Sen. Mark Begich is trying his darndest to get national money and support for Alaska senate candidate Scott McAdams.Patti Epler
The Tea Party Express, the California-based group that spent over $600,000 on Joe Miller's primary win over U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, has moved on to Delaware and won't be backing Miller with either ground troops or dollars in his race against Democrat Scott McAdams.Joshua Saul
Sea lions and polar bears and beluga whales, oh my! Citing bad science and a need to protect the livelihood of humans, Gov. Sean Parnell says enough is enough.Jill Burke
The Alaska AFL-CIO has confirmed what we told you last week: Its members have voted to endorse Berkowitz, McAdams, Young and Crawford.Maia Nolan-Partnow
A new poll has U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski beating Joe Miller by six percent if she runs on the Libertarian ticket. The bigger news? The Alaska Libertarian Party isn't as opposed to the idea as it sounded a few days ago.Joshua Saul
In a video interview with Dennis Zaki, the Sitka mayor and Democratic candidate for Senate discusses earmarks, education and Sarah Palin.Craig Medred
Two new polls are out. Gov. Sean Parnell is leading Ethan Berkowitz by a pretty solid margin.Patti Epler
Two guys in coats debating whether Sarah Palin or the Tea Party Express deserves the credit for Miller's win. The answer? They're both right.Joshua Saul
Alaska Republican nominee for U.S. Senate didn't mince words when asked to sum up his opinion of the president in one sentence.Craig Medred
U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's defeat in last week's Republican primary ends a 30-year-reign of Murkowskis in Alaska politics, and political experts say it will weaken Alaska's political clout. Lisa Demer