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A bill to expand local control over development in coastal districts that's the cornerstone of Bush lawmakers' priorities this session could get a much-awaited hearing this afternoon or Wednesday morning.Rena Delbridge
The $80 million included in a state Senate bond proposal for a University of Alaska Anchorage sports arena would build a much-needed facility, according to UAA boosters.Rosemary Shinohara
At this point in the session, it feels a bit like a big orange sign should be posted at the base of the Capitol's front stairs.Rena Delbridge
Senators may have tightened up the title of a gas tax bill to curtail monkey business in the House, but that hasn't smoothed the bill's progress before representatives.Rena Delbridge
Leaders of the Alaska House of Representatives don't seem eager to halt what Gov. Sean Parnell calls a spending spree by the state Senate. The House plans to add even more projects to the $2.8 billion construction and maintenance package, including a controversial new crime lab in Anchorage.Sean Cockerham
A critical piece of the still-morphing capital budget took shape Sunday evening when the House Finance Committee checked off on a $384 million bond packageRena Delbridge
An enormous capital budget rolled out Wednesday by the Senate's Finance Committee has bloated over the weekend, and now stands at roughly $2.8 billion with a Senate floor vote scheduled for Monday.Rena Delbridge
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