President Obama on Tuesday proposed speeding the building of new icebreakers that can operate year-round in the nation’s polar regions, part of an effort to close the gap with other nations, especially Russia, in the Arctic.Julie Hirschfeld Davis
Full transcript of President Barack Obama's address to Alaska Native leaders at a roundtable during the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage on Monday.Alaska Dispatch News
Full transcript of President Barack Obama's speech from the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage on Monday.Alaska Dispatch News
Indigenous residents from some of the smallest communities and most remote parts of Alaska had a message for international leaders who convened in Anchorage for a high-profile State Department-hosted Arctic conference: Climate change is an existential threat.Yereth Rosen,Asaf Shalev
Arctic coastal communities that are primarily indigenous and facing forced relocation because of the effects of climate change face not only environmental threats but also bureaucratic hurdles.Kamala Kelkar
Federal officials have made a lot of unfulfilled promises in the past in the past about paying attention to the issues and needs of the far north, so Alaskans have a right to be skeptical about new promises, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday.Yereth Rosen
The president is expected to visit four Alaska communities during his visit to the 49th state. Alaska Dispatch News
I'll be upriver, where I've been every fall of my life, with my daughter, picking cranberries, glassing north for caribou, probably eating porcupine, and still hoping our president can see, share and experience a small part of this amazing land we call home.Seth Kantner
Alaskans are on the front lines of climate change. We are adapting. We are learning how to continue to live and thrive in the places we love.Laureli Ivanoff
State leaders in blood-red Alaska fear further restrictions as Obama prepares to visit, but he's earned points with efforts to highlight the Arctic, visit remote communities and allow offshore exploration. Alex DeMarban