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With a 103-foot wingspan, the single-engine ER-2 performs like a jet-powered glider, cruising at 60,000 feet to collect data about Arctic sea ice and requiring a pair of pilots -- one in the aircraft, one on the ground -- to execute a landing.

Dermot Cole
The discovery of a qargi -- a prehistoric communal house -- has opened an opportunity for National Park Service officials to enlist the help of locals to help uncover a piece of the region's heritage.Jillian Rogers
Known as Max, Aequorea or simply No. 539, the whale was known for frequenting Southeast Alaska's Icy Strait as well as Glacier Bay, where she was first documented in 1975.Devin Kelly
Dinosaur footprints found in Denali National Park and Preserve suggest that some of the polar dinosaurs that roamed the region 70 million years ago lived and traveled in multigenerational herds.Yereth Rosen
The Air Force said it will slow down the closure of the HAARP site near Gakona until next spring, while scientists hoping to save it argue that the Air Force should leave diagnostic equipment in place if the site is to be saved.Dermot Cole

Take a look at the National Research Council report that has determined emerging questions to help researchers understand how changes in the Arctic will affect society and the environment globally.

Alaska Dispatch
Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday appointed Admiral Robert Papp, a former U.S. Coast Guard commandant, to the job, while former Alaska Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer was tapped to serve as a special adviser on Arctic issues.Yereth Rosen
Mercury levels in yellow-billed loons were, in general, twice those found in birds collected before 1920, a new study found. Birds that migrate from Alaska to Asia -- the wintering grounds for most of the Alaska-nesting yellow-billed loons -- are more likely to encounter mercuryYereth Rosen
The clouds of black carbon soiling snow and ice in Finland’s Arctic region have diminished significantly since the middle of the 20th century, a change attributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the cessation of some of the most polluting industrial practices in northwestern Russia, according to a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.Yereth Rosen
The red king crab that wasn't red appeared in Nome on Fourth of July.  Devin Kelly