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Christy Marvin, the winner of Saturday's Alyeska Mountain Run, wrapped up the six-race Alaska Mountain Runners Grand Prix with five victories and one second-place finish.Alaska Dispatch News
The discovery of human remains near Seward has sparked speculation that the body of Michael LeMaitre, quite possibly the state's most famous missing person, has been found, but that appears unlikely.Craig Medred
Resurrection Pass 100-miler overall champion Dugan Greenwell became the fourth person in race history to have won both the 100-miler and the 50-miler.Alaska Dispatch News
Runners covered as many miles as they could in 144 hours, hence the name of the race, Six Days in the Dome.Doyle Woody
People are running, walking and limping around the track at the Alaska Dome in the Six Days at the Dome competition. And there are some sights to see.Doyle Woody
More than halfway through six days of racing, Joe Fejes of Georgia leads David Johnston of Wasilla in the men's division and Liz Bauer of Georgia had the edge on Marylou Corino of Canada in the women's competition.Alaska Dispatch News
Drawing on remarkable fitness and sheer will, ultramarathoner Traci Falbo set a world record and an American record Wednesday at the Alaska Dome.Doyle Woody

Distance runners from around the world compete in the Six Days in The Dome ultramarathon event in Anchorage on Tuesday evening, August 5, 2014.

Bill Roth
Dozens of runners in the Six Days At The Dome competition are running as far as they can in 48 hours or, for the most ambitious and extreme, six days.Doyle Woody
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