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Rural Alaska
A man banished from the Interior Alaska village of Tanana in the wake of the shooting deaths of two Alaska State Troopers has filed a civil lawsuit in federal court arguing for his right to return.Jerzy Shedlock
As the state continues its outreach to Interior communities near the proposed route of an industrial road to a controversial mining district in Ambler, some have voiced opposition and now one has declared its land off limits.Zachariah Hughes | KNOM
It appears that a stretch of warm, sunny weather in Northwest Alaska led to an increased algae bloom in the Kobuk, wrote Susan Georgette, outreach specialist for the Selawik National Wildlife Refuge. “Algae blooms consume lots of oxygen in the water,” she wrote, “and combining that with a huge return of salmon could have led to enough oxygen depletion to kill salmon.” Suzanna Caldwell

The Maniilaq Association is working to serve Alaska Native foods in their elder care facility in Kotzebue, Alaska.

Bob Hallinen
The equipment, installed in Barrow, will be able to detect Alaska earthquakes, as well as magnitude 5 earthquakes from around the world.Jillian Rogers
Proponents say Donlin’s design will be the safest, most stable possible and the mine will open up a wealth of good jobs in cash-starved Western Alaska. Still, the nature of large-scale gold mining incites anxiety and doubt among people who depend on the land and water as their sources of food.Lisa Demer

The Kotzebue commercial chum salmon fishery is shaping up to be one of the best in the 53-year history of the fishery. 

Bob Hallinen
After being dormant for years, the Tongass timber wars that once wracked Southeast Alaska may be reigniting.Pat Forgey
Abrupt shifts in temperature or winds, fierce downpours and prolonged periods of unusually hot and dry weather are some of the conditions that correlated with human health problems, according to research being conducted by University of Alaska scientists.Yereth Rosen
Kotzebue residents got a rude awakening early Friday morning. A large thunderstorm rolled through the Northwest Alaska hub community at about 3:36 a.m., according to the National Weather Service, bringing with it  lightning strikes and four-tenths of an inch of rain. Suzanna Caldwell