Bea Kristovich says she wants older leaders among 56 villages represented in the Association of Village Council Presidents to retire so younger leaders can step forward to learn about tribal issues.



Anna Rose MacArthur | KYUK

Barrow slowly eases into winter as days become shorter and snow makes an appearance in late September. Here's a tour of the nation's northernmost town.

Erik Hill
The post office on St. Paul Island was shut down for the past week when the postmaster found herself stranded on a neighboring island, leaving residents without their mail and, more importantly, without their prescriptions.Laurel Andrews
What was once a 50-person search for 26-year-old George Mute, last seen overnight on Sept. 16 after a boat went aground near Napaskiak, is now focused on dragging the Kuskokwim River.Chris Klint
Akiak resident and Iditarod musher Mike Williams Sr. stepped outside Saturday to see his dog lot falling into the Kuskokwim River and seven of his chained sled dogs being pulled into the water.Lakeidra Chavis | KYUK Public Media

Three miles outside the Southwest Alaska village of Quinhagak, archeologists and locals are in a race against time to save thousands of artifacts from being carried away by erosion. 

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In a town that has long tussled over alcohol rules, an October advisory vote on whether to allow the first legal sales in four decades is drawing near.Lisa Demer
Feeling bolstered after President Barack Obama's visit, Alaska tribal leaders say they plan to continue working with top federal officials to combat some of the state's most pressing problems. Alex DeMarban
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell met the requirements of the law when she blocked a road from King Cove to Cold Bay through the Izembek Wildlife Refuge, a federal judge in Alaska ruled Tuesday. Erica Martinson
When Shell announced it would end its entire program in the offshore U.S. Arctic, the hyperbole and finger-pointing began in earnest. But the record shows that much of the blame-placing and credit-taking is based on misunderstandings and myths.Yereth Rosen