Gov. Sean Parnell has picked an African-American woman as the next Anchorage District Court judge.Patti Epler
Joe Miller picks up another celebrity endorsement: Fox News host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.Joshua Saul
Once more Sean Parnell finds himself in the mix of negotiations between the state of Alaska and the world's most powerful oil companies, but this time there is one big difference: No longer is Parnell a bit player.Craig Medred
Sean Parnell is about to face voters for the first time since he took over as Alaska's governor after Sarah Palin resigned last year. He's run a low-key campaign that's big on highlighting polls showing he has a huge lead over his challengers in the Aug. 24 Republican primary election.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services
Alaska politics and political hijinks
More money is being spent to fight a ballot measure with no opponents than has been raised by any other candidate or issue on the August ballot.Patti Epler
With less than three weeks left until the Aug. 24 primary, at least two of the three major GOP gubernatorial candidates are flooding the TV airwaves in an eleventh-hour battle for votes. Patti Epler
Congressman said news "didn't dawn on" him at first.Craig Medred
Primary voters will choose between Ethan Berkowitz and state Sen. Hollis French in less than three weeks for the Democratic nomination for governor. Much of the race for French is about defending Alaska's oil tax, as Berkowitz is proposing to replace it.Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services