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Gov. Sean Parnell wants to use interest earned from $400 million in state savings to create scholarships encouraging high school students to attend college or vocational training. Rena Delbridge
Public Official Speed Dating is one long unscripted moment.
Alaska politics and political hijinks
Former Sen. Ted Stevens on Thursday broke the public silence he has maintained since his election defeat in November, delivering a vintage pro-development speech that steered clear of the issues that cost him his job.Richard Mauer
Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin won't be pulling a hard-core winter shift on Alaska's frozen North Slope -- at least, not with energy giant BP
Lawmakers are trying to figure out how to come up with more than $8 billion for statewide transportation projects and deferred maintenance. Rena Delbridge
Both sides in last year's ballot box ruckus over mining -- the most expensive election battle waged in Alaska history -- may have to pay state regulators major penalties for campaign law violations.Elizabeth Bluemink
Gov. Sean Parnell has submitted a plan to federal energy officials on how to spend what may be the state's most controversial $28 million -- stimulus money Sarah Palin rejected before resigning.Rena Delbridge
The U.S. Supreme Court has set Dec. 8 as the date for oral arguments in the appeal of former Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, who is seeking to reinstate a court order that sharply limited the federal government's mail fraud case against him.Richard Mauer
For the first time in years, a mayor's race is not sparking a flurry of last-minute campaign ads and political fundraising.Rindi White