An uneasy truce between those in Bethel damaged by alcohol and people who want to drink without the state’s watchful eye tabulating Bush orders may be disrupted if a proposed liquor store emerges.

Lisa Demer
A new pilot project in Kiana is offering those without a flush toilet a modified, safer alternative to the old honey bucket. The key component is fine, shredded paper that is layered in the bucket between uses.Jillian Rogers
Since 1990, state and federal governments have poured about $1.9 billion into construction of water and sewer systems in rural Alaska. Hooper Bay is one village that is benefiting -- slowly.Lisa Demer
In villages without running water, people live day to day almost like they are camping. And the health implications are serious. Lisa Demer
With its plans to repurpose a vacated supermarket in Bethel as a liquor store, the Bethel Native Corp. has given new life to an emotional debate about alcohol sales in the Western Alaska hub city.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Bethel radio station KYUK reports that corporation subsidiary, Bethel Spirits LLC, is in the process of applying for a license to put a liquor store in the facility that was vacated last week by the Swanson's grocery store.Associated Press
An effort that could lead to a regional tribe for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is moving ahead very slowly amid questions about how it would impact village-based tribes, regional Alaska Native nonprofit organizations and residents.Lisa Demer
A nearly 600-page atlas documenting subsistence-use areas and important ecological areas in the coastal communities of the Northwest Arctic Borough is slated to be finished by July, after four years of work.Jillian Rogers
For decades, the Army served people across Interior Alaska with medical evacuations and search-and-rescue flights, a practice that ended in 2008 because of the Iraq War. Starting April 1, Army helicopter crews recently back from Afghanistan will once again be making life-saving flights across the Interior.Dermot Cole
The Alaska congressional delegation wants more no-bid federal contracts in excess of $20 million for Alaska Native corporations, saying federal contracting officials have been too reticent to make deals “out of fear of political scrutiny, even when a contract award may be justified."Dermot Cole