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Rural Alaska
With floating ice sparse in the Chukchi Sea, an estimated 35,000 walruses were found crowded onto a beach Saturday near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay, according to federal biologists. Yereth Rosen
A Gambell man who police say was drunk allegedly fired a loaded rifle, threatened VPOs and managed to escape custody last week in the St. Lawrence Island community. Megan Edge
A small, mainly anti-pot crowd on Monday filled the tiny Legislative Information Office here to put on the record fears that legalizing marijuana will only worsen social dysfunction in Western Alaska.Lisa Demer
A meeting in Bethel over the weekend looked to get ahead of the science and policy involved in the state's proposed 2016 adoption of new escapement goals for the Kuskokwim.Lisa Demer
In Anchorage on Monday, U.S. Rep. Don Young took on actor Ted Danson for his views on fisheries waste, advised state leaders to build the King Cove road and let the U.S. marshals stop them, and asked why the state funds the environmental conservation department to just be a "puppet" of the Environmental Protection Agency. Alex DeMarban
Bryce Warnke-Green, 25, suffered spinal injuries in the Sunday accident  and was flown to Seattle for surgery. Authorities wouldn't immediately say what caused the crane to tip.Matthew F. Smith / KNOM

After more than a week of drifting through Southwest Alaska down the expansive Kuskokwim River, a crew of men from Stony River arrived in Bethel Saturday afternoon with plans to cut up and sell the very raft they'd floated downriver on.

Lisa Demer
I am strong. You are a child, and I will care for you. Life can bring many burdens. For now, sit on the net and enjoy the bumbly ride to the boat.Laureli Ivanoff
An Unalaska jury acquitted two seafood processors of second-degree murder Monday but was unable to agree on charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide or first-degree assault.Jim Paulin
The company promoting the controversial and beleaguered Pebble Mine project lost a legal battle on Friday when a federal judge threw out one of its lawsuits against the federal government.Yereth Rosen