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The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. is hurting, and what it needs to get better is for Alaskans to pay more for their mortgages.Pat Forgey
A dozen residents of a remote Russian village have braved the Bering Strait to visit friends and relatives in Alaska. Gambell residents say the boat voyage is the first such international crossing in 14 years, reviving an ancient exchange program that was interrupted in the past century by world wars, cold wars and deadly seas.Kyle Hopkins
Under the terms of a broad legislative grant of secrecy governing gas pipeline work, a new joint venture agreement between the state and the oil companies including a state commitment of up to $125 million will remain confidential to the public and to legislators.Dermot Cole
A Superior Court judge ruled in favor of a group looking to ban commercial setnet fishing in Alaska's urban areas, saying the measure can go before voters.Suzanna Caldwell
Members of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, including Alaska Sen. Mark Begich, unanimously approved the nomination of Robert McDonald Wednesday to head the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs.Tegan Hanlon
Both opponents and proponents of the ballot measure to overturn Senate Bill 21, Alaska's new oil-tax regime, will have an opportunity to question one another in a debate Wednesday night.Alex DeMarban
Refiners Tesoro and Petro Star find themselves disagreeing about how the "Quality Bank" formula -- in which refineries pay a penalty for taking out the high-value portions of oil from TAPS -- affects their economic fortunes in Alaska. Dermot Cole
With a month to go before the election, the campaign finance gap between the two sides of Alaska’s oil tax reform movement is so wide that “chasm” would be a glaring understatement.Richard Mauer
Dan Sullivan, the Republican primary candidate for U.S. Senate, released a new ad Sunday pushing back against attacks he’s not Alaskan enough.Nathaniel Herz
The third-largest donor to the super PAC supporting U.S. Sen. Mark Begich is a casino owned by a 270-member California tribe that has also made large contributions to Begich’s campaign and to the Alaska Democratic Party.Nathaniel Herz