters, is finishing up two years of work and preparing to present its final recommendations to the state.Carey Restino
A sharply critical legislative audit questions whether a backlog of 55 oil and gas tax and credit audits can be completed before the six-year statute of limitations runs out, risking hundreds of millions in back taxes.Dermot Cole
The Alaska Public Offices Commission considered Alaska Cannabis Club owner Charlo Greene's objection to a subpoena Wednesday, though the agency issued no recommendation.Suzanna Caldwell
Assembly member Amy Demboski plans to introduce an ordinance Tuesday asking the body to consider a ban on commercial marijuana operations in Anchorage, even before the election that legalized recreational marijuana in Alaska is certified.Suzanna Caldwell
For surprising twists and turns in the governor's race, the merged ticket stands at the top, rivaled only by Bill Walker's exploits at the Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic and the night in June when Byron Mallot caught air in Minto.Dermot Cole