The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp. on Tuesday launched an online crowd-funding effort for its “Dump the Bucket” drive. The Indiegogo campaign, with a modest goal of $15,000, might be a first.

Lisa Demer
About a year has passed since a pair of Alaska state troopers were shot and killed in the Interior village of Tanana, and locals there said they've taken steps to learn from the tragedy and to put it behind them.Jerzy Shedlock

With hundreds of dancers, drummers and singers, with 400 volunteers, with thousands of spectators, Bethel’s Cama-i Dance Festival kicked off Friday afternoon in a whirl of color and a steady beat of drums.

Lisa Demer
Point Hope crews enjoyed good weather and calm water last weekend, said Rex Rock, the captain of one of the two crews that found early success.Jillian Rogers
Bonanza Fuel, owned by Sitnasuak Native Corp., has dropped gas prices by $0.25 per gallon in an spring sale designed to help subsistence hunters.Jenn Ruckel | KNOM
It takes a lot of effort and energy for the people of Savoonga to get their reindeer meat to markets in Alaska's urban centers, but they're willing to do it if it means a more stable economy in the Bering Sea island village.Suzanna Caldwell
The long-running access battle is marked by bitter denunciations of federal stubbornness on one hand and claims on the other that state officials have dismissed alternatives and ignored the $37.5 million spent by the federal government so far to solve the problem. Dermot Cole
Just in time for Alaska’s spring bird hunt, a new federal law is taking effect that allows subsistence hunters to target migratory birds without having to get a federal duck stamp -- a sort of waterfowl hunting permit that was in addition to the still-required state hunting license.Lisa Demer
Since Jan. 1, more than 1,000 bottles of liquor have come into Bethel in big orders, and that doesn’t count what individuals bring on planes or what’s bought through smaller Bush orders.Lisa Demer
Archeologist Ted Goebel and his coworkers found eight fragments of spear points at or near the Serpentine site in Northwest Alaska. They carbon-dated the charcoal they found with the points. The carbon was about 12,000 years old.Ned Rozell