The boreal forest, a swath of spruce-dominated woods from Interior Alaska to the Atlantic Ocean, might be in for a big change. In parts of Interior Alaska that forest "is now shifting to a new ecological state."

Ned Rozell
The 8,800-year-old remnants of a northern pike pulled from the mud of Quartz Lake, near Delta Junction, suggest that during the height of the last Ice Age, when New York City was buried in ice but Interior Alaska was not, northern pike were probably darting through the freshwater bodies of the Bering Land Bridge.Ned Rozell
The HAARP research facility that has been linked to such things as mind control, earthquakes and hurricanes will survive, but soon-to-be owner University of Alaska Fairbanks will expand efforts to dispel rumors about the research there.Alex DeMarban
Northern fur seals in the Pribilof Islands continue to carry persistent organic pollutants in their bodies, but concentrations of some long-banned compounds appear to be stabilizing or even declining, a study shows. Yereth Rosen
The initial investigation of the incident that put a gash in the Finnish icebreaker hired by Shell suggests -- but does not conclude -- that a previously uncharted Unalaska Bay shoal was to blame.Yereth Rosen
Better Alaska mapping, more understanding of mineral resources, more study of the effects of thawing permafrost and more help to Arctic communities coping with crumbling coastlines and vulnerable infrastructure are among the tasks that the U.S. Geological Survey plans in its newly released five-year Arctic strategy.Alaska Dispatch News

The research vessel Sikuliaq docked in Nome on July 21 and opened its doors to local visitors. While touring the ice-capable ship -- owned by the National Science Foundation and operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks -- visitors asked questions of the crew and learned about their upcoming missions.

Emily Russell | KNOM
The research vessel Sikuliaq -- owned by the National Science Foundation and operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks -- will be working in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas through November on three research assignments. On its way, it stopped in Nome, where it welcomed visitors aboard. Laura Kraegel | KNOM
A scientist says researchers may never solve the recent deaths of 18 endangered whales whose carcasses were found floating off Kodiak Island.Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press
Hundreds of wildfires are continually whipping across this state this summer, leaving in their wake millions of acres of charred trees and blackened earth.Chris Mooney | The Washington Post