After investing a fortune in community causes, Donlin Gold’s good name as a benefactor is bumping up against the enormity of what it proposes: a giant mine on a remote Southwest Alaska ridge.Lisa Demer
Three Alaska organizations are working together to distribute equipment that Shell was using for its drilling explorations in the Arctic to hubs around the state for oil spill response.Annie Zak
Arctic sea ice was less extensive last month than in any January since satellite records begin in 1979 -- the result of unusual weather patterns in the region.Yereth Rosen
A new decade-long study reveals that about a quarter of the caribou that encounter the Red Dog Mine road in Northwest Alaska balk at crossing it during their fall migration, causing them to delay their walk south.Yereth Rosen
Two federal agencies have weighed in on the potential impacts the proposed Donlin Creek mine could have on subsistence along the Kuskokwim River.The Associated Press

The Racial Equity Summit is two-day gathering, centered on the theme “Partners for the Next 10,000 Years.”

Erik Hill
Using modern technology to map the floor of Prince William Sound, scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and other organizations have found the landslide behind the tsunamis that killed about a third of the people in the Alutiiq village of Chenega.Yereth Rosen
Togiak police say the bodies of three boaters who drowned near the Southwest Alaska community in a Saturday storm have been recovered.Chris Klint
Alaska leaders have been making use of a new Washington connection lately: the man in charge of President Barack Obama’s year-old initiative to coordinate federal activity in the Arctic. Erica Martinson
The youngest of the three charged in the man's killing told investigators they hid evidence of their crimes in the sea ice of Kotzebue Sound. Megan Edge