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The North Slope village of Kaktovik, on the shore of the Beaufort Sea, is recovering from a Saturday night blizzard that packed frozen, hurricane-force winds and sent dumpsters tumbling like dice, residents said.

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The company that provides regular helicopter service to the island of Little Diomede in the Bering Strait says a combination of weather and mechanical issues has kept them from flying. Residents say that despite just a single mail and cargo delivery in the last month, they are getting by.Matthew F. Smith / KNOM

In Hooper Bay, the Native Survivors youth group is reviving old traditions and skills, an effort born out of a desire to stop teens and young adults from killing themselves, to find peace through sewing and friends through dance.

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As his administration attempts to create a framework for interacting with Alaska’s 229 federally recognized tribes, Gov. Bill Walker announced Tuesday that he has named Gerad Godfrey as his rural and intergovernmental affairs adviser.Alex DeMarban
In a whirlwind visit to Northwest Alaska on an unseasonably warm day, U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Monday told residents of this climate-threatened village that she would work with them on their relocation efforts.   Alex DeMarban
In early February, with the wind chill factor dropping the daytime temperatures to nearly 50 below, workers at Kotzebue’s new Youth Center were bundled up and building away.Jillian Rogers
Kivalina and Kotzebue will receive a high-profile visit early next week from Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and a flock of Alaska politicians furious over recent efforts to limit oil and gas development in Alaska.Alex DeMarban
It's been nearly three weeks since the only helicopter regularly flying to the ultra-remote Alaska community of Little Diomede has been down for maintenance, and the community is growing more worried each day that essential foods and medicines might run out -- or already have.Matthew F. Smith | KNOM
Alaska State Troopers said Monday morning that they are investigating the death of a 31-year-old man in the Western Alaska village of Unalakleet.Megan Edge
Kotzebue fire officials said a wood stove is to blame for the house fire that claimed the life of 72-year-old Hale Hunnicutt, and destroyed a SHore Avenue residence on Jan. 28.Jillian Rogers