Short notice, scarce summer labor pool mean if there's a legislative special session declared for next week, the proceedings might not get a statewide television broadcast.Craig Medred
Sarah Palin is planning a bus tour to visit historical and cultural East Coast sights during Memorial Day weekend, but she hasn't said which ones or when she'll be there.Peter Grier
A biography of Sarah Palin by a former staffer depicts Palin as ill-prepared, immature, vindictive, and unethical.Husna Haq
Just as Sarah Palin prepares to hit the road to take her tea party message to the people, former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller--who Palin endorsed--is waging a broad-reaching campaign of his own.Jill Burke
If Sarah Palin drops out of this one not only will she have an army of deeply disappointed supporters, folks from Alaska to Florida will be reminded that she's quit on her constituency before. Amanda Coyne
The Republican Party has successfully marginalized Sarah Palin since the midterm elections, writes Steve Kornacki of Salon, and any signs that she is truly considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination should be greeted with a big "So what?" Continued on jump
Taiwan's computer animated news outfit once again illustrates some of the most recent Palin news.Craig Medred
Sarah Palin's ambitions began to look increasingly presidential on Thursday. Her political action committee announced she was launching a multi-state political tour over the Memorial Day weekend.Erika Bolstad
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined four other GOP senators in voting against the budget passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives. The budget has stirred public opinion for its dramatic reshaping of Medicare.

Sarah Palin and family scooped up a lot of real estate in Arizona after her resignation as governor in 2009.


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