Joe Miller's Twitter feed gets optimistic about his Senate prospects, and the Murkowski campaign quickly blasts him with an email blast subject-lined "Hubris." Joshua Saul
The Anchorage Press spends some time with the Democrat candidate for Senate.Craig Medred
Sen. Lisa Murkowski is benefitting from support from Alaska's large number of independent voters, veteran researcher Jean Craciun says.Patti Epler
U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller is months overdue in filing required forms meant to provide a glimpse at the investments, personal wealth and potential conflicts of interest of those seeking office.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services,Erika Bolstad
The poll, which also put Parnell up almost 20 points over Berkowitz, has Miller with 38 percent of the vote and Murkowski just two points behind. McAdams brought up the rear with just 22 points.Joshua Saul
The campaign for Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Scott McAdams has rolled out its first TV ad, and it features a bit of salty Norwegian.Craig Medred
A spokesman for Joe Miller's Senate campaign says the Miller family met income and residency rules for low-income fishing and hunting licenses purchased in 1995.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services