A new study finds that Anchorage moose have greater genetic diversity than do moose on the Kenai Peninsula, and that the two populations have very different genetic structures. 

Yereth Rosen
Intriguing rock in the Alaska wilderness was found by a meteor astronomer with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Ned Rozell
A recent multiyear community archeology project at Cape Krusenstern National Monument was been recognized for its research, public outreach and local education efforts last week when it was named a winner of the 2015 John L. Cotter Award for Excellence in National Park Service Archeology. Jillian Rogers
Water held under pressure by permafrost can be a problem if we try to use it. In 1946, workers for the Army Corps of Engineers drilled a well near the eastern end of Farmers Loop in Fairbanks. They penetrated a permafrost layer and the non-frozen layer beneath it. At about 100 feet, they hit water. It was under so much pressure that a 4-foot gusher erupted. Ned Rozell
A statistical analysis of fire data over 65 years reveals that the long-term trend is toward more fires in more places along with fire seasons that start earlier and end later.Yereth Rosen
Summer is so fleeting in Alaska, and such a contrast to the locked, odorless winter. Songbirds sing from every direction -- tiny warblers, thrushes and sparrows have flooded the spruce and the spongy ground beneath them.Ned Rozell
A regulation meant to protect Arctic walruses prohibits simultaneous operation of two drill rigs within 15 miles of each other. That means Shell's Chukchi well sites, which are clustered together, likely won't be drilled simultaneously, an Interior spokeswoman says. Yereth Rosen
As Arctic sea ice melts, it could disrupt a powerful Atlantic Ocean current that regulates temperatures in Western Europe and the East Coast of North America.Chelsea Harvey | The Washington Post
Researchers offer a new explanation for Greenland’s glacial earthquakes, which have become increasingly frequent in recent years.Joseph Dussault
Of 32 separate forecasts that use different models and methodology, most expect September sea-ice extent to be low but well above the record minimum hit in 2012. Yereth Rosen