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The Walker administration’s proposal to slash staff at a wildland firefighting camp in McGrath will increase the danger to people and property across a massive swath of the state, residents said. Alex DeMarban
Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is asking for another $8.4 million for the troubled SAP automated financial system overhaul on top of the $22.5 million already spent in external contracting.Devin Kelly
There is a total of about $900 million in needed water and sewer work throughout rural Alaska, state officials said.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
A budget proposal laid out Thursday could wind up grounding two search and rescue helicopters and a plane capable of prisoner and personnel transports,  Public Safety Commissioner Gary Folger said. Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
Randall Hoffbeck said that while an alternate gas project recently proposed by Gov. Bill Walker would be a competing project, it lags behind the major LNG project in terms of development and essentially would act as a backup as long as the major project moves forward. Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
It's no time to do away with the three-member commission overseeing Alaska's 68 limited-entry fisheries, its chairman told a legislative committee on Tuesday morning. The commission is fighting for survival amid a critical state review and a repeal proposal.Zaz Hollander
With oil leasing now planned for waters off the East Coast, Alaska has new allies in its long-running campaign to claim a share of revenues earned from future oil production in federal offshore territory, Gov. Bill Walker said Tuesday.Yereth Rosen
Fewer than 1 percent of Alaska’s jobs, roughly 3,000, paid the old $7.75-per-hour minimum wage, mostly in the seafood processing and restaurant industries. But thousands more workers being paid less than the new minimum wage will also get a raise.Tegan Hanlon
A Montana law enforcement official said his state has opened a criminal investigation into Roland Maw, who was appointed by Alaska Gov. Bill Walker to the Alaska Fish Board in January but who withdrew his name from consideration last week without explanation.Nathaniel Herz
As state lawmakers contemplate painful cuts and look for efficiencies to close a $3.5 billion deficit, one line item in their own budget has so far received little scrutiny: the cafeteria in the Capitol building that costs some $20,000 each month to operate during the 90-day legislative session.Nathaniel Herz