A 25-year-old Anchorage man was booked at the Anchorage Jail early Wednesday morning after leaving the scene of a hit-and-run that left two children and his pregnant wife hospitalized, the Anchorage Police Department said.

Matthew Weedman was driving a Dodge Avenger southbound on C Street with his wife as a passenger when he ran a red light and collided with a Chevy Trailblazer at 7:52 p.m. Tuesday, police wrote in a release. Weedman fled on foot, police said.

Police searched for Weedman but weren’t able to locate him until he showed up at an Anchorage hospital around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday to receive treatment for injuries suffered in the crash, according to police. Police did not specify the nature or extent of his injuries.

Police wrote that Weedman’s wife said she and her husband had been arguing in the vehicle. “Weedman stated he was going to ‘kill them both’ and began accelerating and driving erratically,” the release said...

Megan Edge

East, South, West and Chugiak all racked victories Tuesday night in the opening round of the double-elimination Cook Inlet Conference softball tournament at Albrecht Fields.

Daisy Page pitched a perfect game and struck out seven to spark East to an 18-0 victory over Eagle River.

Sierra Rosenzweig went 3 for 3 for the Thunderbirds – single, double, triple – and scored three runs, and drove in three runs.

West used Becca Syrup’s no-hitter and six strikeouts to handle Bartlett, 15-0. Syrup also went 3 for 3 and drove in two runs, and Ashton Jessee went 3 for 3 with three RBIs.

South knocked off Dimond 17-9 behind a three RBIs from Tristan Tolan, who went 3 for 4 and delivered a solo home run.

Leilani Blair went 3 for 4 for the Wolverines and drove in two runs, Dakota Underwood went 2 for 3, McKenzie Smith went 3 for 4 and Rachel White 2 for 4.

Chugiak beat Service 11-3.

Alaska Dispatch News

Leaders of the Republican-led House Finance Committee on Wednesday morning unveiled the terms of an offer to Democrats that seeks to break the Alaska Legislature’s budget deadlock.

In a tense hearing at the Legislature’s Anchorage offices during the Legislature’s second special session, the committee’s Republican leaders introduced a new budget bill that adds about $17 million in spending and covers Democratic priorities like education and pay raises already negotiated for state workers. But it left out other Democratic demands like expansion of the public Medicaid health-care program and additional money for the state’s ferry system.

The offer seeks to break what committee co-chair Rep. Mark Neuman, R-Big Lake, called a legislative “stalemate” over the budget.

The state’s spending package is now a month overdue as the Republican-led majorities in the House and Senate try to negotiate a deal with the Democratic minority in the House, whose support is needed to reach a three quarters voting threshold required to access billions of dollars in a state savings account, the Constitutional Budget Reserve...

Nathaniel Herz

Three men walked away unharmed from a plane crash northwest of Port Alsworth Tuesday after their aircraft ran out of fuel mid-flight.

Rocky McElveen owns a lodge, Alaskan Adventures, on the Holitna River. He and two of his staff members had flown a load of supplies out to the lodge with plans to return to Lake Clark, he said Wednesday. Mark McNeill, 61, of Oklahoma was piloting the Cessna 206, with Taylon Heyling, 24, of California also onboard.

Somehow, their trip overshot their fuel supply.

“We carefully gassed up for 90 miles,” McElveen said. “And we had 110 to go.”

On the flight back, they realized they were in trouble about 12 miles out from their destination. The objective quickly became finding the safest place to land.

“A real smooth gravel bridge would have been nice,” McElveen said, but they ended up going down in rough terrain.

“It was a pretty violent hit,” he said.

Despite the crash, all three men walked away nearly unscathed. One had minor cuts...

Alaska Dispatch News

Mike Mihalka of Anchorage guided his Chevelle to wins in heads-up racing, the King of the Street bracket and the Top Sportsman class last weekend at Alaska Raceway Park in Palmer.

Mihalka posted a time of 9.364 seconds (topped at 130.51 miles per hour) in the heads-up competition, clocked 9.322 (144.28 mph) in the King of the Street and 9.226 (144.74) in the Top Sportsman.

