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President Obama took a moment of his speech at Elmendorf Air Force Base on Thursday to recognize Marine Cpl. Gregory Fleury, a 2005 Service High School graduate killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan Oct. 26.Richard Mauer
President Barack Obama addressed a cheering hangar full of airmen and soldiers during a brief stopover in Anchorage on Thursday, vowing to look after the men and women who serve their country while in uniform and after they return to civilian life.Richard Mauer
Gov. Sean Parnell says he'll include $100 million in his capital budget to help address a massive $1.8 billion public building maintenance backlog.Rena Delbridge
At a town hall meeting in Chugiak Wednesday night, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski propped up a foot-high stack of paper next to her at the podium -- the 1,900-page health care bill passed by the House last week.Rosemary Shinohara
Former Alaska state Rep. Beverly Masek began serving her six-month prison sentence this week at the minimum-security Federal Correctional Institution-Victorville in Adelanto, Calif.
Two legislators are hoping to restructure the way Alaska puts its income, spending and savings down on paper.Rena Delbridge
Alaska lawmakers are moving forward with obtaining cost estimates for a new legislative office building in Anchorage, although a representative with say over state spending is fighting the idea and argues it would be a "monument to legislative vanity."Sean Cockerham
The only female Alaska politician snared thus far in the Justice Department's public corruption probe is now a federal inmate.Jill Burke
Gov. Sean Parnell named Neal Foster of Nome to fill the remainder of his father, Richard Foster's, term in the state House of Representatives.Rena Delbridge
State legislators are considering spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money to support an arts and cultural center in New York City that its founder describes as an embassy devoted to increasing awareness of Alaska.Sean Cockerham