Sen. Lisa Murkowski, criticized for not hitting back harder at her primary opponent before Tuesday's election, lashed out on Friday at fellow Republican Joe Miller as "paranoid" for suggesting her campaign's lawyers wanted to skew the results of the election. Erika Bolstad,Sean Cockerham | Tribune Media Services,Kyle Hopkins
Early reports from the Alaska AFL-CIO convention indicate that the state's labor leaders will endorse Berkowitz/Benson, McAdams -- and both Crawford and Young.Maia Nolan-Partnow
Fueled by the Palinbots and now the lefties, how the lie that Sen. Lisa Murkowski offered the Libertarians money became truth.Amanda Coyne
Joe Miller issued an apology Friday afternoon after one of his campaign volunteers posted on Twitter that his opponent, Lisa Murkowski, would be a sell-out should she run on the Libertarian Party ticket if she loses to him in the Senate Republican primary.Craig Medred
The photographer -- son of Joe Miller's former campaign manager -- seeks $8,800 and says he is "not playing around no more."Joshua Saul
From the looks of this speech to a gathering of Democrats, Scott McAdams has a lot more political chops some may have thought.Patti Epler
Democrat gov hopeful Ethan Berkowitz wants to jumpstart a gas pipeline by selling it to you.Patti Epler