Other winners included Karl Solberg of Anchorage in his Camaro in the Super ET (11.667, 111.37 mph); Brian Aszmus of Anchorage in his bantam in the Outlaw Nostalgia (8.203, 157.97 mph) and Johny Jones of Anchorage with a Harley ZX14 in the Open Air class (9.299, 144.80 mph).

Alaska Dispatch News

PORTAGE -- Longtime Southcentral residents may remember catching views of Portage Glacier from the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center in Portage Valley. There’s still plenty of ice to see there -- parts of Explorer, Middle, Byron, Burns and Shakespeare glaciers are visible -- but around 1994, Portage Glacier itself receded out of sight around a corner of land.

You can still see the glacier, but you have to work for it. Either hitch a boat ride on the M/V Ptarmigan (operated by Portage Glacier Cruises ; $39/adult, $19/child) for a narrated tour of the lake and close-up views of the glacier. Or earn your views the old-fashioned way: With your feet.

From a tiny trailhead in Whittier -- really just a dead-end road -- an old gravel road ascends about 800 feet in less than a mile, cresting at the pass. On a clear day you can see the glacier from there, gleaming blue in the distance, with striking views over Prince William Sound’s Passage Canal behind you...

Lisa Maloney

Q: Four months ago, two people from my organization suddenly left, both for understandable reasons. One moved out of state. The other learned her daughter had an illness requiring home care.

I was last person standing in my department. My boss came to me and asked me to “dig in” and work extra hours, to help train the new people we’d need to hire. He said, “as soon as the new employees were solidly onboard,” I’d be promoted to lead.

We hired them, I trained them and both passed their three-month probationary period. They each got raises. I’m still waiting for my, “promotion to lead.” I asked my boss about it and he said, “The situation is fluid.” What the heck does that mean?

A: Four months ago, your boss needed you. He gave you what you thought was a promise. You relied on it and did your part.

Two possibilities exist.

He made you a promise and once he no longer needed your extra effort, he welched on it. Or, you heard what you wanted to hear, not what he said.

If the former is true, you have two options...

Lynne Curry

JUNEAU -- A mother black bear and her three cubs have been spotted roaming around the Mendenhall Valley.

The Juneau Empire reports the bear, named No. 103 after her yellow ear tag, was witnessed Sunday evening by Tillie and Frank Martin.

The Martins told Juneau Empire via Facebook message that No. 103 went after their dog, which was tied up in their Dredge Lake yard. The bears eventually left, and their dog was unharmed.

The bears have also been spotted near Dredge Lake by another resident who reported the sighting on Facebook.

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center director John Neary says that No. 103 has been agitated by frequent encounters with humans and unleashed dogs.

Earlier this month, No. 103 and her cubs forced the closure of East Glacier Trail .

Associated Press

BUTTE -- Alaska State Troopers say they are investigating a Wednesday morning shooting in Butte that left one man hospitalized with life-threatening injuries to his head.

The shooting occurred at a small green house on South Bodenburg Loop Road, just off the Old Glenn Highway near where a yellow flashing light marks the busy intersection. Troopers remained at the house Wednesday morning, awaiting search warrants.

The shooting was reported just after 2 a.m. Wednesday, according to a trooper dispatch.

A large group of men -- an investigator estimated the size as about a dozen -- arrived at small house where the shooter lived, “causing a disturbance,” troopers wrote. “When they did not leave, the resident of the home shot one of the men and the other men fled the area.”

The men were from the Valley and from Anchorage, according to Investigator Jim Streicher, the troopers' case officer at the scene.

The shooting did not involve domestic violence, but troopers don't know yet if it involved drugs, according to Streicher and trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters...

Zaz Hollander

What would a merged environment ministry mean for Finland?

Finland’s Prime Minister-elect Juha Sipilä dropped a hint recently that his proposed coalition is considering merging Finland’s Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to save on operating costs, thereby creating a new Ministry of Natural Resources.

As he leads Finland’s ongoing government formation talks, Sipilä has revealed that his team is considering merging the two ministries. The proposal has outraged many, especially the Greens. Opposition parties say environmental stewardship can’t be watered down at a time when several critical environmental issues like climate change and a loss of biodiversity pose a clear threat...

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