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Once a Saturday morning TV fixture, Bill Nye has become a high-profile advocate not only for science education, but also for important geopolitical issues. On Monday, Nye will share his thoughts on those issues and more at West High School in Anchorage.

Vikram Patel
Final of four columns of walking UAF's North Campus in different seasons, engaging the senses to share the wonders of my Alaska backyard. Ned Rozell
Windfall Mountain is not feeding a coal seam fire, common throughout the world and recorded in Healy and a few other spots in Alaska. So what explains the smoke?Ned Rozell
What finished off the resilient St. Paul mammoth of the Bering Sea. People with spears and clubs? Polar bears? Disease? Starvation? A volcanic eruption?Ned Rozell
Powerful autumn storms have sent surges of seawater as far as 20 miles inland onto the tundra of southwestern Alaska -- and such flooding is expected to become more frequent as the climate changes, a new study says.Yereth Rosen
The area that would become Anchorage and the rest of Southcentral, Southeast, and the Alaska Peninsula were under ice, but Interior Alaska was green.Ned Rozell
Why is it a 6.2-magnitude earthquake that would have killed people in other countries just rattled Alaskans on Thursday? The state's top earthquake scientist has a sobering answer.Zaz Hollander
The moss, so obscure it has no common name, has been found in only one other North American site -- in Canada’s Yukon Territory -- and is also known to grow in Greenland and Scandinavia.Yereth Rosen
A sophisticated earthquake detector being installed in the Interior Alaska community of Minto is part of a plan to carpet the state with such instruments every 50 miles, from the Alaska Peninsula to Barrow.Ned Rozell
Sensing shorter periods of daylight, trees have quit refreshing their leaves with chlorophyll, the green pigment that helps capture the sun's energy and allows the tree to convert it to the sugars that make it taller and bushier.Ned Rozell